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ThatCunningLinguist t1_j7ax1m5 wrote

Red skies in morning, Sailors take warning


ninety6days t1_j7c62sx wrote

Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.

Red sky in morning, shepherd's warning.

Brown and white sky: shepherd's pie.


silentmage t1_j7c6scm wrote

Brown and white pants: Shepard needs a shower.


Omny87 t1_j7cl30v wrote

Morning sky purple-y, flurpity derpity


Big_Mac22 t1_j7d5fz7 wrote

Just had a kid and as soon as he's old another to appreciate this I'm stealing it 😂


multiarmform t1_j7cbh4c wrote

red skies at night

"This song finds The Fixx lead singer and lyricist Cy Curnin singing about the aftermath of a nuclear fall out. In our 2012 interview with Curnin, he said that this tune, along with "Stand or Fall," echoed "back to that sense of impotence that I felt after 9/11." He explained: "I was feeling that sense of impotence back then in the early '80s or late '70s when Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were getting in bed together, metaphorically speaking, and designing a whole defense system that involved Europeans' lives without asking us - it was never on any electorate ballot that I can remember. That struck a chord.""


thirdtimesacharmman t1_j7bhdys wrote

My Grumps would say that all the time.


decorativebathtowels t1_j7c8fo9 wrote

I only know this from The Burbs


Rambozo77 t1_j7cnyov wrote

Neighbor take flight?


Nattylight_Murica t1_j7dfaww wrote

I want to kill everyone, satan is good, satan’s our pal


Rambozo77 t1_j7dfm4s wrote

Once they, get in here…it’s over bud…


Nattylight_Murica t1_j7dhjkz wrote

I just turned the movie on. I couldn’t mention it and not watch it


Rambozo77 t1_j7e1sea wrote

It’s so good! Bruce Dern as the vet neighbor is hilarious. “Down in south east Asia, we’d call this kinda thing….bad karma.”


decorativebathtowels t1_j7d60fd wrote

Such a good movie.


Rambozo77 t1_j7dg0u3 wrote

One of my all time favs! Growing up, my sisters and I watched it so much the VHS eventually was barely even playable.


OtherwiseJello t1_j7eorex wrote

My dad always said this. Must be a Marine thing. Or learned it from the Navy.


boromeer3 t1_j7llq2j wrote

It is an old saying and generally true in the northern hemisphere where this English-language saying originated and weather patterns typically travel from west to east. Stormy skies are more red than usual at sunrise and sunset. So if I was sailing from America to England, west to east with the prevailing wind, and saw a red sunrise, a “red sky in the morning,” I could expect that storm to travel towards me and I towards it since the sun rises in the east.


benjesty2002 t1_j7bocoe wrote

I've always heard it as shepherds rather than sailors. Is this a country difference? I'm in the UK.


linuxknight OP t1_j7bsb6x wrote

I live in New England, US. Because of all the ocean trade, i think it's relative to mariners.


ninety6days t1_j7c66hc wrote

I mean

The UK has some history of seafaring too.

That said, irish here and we've always said shepherd's too.


Grubbens t1_j7cjiwi wrote

We don't really have shepherds so it makes sense that it would be sailing related in the US.


cjb5210 t1_j7d5097 wrote

I live in CT and was going to say this post immediately reminded me of the CT / NE coast. Awesome pic / gif / video, OP!


tommytraddles t1_j7c5hfq wrote

Both are said in the UK. Might be a regional thing, based on where the wool trade was primary versus where going to sea was more common?

It goes back a long way, though.

You are all fishermen. When it is evening, you say, "It will be fair weather, for the sky is red." And in the morning, "It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening."

All of you know how to interpret the signs of the earth and sky. How is it you cannot interpret the signs of the times?

~ Matthew 16:23.


Errodav t1_j7cw5e5 wrote

I'm from Yorkshire, always heard Shepherd's. The wife is from Newcastle and she always uses Sailors. So it all depends on whether you're from a farming or shipbuilding county.


ppitm t1_j7ccbmu wrote

This saying only makes logical sense if the weather pattern is generally clouds moving west to east. So that might not really describe England the way it does the eastern US.


