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TheNorthernMoose t1_j6nz411 wrote

Oh man I love this game!

Won't even mention the fucking name in the title.


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6nzkcj wrote

Sorry. I would usually include it in the flair. Couldn't do that here though. Forgot I could tag it on the picture as well.

It's Prince of Persia 2008


Covert-Wordsmith t1_j6ozga1 wrote

I would have never guessed it was from 2008. The art style from this picture looks like Borderlands.

ETA: I should specify that I'm talking about Borderlands 2, which was released in 2012. I never played the first game. Sorry for the confusion.


tharinock t1_j6p05ww wrote

Borderlands came out in 2009


Covert-Wordsmith t1_j6p0eii wrote

I figured it was more recent than Prince of Persia. I think my perception of time is clouded when it comes to old media.


TraditionalSell5251 t1_j6o6oi6 wrote

Hey don't downvote him for a solid response, most OPs just never name the game


Ninjhetto t1_j6ofjps wrote

I be feeling like OPs just expect everybody to "just know," which is extremely frustrating. Something gatekeeper-ish about it. Even if it's someone or something that's seemingly obvious, I don't like holding back info from people who could be new fans. Every sub got OPs like that.


TraditionalSell5251 t1_j6og7kb wrote

I always figure it's either forgetfulness or just a perspective thing. I grew up thinking some games were way more popular than they were because they were HUGE in my circle when I was a kid. If I figured everybody knew what game I was talking about from a single image I would probably forget to explicitly name the game.


reddit_is_trashbin t1_j6oip0s wrote

Somethings need to be gatekept.


Ninjhetto t1_j6oo9wj wrote

I disagree. Gatekeeping is like using fandom as an excuse for entitlement of something you probably don't even have authority or ownership of.


HanjiOokami t1_j6oyd2m wrote

Give an example then. Or are you gatekeeping examples?


reddit_is_trashbin t1_j6oz9ir wrote

I mean, I don't usually share things that I like with other people. It never comes across my mind to, don't want to bother anyone.


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6pacz4 wrote

That's a bad mentality friend. People like to share your intrests with you.


RAMONE40 t1_j6pgkob wrote

This is Prince Of Pérsia?

It looked like Monster Hunter to me idk why 😅

>!the fact that i have ONLY played Prince Of Pérsia sands Of time on the Gameboy Advance probably didnt help !<


cozy_ross t1_j6oyvh1 wrote

Woah, thought of prince of Persia not like this for sure. Looks cool


Lone_Grey t1_j6oe3lc wrote

I know that particular Prince of Persia wasn't hugely popular but for me it's an all-time favourite. The exploration, simple parkour and beautiful level design made the game so relaxing for me.


Thorn_the_Cretin t1_j6oyhf6 wrote

Makes me hella sad that there was no sequel because it ends on such a huge cliffhanger.


SethLight t1_j6p3lkv wrote

I loved the narration. I forget which game it was, but when you died the narrator, who is the main character, who is telling the story goes "Oh no, that's not how it happened at all,"


tinci007 t1_j6p4csj wrote

It was in The Sands of Time, especially funny cause the it's main character who is telling the story that you play through, so he is correcting himself when you missplay :)


ZipGalaxy t1_j6pd4eu wrote

Very relaxing but the combat was pretty shallow. Once I got a hang of the controls almost every battle played out the same. They should have made the bosses more puzzle-based.


Fathoms77 t1_j6o3tux wrote

It was such a great game. So beautiful, and it remains one of the best examples of a partner-style gameplay mechanic. Elika was basically a tool and never in the way, and THAT'S the proper way to do it. Very much like how we use Atreus in the new God of Wars; it just works extremely well.

I wish they'd do another PoP...either a true sequel or that Sands of Time remake rumor, which I'm sure won't happen.


kiralala7956 t1_j6pfnxa wrote

When you slid down a wall, you could wait there for a bit and Elika would drop in your arms. 10/10


TomAto314 t1_j6ost1l wrote

I remember the devs making a big deal about how she wouldn't be annoying like most NPCs that get lost in path finding or get you killed.


Asuka-02- t1_j6p12jh wrote

This game is amazing and is wildly underrated; it was way ahead of its time - too experimental. The relationship built up between the Prince and Elika was amazing, and wow does this game have a hard hitting and emotional ending.

I love it about as much as I love Sands of Time.


kiralala7956 t1_j6pfukz wrote

Farah was his donkey in this game lol. The girl is Elika.


