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Wonder-Lad OP t1_j6o9vj8 wrote

I wouldn't call it the real ending. More like an epilouge. The ending was pretty definitive. You choose the girl over the big bad.


Joseluki t1_j6ohzdk wrote

That DLC is blatant content they cut from the game. The content was already done and chose not to put it in the game.


DrSnuggs t1_j6p7lw9 wrote

even worse, i played it on 360 without the dlc at the time, then replayed it later on on PC, only to find out that they never put the DLC on PC.


FlakyBroccoli6 t1_j6p69hp wrote

I grappled with the choice for a while, but in the end turned off the Xbox and mourned her loss :) My favourite game ending.