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Significant_Walk_664 t1_j6fdbqx wrote

Cass is a lot prettier than I remember. And a lot prettier than an alcoholic living in a desert postapocalyptic wasteland has a right to be. C'mon, spill the mods


Salt_Winter5888 t1_j6gw7nf wrote

Supposedly there were ideas of an ending were you get to get married wit Cassidy, but as you might know this was never introduced into the game.


-chukui- t1_j6h9km5 wrote

huh, i heard it was a quest that got scrapped where the courier and Cass get married in Vegas after a night of heavy drinking and get married in a chapel on the strip. would have been awesome if they had more time to finish the damn game.


thereisalightandit t1_j6hvni1 wrote

That sounds almost exactly like the ‘A Night to Remember’ quest in Skyrim. Todd?!?!


sliferisreal t1_j6ikk7t wrote

it sounds anything but EXACTLY like „a day to remember“…

in that quest youre drinking with a devil and you dont marry anyone


thereisalightandit t1_j6il23v wrote

You marry a Hagraven right, it’s been a while but I can remember something like that.


Upset_Otter t1_j6kz896 wrote

Microsoft just needs to open the "remake" floodgates at bethesda. They can go for just a remaster, but I hope the community push for a remake.


RafaelRoriz t1_j6hhz9n wrote

>this was never introduced into the game.

This and more a half ton of content.


no_reddit69 t1_j6ivnwf wrote

Ah yes Obsidian. Hey they do pretty well under crunch though considering KOTOR 2 and FNV are cult classics now.


Redrum1917 t1_j6hfn7i wrote

She actually says she's not really into you if you're male and have a Lady Killer perk.


rockrnger t1_j6hlot1 wrote

In her good ending she is going to fuck you but goes in the wrong room and fucks that guy instead.


GwenLikesRice t1_j6fess0 wrote

I played most of the game with just Cassidy and ED-E as companions. They were the first two I unlocked.

Only Raul's sarcastic bitterness swayed me away from her. I eventually tried out the others, but they just weren't the same.


ManBuBu t1_j6h9y5m wrote

I expect to be awed by your dizzying mercantile sense, boss!


Orodruin666 t1_j6ibynd wrote

I'm an open book, boss. Sure the book is in Spanish and a lot of the pages have been torn out.


Simba7 t1_j6i8b63 wrote

Raul also had my favorite companion perk.


Pyrochazm t1_j6ig3sx wrote

Regular maintenance is fantastic in a world where everything decays quickly.


VanillaB34n t1_j6ivvsm wrote

I always took that trait that increased weapon decay and crit rate with Raul in mind, he was my endgame <3


DrSmirnoffe t1_j6kk5l1 wrote

I was mostly Cass, too, with Rex as my "non-humanoid" companion. Mainly because I hadn't found ED-E until the late-game.

Specifically, the first time I met ED-E was in Lonesome Road. So when my time in the Divide came to its conclusion, and Divide ED-E went off to Navarro, I went and sought out Mojave ED-E, since Divide ED-E had transferred what he'd learned to Mojave ED-E. It was like an old friend walking their own road, but leaving a piece of themselves behind with you.


sclowndrel t1_j6fbqc1 wrote

I will ponder these words, as I walk the dusty Mojave.


Mr_Goat_1111 t1_j6fex9i wrote

One man sits alone, looking out over the sandy wastes, his long leather duster meagre protection from this harsh land and all the horrors that call it home, the corpse of one such horror, a cazador, lays still bleeding at his feet, his revolver hangs from a tired arm, barrel still smoking and from his cracked lips escape the words "where are you Long Dick Johnson?"


lancelongstiff t1_j6fqcae wrote

I think dick jokes are puerile and just demean us all, frankly.


AmbitionSpecialist t1_j6gafzl wrote

Decent companion in the game, but Veronica is the best human companion IMO.


Meecus570 t1_j6h9o3p wrote

Strange way of spelling "Boone"


Beowulf33232 t1_j6hk8me wrote

Boone has the problem of killing things so far away I can't find them to loot them.


AmbitionSpecialist t1_j6hd3zq wrote

He’s alright, clearly not the cheeriest story leading up to when you meet him, but does throw rounds down range. IDK, Veronica is just a more dynamic character, with more varied dialogue, and more integral to the story with HELIOS and the Brotherhood.

Plus, it’s an accomplishment to finally hand her the dress she’s always talking about.


narvuntien t1_j6hfy6d wrote

I tried to play a "bad guy" run my second run through the game took Veronica as a companion on a whim and I just couldn't blow up the Brotherhood of Steel any more, so Yes Man it was.


Jayce86 t1_j6i7771 wrote

The only two companions that are safe to use are ED and Veronica. Everyone else can die, permanently. And rather easily at that given all the extreme dangers in that hell hole.


Astrojef t1_j6h6van wrote

Dang ole long dick johnson had a dang ole ding dong mayne


Bogey01 t1_j6fjkqg wrote

Are there updated graphics mods for this game? If so I might need to give it another run.


KikisGamingService t1_j6gg70j wrote

It's a Bethesda game, of course there are


TimeTravelMishap t1_j6h9pbo wrote

Dude it's a Bethesda game. You name it there's a mod for it. Want the death claws to have giant fur cocks? Nexus got you bro.


Arihant-Guntiwar t1_j6hdfef wrote

There's a lot of ENB's but they're unstable.

There's great texture and lighting overhauls tho


blanketghost t1_j6g6eq6 wrote



Skellephant t1_j6gvxxu wrote

Unfortunate business with a Mirelurk. Now he's just Johnson.


Skarth t1_j6jyzku wrote

I heard he had to shorten it to just J.