MagicBez t1_j6opmgf wrote

This is a complete aside but this new use of "aesthetic" is really throwing me for a loop. A game can have an aesthetic, a person can be an aesthete but surely it can't just be aesthetic? Unless we're saying that it's a decorative videogame or something.


munkee_dont t1_j6oq7gr wrote

Its taking me some getting used to as well. I keep seeing "its such an aestethic" and I'm like "but what kind"


MundungusAmongus t1_j6ox0j3 wrote

It’s one of those things I know I shouldn’t spend any energy correcting because the damage is already done, but it’s just so annoying to me.


Native-Tongue t1_j6p45im wrote

Yeah it’s interesting. Originally(in its new usage) it referred to a vaporwave/pastel visual style. Now it just means literally anything with style. Gen z has co-opted the word for better or for worse. It comes across as moronic until you consider that seemingly 99% of that generations style choices in any media/medium is a rehash of styles from the past 40ish years. The way that vaporwave contains a nostalgia for early digital art I think carried over into “aesthetic” which is just anything that has style, a style that is inevitably a rehash of the past because contemporary consumer culture is in a sad art time loop where actually new things are rarely created, this is all Gen Z knows. So it’s still kind of dumb sounding but language changes for a reason. I’ve found the usage so annoying I’ve tried to rationalize it so that’s my theory.


MagicBez t1_j6p4q7q wrote

It's probably that first step that throws me off, how the vaporwave aesthetic came to just be called "aesthetic" like it was the only one and then "aesthetic" moved from that to meaning just...looks pleasing? As best I can tell it now just means "looks stylish", I recently saw an ad for a boardgame which described it as "aesthetic looking" and I think they just meant it looked cool. a further aside I'm also old enough to remember when 2000s style was described as a mash up/pastiche of everything that came before so the fact 20 years later that's still how we're describing the vibe (or aesthetic if you will) is curious - especially as there are still clear differences between the two.


Native-Tongue t1_j6p7srh wrote

Yeah I get what you mean. It would be interesting to see it’s earliest usage, it feels like somebody just made a vocab mistake and it unquestioningly became absorbed into youth lingo. In a way it just makes sense to me from a kind of cynical art perspective where, now, any style can be absorbed, flattened, and rendered kind of meaningless when it’s being recycled and beaten to death using the methods which we now most commonly exchange visual information, internet feeds. Vaporwave kind of represents a nostalgia for an internet era when something new or original actually felt possible. I’m having a hard to tying all this together in a really specific way but it’s interesting to consider.


halloweenjon t1_j6p8e2i wrote

It's Gen Z slang, like calling something "goals". And I hate it.


Atesadil t1_j6nwgct wrote

I love the dialogues between these two


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6nydo4 wrote

It flows and progresses so naturally. I loved trying for new conversations after every small development.


ViktorMacbeth t1_j6oem6y wrote

Prince of Persia 2008 genuinely is one of the few games I'd describe as "must play"


Freeman10 t1_j6ob4qc wrote

God I miss Prince of Persia. Do you guys remember The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones? Good old times :) These were fantastic games!


kyo_6 t1_j6p1m7g wrote

I remember the sands of time being a big deal for the amount of animations the main character had.

But yes, they were so good!


EXSource t1_j6pezvi wrote

Chronically underrated entry into the series that deserved a GOD DAMN SEQUEL.

I'm not mad, I promise.


scotchfree_gaming t1_j6o0ocz wrote

I’m really surprised this hasn’t seen a remake or remaster


Independent_Plum2166 t1_j6o7vmm wrote

It had very mixed reception, so I doubt Ubisoft would risk rereleasing it. Heck, even if they did it probably end up like the Sands of Time remake.


takeitsweazy t1_j6o7x7n wrote

The 2008 reboot in this image wasn’t universally praised though, it got a more mixed reception. I don’t think most people associate Prince of Persia with this iteration.

2003’s Sands of Time though, that was a game changer. It is surprising to me that one hasn’t been brought to modern consoles in one form or another.


Schyte96 t1_j6oi81p wrote

I think this game suffered from being a big change in the series. Since Sands of Time, the core mechanic of the series way the time manipulation with the sand.

In Warrior Within and The Two Thrones it was the acrobatic combat on top of that.

