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enjoysbeerandplants t1_j8lcft2 wrote

I remember doing lino cutting in my grade 9 art class. The carving tool slipped at one point and dug a huge chunk out of the meat of my left thumb. I quietly wandered over to the sink, rinsed it out, wrapped it in paper towel, and kept my thumb tucked in my fist the rest of class.

The chunk was still attached at one end and had decent blood supply, so it eventually reattached and filled back in. I have mixed feelings about lino cutting. . .


boogetyboo t1_j8ls6kp wrote

Oh yeah, cutting the absolute shit out of your hands doing this in highschool was just part of the fun.


Strangelittlefish t1_j8m3myy wrote

I have almost exactly the same story, except it took a chunk off the side of my pinky, including part of the nail. Had to hide it from my art teacher, haha.


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_j8lf4k0 wrote

If you make copies as you progress in the artwork you can ultimately end up with “different” pieces to sell


Aliteracy t1_j8l0ikb wrote

That's pretty slick. I kinda want to try myself. What type of material are you cutting into?


redditdood99 t1_j8kohug wrote

Is there a name for that kind of art style? Not the lino cutting, but the design of the Flowers.


rainbowsprinkles_ OP t1_j8kuqlu wrote

I’m actually not sure but I think it’s most similar to Japanese or traditional tattoo styles


Timmaayy562 t1_j8neb1v wrote

Ukiyo-e. It's a traditional Japanese woodblock cutting and artstyle


labroid t1_j8kibhy wrote

How long did it take to cut the lino?


yarisowner t1_j8lzv9g wrote

Interestingly this was the exact type of art I was working on when I was watching the planes hit on 9/11 in my first week of HS back in 2001.


19IXI91 t1_j91vuei wrote

This is beautiful and I would buy one or 5 as bookmarks. Craft arts are so rare these days.