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JustSomeApparition t1_j78pkrr wrote

Had that been me in the water this would have been entitled - "How man magically walks on water to get away from shark!"


fuzzytradr t1_j79nom6 wrote

Had that great white been positioned even fifty feet directly below her this might have been posted in a different sub.


shoddy_craftmanship t1_j79y071 wrote

For what it's worth, that's not a great white. It appears to be a tiger shark (you can even see the slight striping under some of the lighting conditions.) Still very dangerous though.


Beliriel t1_j7ajp1z wrote

Aren't Tiger sharks actually more dangerous than Great Whites because they're faster, more nimble and more aggressive?


SKULL1138 t1_j7ar842 wrote

Well they are less fussy eaters, however you’ve more chance of surviving a bite and taste experiment with a tiger. That’s not to be said you will survive it, just a tiny bit more likely due to how they both differ in attack strategy.

Tigers are a fairly aggressive species, but frankly, the king of the don’t fuck with me sharks is the Bull, partly that’s due to proximity to humans, but also due to how aggressive they are and how they can hunt in packs.

Humans have swum with all three of these species without aid of cages, however one could get away with wearing a chain mail suit in the case of Bull or Tiger, that likely doesn’t help with a Whitey as your insides will be crushed anyway.

By far though, the most risky free dive is with a White, if something goes wrong, it’s over. With the other two there’s a slim chance you survive, especially with other divers there to help you. They couldn’t help you at all if a shark really decides it’s feeding on you though. It’s goodnight and crap fight.

Unless you are a highly trained diver with years of experience diving with the same sharks you’ve got to know well in terms of temperament, then it’s a silly, needless risk with any of large predatory shark.

I mean I’ve swam with nurse sharks, that’s about as risky as petting animals in a handling zoo.


SubmarineThrowaway22 t1_j7b5t5t wrote

I think I'll just keep admiring sharks from a good safe distance.

They're cool as hell, but you don't simply stop evolving unless you're already perfect, and sharks haven't really changed in the last million or so years. I guess being nothing but teeth and muscle is about as good as you can get in the ocean.


ArenSteele t1_j7bry43 wrote

If you do any dives around Hawaii in the tourist spots, there’s a good chance to see Grey Reef Sharks. Usually about 4-5 feet long and really have a classic shark “look” but aren’t that aggressive with humans.


twoinvenice t1_j7c8ei3 wrote

Diving with sharks is really amazing, they really are beautiful and want absolutely nothing to do with divers. Getting good pictures is really difficult.

I’ve done cage diving with great whites (which was absolutely fucking increasingly), and lots of non cage diving where I’ve seen all manner of reef sharks, silky, galapagos, lemon sharks, threshers, wobbegongs, and whale sharks.

Still have managed to get blanked on bulls, tigers, and hammerheads but I know that if I do a dive trip to the Galápagos Islands I can cross that one off.


SubmarineThrowaway22 t1_j7cdced wrote

I'll live that kind of moment vicariously through you.

I prefer to be above the ocean, not in it.


axyz77 t1_j7bras6 wrote

For me it would be

Man magically changes water color to yellow and brown, Shark Mesmerized


tangcameo t1_j79izoq wrote

So booping the shark prevents you from being eaten?


Sun_Stealer t1_j79ldix wrote

I’ve only read a bit into it. But sharks will explore things with its nose/mouth. It was coming in at low speed to do that. You can gently move their snout away from you like so when they do


smartguy05 t1_j79ra4x wrote

From what I understand you're essentially correct. The shark comes up to investigate because she kind of looks like a seal from underneath but the shark isn't sure. As the shark comes up she touches the shark which makes the shark go "WTF was that? It touched me!" Then nope out.


IndigoFenix t1_j7b2wh6 wrote

Prey does not boop snoots. Therefore if you boop snoot you are not prey.


Km2930 t1_j7b6e3u wrote

Do you know the old adage:

If you stay still, get ready for the kill

If you boop the snout, you might get out… alive


cantpickanane t1_j7bs25c wrote

I wonder if the diver tries really fast to orient herself on the top side if the sharks head?