This game did away with both of those mechanics, and it was mainly a platformer/puzzle. Combat in particular, one of the two main things in the series since the og 2D game took a massive back seat.


snakehippos t1_j6otdxt wrote

It suffered because less people had a Xbox 360 yet


TheLightsChampion t1_j6p8auf wrote

Forced exploration to collect seeds and the ending, completely undoing everything you worked for on top of being impossible to lose (but also trial by error puzzles) made me hate this game. The lack of sands and time powers and a different MC really did not make people tie it into the PoP franchise. They named the donkey at the start Farrah just to screw with us


kiralala7956 t1_j6ph4eu wrote

I really liked the exploration and the ending. You see, Prince never really cared for Elika's quest. He helped her for her sake. He never signed up for what she did at the end, and he was always selfish. The ending is only unsatisfying because we never had a proper sequel.

The combat was lacking though. The combo system was cool but never dying and boring enemies ruined it. I think we should have had Elika's mana reserve as a healthbar. When it runs out, she can't help, and she might even die for your sake. That would we been so good, but alas.


Raphius-kai t1_j6o6wjv wrote

Agreed, I wish they would bring more ps3 games to ps5 with remasters/remakes. This was one of my favorites!


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6o8l8o wrote

I would die a happy man. As someone else mentioned, this met with a lukewarn response. People weren't still over The Sands of Time trilogy so a reboot rubbed them the wrong way. It's a real fucking shame cause PoP 2008 turned into a true gem that stood the test of time.

A few years later Ubi went back and decided to continue PoP with Forgotten Sands that seemed to directly follow after the first Sands of Time game in an alternate universe type of way. That one tanked pretty bad too...


Mindspace_Explorer t1_j6ohydw wrote

I liked PoP 2008 but the platforming sequence felt more mechanical than the other games. Felt like many traversal segments were just a sequence of buttons to press in the right order and the required timing was extremely loose.


TasBlue t1_j6nycpx wrote

I really wanted a sequel…I’m so so sad I’ll never get it. Loved the dynamic between these two, and that ending.


SableHalloway t1_j6o29zw wrote

It's the only Prince of Persia game I ever played. I'd play a sequel of this, but I just don't have any interest in the other games.


agentouk t1_j6o5yqx wrote

I'll say it again for those at the back:


Instant downvote from me.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Joseluki t1_j6o98tv wrote

The real ending was a fucking DLC, they choped the ending, and put it separately on a DLC.


Snoo_80598 t1_j6p6zw5 wrote

I just learned from you about this ending and went to search it on YouTube.

Thank you for helping me close one of my childhood's biggest cliffhangers.


Snoo_80598 t1_j6pdalf wrote

Ok, that was still a cliffhanger, just a bit less trauma inducing xD


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6o9vj8 wrote

I wouldn't call it the real ending. More like an epilouge. The ending was pretty definitive. You choose the girl over the big bad.


Joseluki t1_j6ohzdk wrote

That DLC is blatant content they cut from the game. The content was already done and chose not to put it in the game.


DrSnuggs t1_j6p7lw9 wrote

even worse, i played it on 360 without the dlc at the time, then replayed it later on on PC, only to find out that they never put the DLC on PC.


FlakyBroccoli6 t1_j6p69hp wrote

I grappled with the choice for a while, but in the end turned off the Xbox and mourned her loss :) My favourite game ending.


Dark_Sage_316 t1_j6ojybt wrote

back when ubi still did good games


shadow69xxx t1_j6p3d57 wrote

Prince of Persia for ps3.


DarthDregan t1_j6onvi4 wrote

One of the most underrated and slept on games of the last quarter century.


ssarch25 t1_j6pdv9h wrote

Wow this game has aged really well. Had a lot of fun with it back then.


TurnUpCorn t1_j6ntv6y wrote

What game is that?


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6ntxi1 wrote

Prince of Persia 2008


CaptainPryk t1_j6nyyil wrote

Based on this screenshot alone I would not have guessed it was from 2008! Great art style


Schyte96 t1_j6oiiek wrote

The cell shaded style aged really well. Same with the Borderlands franchise.


Pappa_Alpha t1_j6nuzex wrote

One of my all time favorite games.


AriannaAshina t1_j6o6wch wrote

The aesthetic aged pretty well. If Ubisoft likes History+Mythology+Fantasy so much, I don't get why they don't revisit the Prince of Persia franchise again, instead of tarnishing the brand of Assassin's Creed.