S1075 t1_j7dbsqu wrote

The flow is overwhelmingly west to east in the northern hemisphere, but it's still just a saying. It's never going to be scientifically accurate.


ppitm t1_j7dlk7w wrote

It's scientifically accurate-ish. The idea is that the dawn sun shines on the underside of the band of clouds about to dump rain and wind on you. While the setting sun demonstrates that approaching clouds are just a narrow band, not a major system. Ergo the weather will pass by in the night and tomorrow will be fine.


Strangelight84 t1_j7c73rp wrote

I've heard the same.

Given that red skies are created by light scattering off / through clouds, I've always assumed that the sailor's warning is of an incoming storm and the shepherd's delight is of temperatures rising as cloud cover increases.


benjesty2002 t1_j7cujlb wrote

We say both parts for shepherds - "Red sky in the morning, shepherds take warning. Red sky at night, shepherds delight."

I guess both professions care about storms, just for different reasons.


Strangelight84 t1_j7fak8l wrote

I find the folk knowledge embedded - here, effectively, of weather forecasting - in some of this stuff really interesting.


henrycharleschester t1_j7ex0px wrote

Yeah I’ve never heard sailors either, I’m Notts/Derby though so shepherds makes more sense.


BeyondAddiction t1_j7cggnc wrote

I've only ever heard "sailor's" but then again, we were actually going sailing so 🤷‍♀️


demondied1 t1_j7exjpp wrote

In Australia I hear Shepard’s too. Red at night is a Shepard’s delight, red at morn is a Shepard’s warn.


soakf t1_j7b0qmw wrote

Red skies at night

Oh oh oh oh…

Should have taken warning, it's just

People mourning

Running, hiding, lost

You can't find, find a place to go, so it's

Red skies at night

1982 The Fixx


RikiSanchez t1_j7bnbpp wrote

My fav band, but not a fav song of theirs Thrice - Red Sky:

I know what lies beneath, I've seen the flash of teeth

Conspiring with the reef to sink our ship

The wind's a cheating wife, her tongue a thirsty knife

And she could take your life with one good kiss


mikeumm t1_j7c4pkm wrote

Alchemy index is so dope

Red sky at night - Pink Floyd


ConfectionersCoffee t1_j7dj3yz wrote

Actually this is from David Gilmour’s solo album On An Island. It’s one of my favorite albums ever


mikeumm t1_j7dqc4r wrote

Ah! Yup you're right. I was thinking it was on the Divsion Bell and not On an Island for some reason.


ConfectionersCoffee t1_j7e5jzj wrote

To be fair it’s very Division Bell-ish, the track The Blue includes the line “Still marooned” after all. Then Pink Floyd’s last album The Endless River also referenced Division Bell, so it’s pretty in-line with #JustPinkFloydThings


CalRipkenForCommish t1_j7b0ntr wrote

Looks like it would be a great spot for a couple adult beverages and solve all the world’s problems


Politics_Marvel t1_j7bhju0 wrote

Red sky at morning, neighbor take warning


bukakerooster t1_j7beksk wrote

Is the adage reversed in the Southern Hemisphere because the prevailing winds are East-West?


tannhauser_busch t1_j7fhujb wrote

Both the northern and southern hemispheres have western/eastern prevailing bands. Easterlies closer to the equator, westerlies closer to the poles.


Wigbold t1_j7ccjia wrote

Radahn, that you?


Gamer4life101 t1_j7c3vs7 wrote

Red sky at night, Shepard’s delight

Red sky in the morning, Shepard’s warning


Jor_in_the_North t1_j7cmtbr wrote

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.

Red sky at night, the sailors are howling and laughing.

The sailors begin to surround us, and the night is so very red.

Welcome to Night Vale.


Dr-Satan-PhD t1_j7c6sts wrote

Someone should take this over to r/wallpaperengine and see what they can do with it. Would be cool to have a day/night slider to change the color of the sky.


TheGoddamnPacman t1_j7dfksu wrote

"A red sun rises.... blood has been spilt this night."


FlyinB t1_j7bp1lz wrote

Red filter in Photoshop, Make an image whateveryouwant


macrocosm93 t1_j7cnh0j wrote

Green sky in morning, neighbor take warning.

Green sky at night, neighbor take flight.