Britoz t1_j7a82qb wrote

Bull sharks are less inclined to gently test. Tiger sharks aren't as aggressive, but they'll still enjoy eating you if it's easy enough.

We've got so many shark attacks and sightings locally that I'm legit considering not even going in the shallows of the river or ocean anymore. One that happened yesterday:


SubmarineThrowaway22 t1_j7b5cph wrote

I just avoid the ocean entirely. The sharks don't wander the streets, I'll extend them the same courtesy and not go to where they live.


TheGazelle t1_j7b96mq wrote


SubmarineThrowaway22 t1_j7bbfwq wrote

What is it with the nostalgia bombs today? It's like every thread I go into, it's happening.

I had all the toys from that show as a kid.


TheGazelle t1_j7bfmuh wrote

I think I might've had one. I also remember having a Biker Mice From Mars toy that was super rad.


isisis t1_j79mkzl wrote

Sometimes. Sharks have sensitive electrical receptors on the head. Many have them just under the snout, though I believe tiger sharks (what this is) have more receptors on the sides of the head. Touching the receptors can overload them enough that they kind of just stop whatever it is they're doing. If I'm incorrect, hopefully someone can help me out here.


thebestyoucan t1_j79nkum wrote

I’ve always read that the nerves on the underside of their head trigger a bite reflex while on top they do not. Which is why they always touch them on top of the nose and never give them chin scritches in these videos.


SKULL1138 t1_j7arkyd wrote

I’ve had a nurse shark sitting on my lap and I’ve fed it from above. Rule number one, never ever put your hand underneath the nose of the shark or it’s bitten. The second good drops below the snout it’s gone in a flash. Now that’s Nurse sharks who are very docile, I am going to assume this is relatively common in how they’ve evolved those senses.


isisis t1_j79oi8w wrote

I've never heard of chin receptors. That's interesting!


thebestyoucan t1_j79pc77 wrote

Tbh I could be full of shit, I am just some guy on the internet after all, but it’s what I’ve read from some other person on the internet.


twoinvenice t1_j7c90pb wrote

That plus she didn’t act like prey. Sharks aren’t used to stuff that swims at them and they like to keep their distance. Touching them while holding ground just increases the determination that you aren’t food and kicks in their instinct to move away from something they don’t understand.


navywater t1_j7ah4s0 wrote

I love how the best way to deal with a shark that wants to eat you is to politely say no thankyou


siriushendrix t1_j7cpjlb wrote

They’re equally polite about it. Like “oh shit. my bad bro. I’ll swim on over there now”


OBlove t1_j7a6uk5 wrote

I would rather hold one of those huntsman spiders getting posted all over recently. As long as I don’t actually go back to any of those posts and look at the photos, I can say with certainty I’d rather hold the spider. Maybe.


SKULL1138 t1_j7arz8b wrote

I know this doesn’t help with phobias but if we are talking risk factors then your choice is by far the wisest.

If that shark turns into attack mode, that diver is dead 95/100. Okay it might not attack but the risk is still high.

With a Huntsman the risk is basically zero, even if the one you picked up was the nastiest Huntsman on the planet all it could do is scare the shit out of you and give you a few bee stings. By which point you could rip it in half with the strength it would take you rip a plastic bag.

However fear is fear.


Juran_Alde t1_j7bq6tz wrote

Especially considering tiger sharks don’t discriminate with what they eat.


hyperlite135 t1_j7h3ycf wrote

A hungry shark that size will eat us 100% of the time. How do you see those 5/100 panning out?


-Enrique_Shockwave- t1_j7fwzyo wrote

Now that you say this I’m not sure my body would allow me to hold the spider. Like if I had no choice here my family was going to die if I didn’t do one or the other. I think I’d have to pick the shark because that one you’re in the water waiting for it to happen and if you don’t roll the shark you probably die, so hopefully instinct kicks in and you just do it. I truly don’t think I’d be able to hold my hands out and either let someone drop that spider on there or willingly pick it up. Really I think my body would just say no.