RafaelRoriz t1_j6hi2fo wrote

Patroling the mojave almost makes me wish for a nuclear winter.


happyft t1_j6jxmna wrote

When I took this assignment I was hoping there’d be more gambling


Forever203 t1_j6gkdhv wrote

I wonder if her Long Dick Johnson and that cat's Long Johnson are the same person.


TylerJsWay t1_j6h4asn wrote

They just don’t make games like this anymore


Cherry_BaBomb t1_j6h94pt wrote

They do, they're just often not from Triple A companies


TylerJsWay t1_j6h9bed wrote

Such as?


Cherry_BaBomb t1_j6h9hdy wrote

I mean that's somewhat subjective, but I really enjoyed Coffee Talk, I really like Vampire Survior. It's Triple A, but people really love those Witcher games I hear about all the time.

It depends on what you want out of a game, but you can always return to the ones that make you happy. I play Kirby's Air Ride pretty frequently because, well it's fun.


TheWa11 t1_j6hcf05 wrote

In what world are Vampire Survivor and Coffee Time like Fallout?

The Witcher came out in 2015 - closer to the New Vegas release date in 2010 than the present day.


Cherry_BaBomb t1_j6i6v37 wrote

> They just don't make games like this anymore

This is a very broad statement that has plenty of different interpretations, so I guess I'm not sure on exactly what you mean. That's why I said that it's subjective, but "games like that" still are being made.

I'm honestly pretty easy to please, so I like a lot of different games for a lot of different reasons. I just listed a couple that I got a lot of enjoyment out of, but not necessarily because of their similarities to NV.

I didn't play either games, but if you want more recent titles, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Edlin Ring seem pretty popular and also similar to Fallout NV. Hell, RDR2 is also western themed.

Fallout NV is great, but so are alot of games. Sorry if we disagree or I upset you. That wasn't my goal.


generalzee t1_j6hp9xh wrote

This is why people are constantly praising the brilliance of this game.


RanCestor t1_j6id3je wrote

Except Mister Johnson because the game said his dick wasn't that long.


NicoCrestmere t1_j6h6j4i wrote

And you know he had a bick dick because he had to name it twice just to fit it all.


BigOleFerret t1_j6ikpvj wrote

She knows from experience doesn't she


Blackwolfe47 t1_j6iu3g2 wrote

This game had the best dialogue


LegoBoomX t1_j6icj2b wrote

“Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.” -NCR Trooper


link_nukem28 t1_j6nec69 wrote

I swear, you can play this game for an entire lifetime and still find new shit in it


-chukui- t1_j6nsyiu wrote

As long as they leave the dialogue alone. We get a nv remake with fo4 dialogue wheel I'ma riot.


Sheeplearehypmotized t1_j6i7g7l wrote

Welcome to a feminist world. The women being sl^ts are encouraged! Good job liberals.


EclecticDreck t1_j6iiu6j wrote

Some context might help. This bit of dialogue is from a conversation with the lady in question who is from the New California Republic - one of the few coherent nations to have risen from the ashes of the Great War that ultimately ended in an apocalyptic nuclear exchange. She is generally defensive of the NCR, even if she spends most of her time on its frontiers, and will tell a curious Courier (the player) that the NCR generally has the right idea. She summarizes that point nicely by saying that even with its faults, should the NCR be under threat, she'd happily be on the NCR side of the line.

But she is also very much a realist who makes a living on the frontier running caravans, noting that the Legion (a coherent state that controls much of what would have been the southwestern US including almost everything on the other side of the Colorado River and which is in the middle of a years-long cold war with the NCR) would be able to provide far better security on the roads. This, it turns out, is a deeply personal observation because when you meet her, her caravan had been ambushed and killed in part because the NCR couldn't provide adequate security.

If you keep pressing her on this point, clearly seeing that her devotion is far from blind or total she says "I'm not some blind, flag-saluting do-as-they-will NCR lover. They're family, but let me tell you what family means. You ever had a brother? Some dumbass younger brother, say, who knocked up the pastor's daughter, can't hold a job, and his home-away is a jail cell? That's the NCR. Their compass is spinning, all the time. They try to put their stake in everything. Nobody's dick is that long, not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick. Hence the name."

Emphasis mine. It is not a prurient statement, but a concise use of crudity used to give her opinion in the form of a metaphor: the NCR is reaching too far trying to control New Vegas.


MisterForkbeard t1_j6it95u wrote

You're not wrong, but this particular commenter isn't worth engaging.

But this is a fantastic explanation of her character. Love it.


EclecticDreck t1_j6iucrc wrote

Oh, I know. Indeed, I waffled between calling out the bigoted nonsense or simply explaining how the context made their bigoted nonsense extra silly and opted for the latter. She is a fantastic character, and I'd rather spend a few minutes on a short essay giving people context (and invite a discussion) should they, for some reason, go plumbing this dank basement of the thread.


Sheeplearehypmotized t1_j6l2jzj wrote

I'm a man dont call me a they. If you use pronouns you're not as strong minded as you believe lmfao


EclecticDreck t1_j6le6nm wrote

Your first sentence contains eight words, three of which are pronouns.

Pronouns are a common part of English. You can write around it, but it will sound incredibly awkward. For example:

"/u/Sheeplearehypmotized is a man. /u/Sheeplearehypmotized does not want to be called a pronoun. If /u/EclecticDreck uses pronouns, /u/EclecticDreck is not as strong minded as /u/EclecticDreck believes."

See? Awkward.


Sheeplearehypmotized t1_j6lrap5 wrote

You look weak. A strong man wouldnt go out of his way to type something so petty and childish. A liberal male that calls a man a woman would.


EclecticDreck t1_j6mrynk wrote

Oh my goodness! You're still using so many pronouns! It is terrible to see, given how much these trivial parts of language bother you. Please take this list of offending words so that you might better avoid them in the future.