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360walkaway t1_j7bqfxi wrote

I've only done weed at the most (maybe only a dozen times total ever) and I'm like this. Something major happens and I'm like "ok whatever." Wtf is wrong with my head

I ask an honest question and get downvoted, what is wrong with people


Shadowleg t1_j7bqy20 wrote

thats probably more to do with internet usage than weed. Its been 15 years since this clip


360walkaway t1_j7br6vl wrote

What do you mean


Onkel_B t1_j7buzr6 wrote

How do you define "something major"? Is it a positive or negative event? Does it effect you directly, or is it globally bad shit?

One of my cats died a few months ago and i was wrecked. I can watch /r/combatfootage all day and not give a fuck about actual people dying.

There is nothing wrong with you. Desenzitaition is a thing.


minimorning t1_j7bxgbf wrote

Weed comes in handy as a de stress tool for me I actually don’t use it often enough


JRsFancy t1_j7bt69r wrote

Nothing is wrong. Sounds like you just grew up some. I never do drugs, but cannot for the life of me why anyone gets anything out of awards shows on television. Emmy's, Tony's, Grammy's, Oscar's....just a glorified circle jerk which I'm not a part of.