Any-Patient-68 t1_j79oioe wrote

It's a big fluffy puppy dog with bad teeth


Gmd88 t1_j78wteb wrote



boing757 t1_j79x50e wrote

Where was the diving ?


Donvack t1_j79zhqo wrote

Hawaii most likely. Tiger sharks are native to that area.


dabiird t1_j7amssc wrote

Ouch.. missed opportunity to mount it, ride it and call it yours. So close


Thendofreason t1_j7boqo3 wrote

Is this the girl that the internet hates for swimming and bothering endangered species? Honestly cant tell. Scuba gear all look the same.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j7byu1s wrote

Steve Irwin: jumps on crocodiles and wrestles them into submission. Harasses and gets bit by snakes.

Internet: "We love him!!💓💓"

Ocean Ramsay: gently swims with sharks people have been afraid of for centuries and gives them boops.

Internet: "What a stupid bitch!"


Jfrog1 t1_j7bvvrq wrote

They are kinda like puppies of the sea, they are super curious and like to chew on things


Omnizoom t1_j7c6l7d wrote

Wow look at that Apex predator , a very fine specimen indeed

The shark is neat too


Hamms_Bear t1_j7cfmvi wrote

I am not the meal you are looking for


plk7 t1_j7a33ni wrote

That’s a big Tiger!


Chiinoe t1_j7a55tj wrote

This guy looks kinda cute. Great Whites on the other hand are scary af


HereWeGoAgain-77 t1_j7axo54 wrote

It's a Tiger


M4dcap t1_j7bf00v wrote

Yes. They probably have more human attacks than great whites.

After some Google searching... great white is number 1 for human attacks. Followed by the tiger.


hockeyfan608 t1_j7bn1ji wrote

Great whites out here proving that intelligence correlates with a greater capacity to be a dick


hazie t1_j7bqbsl wrote

That's why he said "on the other hand"


samwstew t1_j7ax98q wrote



Meanderingversion t1_j7ccb1z wrote

ITT: Did anyone else not poop their pants either!! Yay! Total win!!!! I'll...BRB.


Noreaster0 t1_j7ce1zm wrote

Notice the pre strike eye rollback just before the boop?


SS_TTZZYY t1_j7eu4v8 wrote

I was today years old when I found out a shark can blink cool reaction from the critter


ellisnarr t1_j7fbwfb wrote

Well this went as well as it possibly could've


ellisnarr t1_j7fbzfk wrote

Shark incoming? It's finnee just adjust it's angle with a BOOP


Uh-Oh-Raggy t1_j7fks4p wrote

Watched this several times over and over not just because it is cool to watch how curious the shark is but the blink that it gives as she touches the top of its snout makes me imagine a big smile on its face lol


Pajama_Strangler t1_j7g655r wrote

Love sharks, wouldn’t mess with em but absolutely beautiful animals


One-Pepper-6993 t1_j7g78pg wrote

I’d rather swim with sharks, than rapey dolphins


NAhere t1_j7hvu6e wrote

Well, are they smooth or rough?


ElRALT t1_j7hyghr wrote

He was just coming in for a cuddle


AJHear t1_j7jumi7 wrote

Fuck that's a big bugga!


smilesatflowers t1_j7aa3yc wrote

so after watching extensive footage on the internet, all you have to do is boop them in the snout and all disaster is averted.


BHTrix t1_j7auyqm wrote

did that person not see jaws??


jawshoeaw t1_j7a6wg3 wrote

Is this like that video with a vulture and a hang glider where it turns out to be the dudes pet? That shark looks way to friendly


chirs5757 t1_j79lzyv wrote

Great white = you ded


halfanothersdozen t1_j798iuv wrote

Slow-mo all you want that's not some beautiful brush with nature. That thing swam up trying to decide if that human was food, then it decided that the human is not food. For now.

They only exist to kill.


xLisbethSalander t1_j79budm wrote

what a shit comment, they only exist to kill? shut up. They are animals. Yes they are predators and can be extremely dangerous too but "only exist to kill" is such a dumb way of phrasing it.