Schyte96 t1_j6ohd0f wrote

This game had the best protagonist duo ever. Their interaction was fantastic. A shame the gameplay was a bit mediocre.


himynameisyoda t1_j6orqti wrote

I never played the game but the e3 trailer was sick.


MurseChinz t1_j6pfmdt wrote

F**k the OP for not including the title


Cult_Of_Anubis t1_j6nyobk wrote

One of favourite PoP games. Pity we never got a sequel


Garlador t1_j6o7bjs wrote

Where’s it sequel, Ubisoft?!

Arihman’s on the loose!


Moonshot_Md t1_j6o8w4b wrote

Revisionist history is happening with this game.


shrlytmpl t1_j6ob56s wrote

The moment that the woman was "trapped" and I had to save her, but I fell and suddenly she was free and able to pick me up, then went back to being "trapped", I quit the game.


Square_Saltine t1_j6ofd1h wrote

Such an underrated game, I absolutely loved it


ibruh143 t1_j6og5nl wrote

Before assassins creed, Prince of Persia was my playstation life😂.


Imaginary_Unit5109 t1_j6ohcy1 wrote

I wish they take this story and make it into a movie series. The game itself is fine. The gameplay to me is kinda lame. But the story and artdesign is so good. I wish they just make it into an animated movie or series.


Western-Function-966 t1_j6oi92f wrote

Am i the only one who kept trying to die intentionally to kill Elika or just to see if i can die? Like you know falling down a cliff mid combat and stuff? But damn she'd be trapped in sludge unable to move but still come to save you


yfw07 t1_j6omtt0 wrote

If you want to have your wish, then give me mine 🫡


LostOnes t1_j6oq1hj wrote

Windmill simulator? I love that game.


BOOGIT1 t1_j6oudpx wrote

Gotta love some good ol’ POP


BloodPharts88 t1_j6ow54q wrote

I totally forgot about this game! The art style was so cool


spencerdiniz t1_j6p1ha4 wrote

I enjoyed this game a lot also, despite the fact you can really die.


hollz873 t1_j6p2uuq wrote

Such a beautiful game. I loved the music and artstyle. But the story just ended so horribly imo 🥲


wingerktl t1_j6p2yoc wrote

I was going through some shit in my life when I played this and it really pulled me out of the funk. It was one of those games where I was surprised to find out it wasn't super well received.


Ecstatic-Librarian83 t1_j6p44gr wrote

this game is great but it's nothing compared to that other game!


Kenshin86 t1_j6p6et6 wrote

I really loved this game when I played it. I think it is one of very few games I actually replayed once or twice. It was an amazing 3D platformer with decent puzzles and one of few games where a partner was actually really well done.

Also the art style and narration was amazing. I was so puzzled at the time why reviews were unfavourable. Maybe it was just too different to it's predecessors. Maybe it was on an unpopular system. I don't know. All I know is that I absolutely loved it.


nubsauce87 t1_j6pbiwu wrote

... I really wish people would put the name of the game in posts like this, because then I have to give them a downvote instead of an upvote...


Njmongoose t1_j6peew3 wrote

Didnt they hide the ending in paid dlc?


bookamp t1_j6o8p7b wrote

Amazing game. Loved the fact that you couldn't die, and the fights felt so fluid.


Ninjhetto t1_j6of9mf wrote

Prince of Persia, one of the newer ones.


gideon513 t1_j6okuzg wrote

Her shirt makes zero sense in the realm of physics


SpeedsterGuy t1_j6on814 wrote

Too bad it was pretty mind numbing to play gameplay wise. Big departure from the first games where they were movement puzzles. This one felt like a mobile runner game.


pyromnd t1_j6oqwre wrote

I loved this game, I really wish they did a sequel .


Augen76 t1_j6osjsr wrote

Loved this game, hated the ending with the DLC bit.


SharkOon7 t1_j6oxf7c wrote

I also love the soundtracks in this game


Jos-_ t1_j6p6haj wrote

I thought this game was trash


11nerd11 t1_j6p82yg wrote

Wish it would play as good as it looks.


Seewebbin t1_j6pcj98 wrote

Is this really how yall use the word aesthetic?


Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6pd36b wrote

It's been internet lingo for a while. I'm suprised so many people act like it's weird to say something is aesthetic.


Nathanael777 t1_j6ow22y wrote

I love this game the way I love games like Journey. It's just aesthetic and relaxing fun.


Lord-Pepper t1_j6o0w0s wrote

Is this prince of Persia? Or something just as forgettable