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TheLightsChampion t1_j6p8auf wrote

Forced exploration to collect seeds and the ending, completely undoing everything you worked for on top of being impossible to lose (but also trial by error puzzles) made me hate this game. The lack of sands and time powers and a different MC really did not make people tie it into the PoP franchise. They named the donkey at the start Farrah just to screw with us


kiralala7956 t1_j6ph4eu wrote

I really liked the exploration and the ending. You see, Prince never really cared for Elika's quest. He helped her for her sake. He never signed up for what she did at the end, and he was always selfish. The ending is only unsatisfying because we never had a proper sequel.

The combat was lacking though. The combo system was cool but never dying and boring enemies ruined it. I think we should have had Elika's mana reserve as a healthbar. When it runs out, she can't help, and she might even die for your sake. That would we been so good, but alas.