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Adeep187 t1_j9ie2il wrote

Slow it down a little


HotBizkitz t1_j9iuaeg wrote

Yeah my only complaint. Power lines should not be that floppy.


v78 OP t1_j9f4fxo wrote

Hi all! This pixel art animation is 150x150px using 7 colors and 40 hand drawn frames. I quadrupled the resolution for viewing purposes. It took me around 3 working days to draw and animate the snow with different colors!

If you like this type of art and want to support me, please feel free to check my other works:

Steam WallPaper Engine collection | Patreon | Foundation | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


futuregovworker t1_j9iu5i6 wrote

Hey, so I have seen people post pixel art all the time on Reddit, but how does one make these?

Is it an actual animation or is it made like stop motion films and you make a couple different version of the same scene and give it an animated effect?


v78 OP t1_j9izhe2 wrote

This is how I do it: I create a canvas in MS Paint. Draw the background without the elements I want to animate. Then I open the file using Aseprite or Photoshop because I can create layers and frames there. For this particular piece, I created 40 layers and 40 frames. Each later is turned on in its equivalent frame. Then I drew the snow pixels, move to the next frame and draw more snow and so on.


Panez t1_j9fuwtp wrote

How many frames is that?


DuploJamaal t1_j9gou91 wrote

Do you happen to a have a Fiverr account or something similar?


taintedgray t1_j9hj539 wrote

This is amazing! Great work.


Basas t1_ja3k0g3 wrote

I sometimes see people drawing pictures with x amount of colors. Why don't they use more colors?