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Sun_Stealer t1_j79ldix wrote

Reply to comment by tangcameo in Diving with a shark by chemistrynerd1994

I’ve only read a bit into it. But sharks will explore things with its nose/mouth. It was coming in at low speed to do that. You can gently move their snout away from you like so when they do


smartguy05 t1_j79ra4x wrote

From what I understand you're essentially correct. The shark comes up to investigate because she kind of looks like a seal from underneath but the shark isn't sure. As the shark comes up she touches the shark which makes the shark go "WTF was that? It touched me!" Then nope out.


IndigoFenix t1_j7b2wh6 wrote

Prey does not boop snoots. Therefore if you boop snoot you are not prey.


Km2930 t1_j7b6e3u wrote

Do you know the old adage:

If you stay still, get ready for the kill

If you boop the snout, you might get out… alive


cantpickanane t1_j7bs25c wrote

I wonder if the diver tries really fast to orient herself on the top side if the sharks head?


Britoz t1_j7a82qb wrote

Bull sharks are less inclined to gently test. Tiger sharks aren't as aggressive, but they'll still enjoy eating you if it's easy enough.

We've got so many shark attacks and sightings locally that I'm legit considering not even going in the shallows of the river or ocean anymore. One that happened yesterday:


SubmarineThrowaway22 t1_j7b5cph wrote

I just avoid the ocean entirely. The sharks don't wander the streets, I'll extend them the same courtesy and not go to where they live.


TheGazelle t1_j7b96mq wrote


SubmarineThrowaway22 t1_j7bbfwq wrote

What is it with the nostalgia bombs today? It's like every thread I go into, it's happening.

I had all the toys from that show as a kid.


TheGazelle t1_j7bfmuh wrote

I think I might've had one. I also remember having a Biker Mice From Mars toy that was super rad.