Blindfolded22 t1_j7bszsi wrote

Rest here ye hollow


drcha0s t1_j7cbgre wrote

Great loop timing


Artemicionmoogle t1_j7cd85a wrote

This makes me think of a scene from Almost Heroes lol.

>Pratt: Sir, there's an old sayin'. "White water in the morning."

>Edwards: Yes?

>Pratt: That's it.


SkitTrick t1_j7cpvuk wrote

Am I on facebook?


linuxknight OP t1_j7csp61 wrote

Only you can answer that. I certainly don't have an account. That site is a quagmire of negativity, data collection and folks that clamor for self validation.


fiendo13 t1_j7deem3 wrote

Looks like a horizon save point


mastergwaha t1_j7co7he wrote

do prefer the rappers delight myself


habu-sr71 t1_j7cvw4i wrote

Hey! Where's the PoPo busting 'ya for the beach bonfire? ;)


lookin4seaglass t1_j7d1o7p wrote

I wanted to turn up the sound to hear that crackling fire


AskingForSomeFriends t1_j7d98v0 wrote

🎵 Gonna find the skipper gonna hold him tight, See a red sky at night, get some sailors delight 🎵


TheOrigRayofSunshine t1_j7dtv23 wrote

Used to hear red at night is a sailor’s delight, red in the morning is a sailor’s warning.

My dad always said it was a weather indicator. My spouse told me it had to do with the red light districts and the light still being on. Not sure how that came about.


Photogrrlz t1_j7e2hjz wrote

That is so relaxing to look at!


nanoH2O t1_j7brfov wrote

Somebody make this into pixel art


medubble t1_j7bwh45 wrote

Looked up at the sky and it was….. maroon


Mr_Claypole t1_j7c66b7 wrote

Red sky at night

Get off my land

~Farmer Palmer


CMDR_omnicognate t1_j7c9221 wrote

Red sky at night, Shepard’s delight

Red sky in the morning, barn’s on fire


Bigbrainbigboobs t1_j7cbgwx wrote

We've got a similar proverb in french: rouge du soir, beau temps, espoir ; rouge du matin, la pluie est en chemin (evening red, nice weather, hope ; morning red, rain is coming).


FnkyTown t1_j7cx5xy wrote

It's from the Bible.

>Matthew 16:2-3:

>He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring.

This is a very ancient seafarer's saying that predates the Bible.


AntGrantGordon t1_j7cggcj wrote

…red sky in the morning, the barn’s on fire!!!


chalky21 t1_j7dcfij wrote

My dad always said a variation like this to me. Red sky at night, farmers barns on fire!


tjackson87 t1_j7ciqwo wrote

Red Seas under Red Skies is a great book and I had no idea it was a reference to something.


btroycraft t1_j7ckw1j wrote


Always fully extinguish beach fires. Don't just bury it.


Dammageddon t1_j7cs40a wrote

Red sky at noon, crisis coming soon.


muteen t1_j7cv71f wrote



Writeaway69 t1_j7cz9d4 wrote




xs74 t1_j7d3t8w wrote

Red sky in the morning, sailors warning


schatzski t1_j7d902s wrote

"sir, theres an old saying: white water in the morning"


"Oh, that's it.."


PrincessEC t1_j7dl2hc wrote

“I have made fire!”


cadex t1_j7do00s wrote

Red sky in the morning

Shut up, you're boring


FroggiJoy87 t1_j7duqf9 wrote

Orange sky at dawn... California's on fire again


Polarbear0007 t1_j7e1n8w wrote

My dad told me this phrase when I was very young, and I say it in my head every time I see a red sky.. despite never sailing.


MobiusBrian t1_j7eoyn1 wrote

Is it called the flamboyant?


mtjnorth t1_j7eutzg wrote

Sheep dead in morning, global warming.


dave_a86 t1_j7f553n wrote

Red sky in morning, sailors house is on fire.


wags_bf21 t1_j7g3gma wrote

Your mom's an idiot


linuxknight OP t1_j7gdblc wrote

Come get it wags


Good-Resist3113 t1_j7hlpvm wrote

You can't step to this , she can't have this and you don't understand this


danjrdan t1_j7cb9oe wrote

Reminds me of being in the Aleutians back when I was in the Service