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JustSomeApparition t1_j74zw20 wrote

"Studies suggest that the papillae shape (tiny scoop-shaped structures made of keratin that help give the cats tongue its texture) may help the cat with gripping food during eating, and the sharp tip may help with tissue deformation and penetration into meat."

That cheetah is tenderizing that man, lol


ZGeekie OP t1_j750pco wrote

The guy's name is Dolph Volker. He's an animal advocate who calls himself "The Cheetah Whisperer".


IDoPokeSmot t1_j750uxe wrote

One day he will be the cheetahs lunch


Rondaru t1_j781bgm wrote

To be fair, we humans are not prey animals to cheetahs. There is no documented case of any cheetah ever having hunted, killed or eaten a human. That being said, they are wild animals and may fight if they feel threatened and backed into a corner.


IDoPokeSmot t1_j781y6f wrote

I'm fatter than your average human.... Sharks might mistake me for a whale. To a cheetah, im probably a buffet on a conveyor belt.


Rondaru t1_j783c2i wrote

If you have the decency to just drop dead yourself perhaps. The jaw muscles of a cheetah are too weak to break the neck of any animal our size, and evolution isn't kind to predators that try to tackle much larger animals without an instant-kill strategy.


IDoPokeSmot t1_j784eyb wrote

If it's a fair fight, maybe, but if he spots me and triggers the flight, not fight reflex, his teeth are going in me like a hot knife thur butter.


Rondaru t1_j785fc8 wrote

Well, fortunately for you cheetahs are more prone to take flight. Comes from not being an apex predator in their habitat and those damn lions always wanting to bully them.

But yeah, if it would come to a fight, their sharp teeth and claws will win over your munchies and fingernails.


573IAN t1_j75gson wrote

Dolph: this big kitty loves me so much

Cheetah: “You be tasting good…. Fall asleep, bitch.”