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EndlessJump t1_ja85af7 wrote

I find it impressive that the dog knows to grab onto the rope.


Whatifim80lol t1_ja893zz wrote

Always time to play tug of war


Morgell t1_jabnvv1 wrote

Practice for the real tug of war with life.


DontTreadOnBigfoot t1_ja87xx7 wrote

Yeah, my first thought was " that dog is a lot smarter than mine"


Brahminmeat t1_ja88ylt wrote

that dog is a lot smarter than me


pimezone t1_ja8fv25 wrote

Just a friendly advice. If you find yourself in a situation like this, don't bite the rope, use your hands instead. Much better, believe my experience.


silver2k5 t1_ja8u4t4 wrote

Or he's done it before.


TeamAlibi t1_jab37uq wrote

I'm not sure I understand how this precludes the wonder they had about how it knew how to do it, whether it was today or a week ago xD


silver2k5 t1_jadjkkq wrote

Good boys are always down to fetch or play tug of war. Glad he did in any case though, because that big guy was going straight through the ice if he got too much closer.


MsChrissi t1_jab4z47 wrote

Lol same. I looked over at my big idiot and he’d probably pull us both in.


Dodel1976 t1_ja9hj1e wrote

That dog is much smarter than its owner it seems.


DulceEtBanana t1_ja9enz1 wrote

I found it interesting that it didn't drop the rope and run when it got free - almost "just in case YOU fall in, I'll hold it and pull YOU out."


Thathappenedearlier t1_jaa7wdp wrote

My guess is most dogs will try anything to get out my dog crawls all over me if he gets tired of swimming (even though I’ve got a life vest on him :/ )


Zkenny13 t1_jaarseq wrote

Yeah I've seen one bite the ladder and just hang on but that even though the shore was 5 feet in the other direction.


datazulu t1_ja9y7m9 wrote

That is what impressed you and not the ice holding up the not very thin guy?!


FantasmaNaranja t1_jaacc9k wrote

that's presumably what the stick in front of him was for, find out if the ice is thin enough to crack with the pressure he's applying or not


Tandemdonkey t1_jaay3ti wrote

The ice he's standing on could easily still be thick enough to hold a small vehicle, ice is far stronger than most people realize, generally when ice opens up it's not because of something on top of it necessarily, there's usually already a crack or something that was pushed by something on top, holes also open up seemingly at random all the time, particularly on larger lakes, you'll be out on the ice and hear what sounds like an explosion in the distance and see a large whole open up(my dad saw one open up about 100 feet from a dude who drove his truck out onto the ice, dude was shook), large cracks will also often be quite loud, but are generally harmless


joeschmoe86 t1_jaarig6 wrote

That's because this isn't the first time homie has thrown his dog in icy water for attention.


RemakeSWBattlefont t1_jab0a3v wrote

Dogs will respond to a human pointing where as wolves will not. There has to be a sense of understanding between the two even if it's not spoken


lawndartgoalie t1_jac9d7g wrote

Had it been a shitzhu it would have looked at the rope and crapped itself.


mach0 t1_jacnd3r wrote

that's the only thing dogs do with a rope


Humanius t1_ja81xk1 wrote

I'm not an expert on rescuing someone who fell through the ice, but aren't you supposed to lie down on your belly to better distribute your weight?


DocPeacock t1_ja8lnq1 wrote

This guy never watched GI Joe obviously


keestie t1_ja8nomb wrote

Who wants a body massage?


WhereTheBreadAt t1_ja9498g wrote


Mr. Body Massage Machine GO!


justindaniel t1_ja96dga wrote

Stop all the downloadin!


walker3342 t1_ja9c2nj wrote

Help computah.


N983CC t1_ja9vjqs wrote

I just wanna ride my motorcycle


andoman66 t1_jabadzr wrote

Look at you all in your different colored hats


ananonumyus t1_jab69gn wrote

I don't know much about computers other than, other than the one we got at my house my mom put a couple games on there and I play 'em.


guitarstix t1_jaasg4z wrote



YoOmarComingMan t1_ja8s93t wrote

Give him the stick!


TheKevinShow t1_jaayqpk wrote

Hey, what the fuck are you kids doing on my fucking lawn? And don't look at me when I'm fucking talking to you!


walker3342 t1_ja99e1j wrote

You not cookang.

Yeah do.

Fahfahfah fahfahfahfah fahfahfahfah!

Pork chop sandwiches! OH SHIT


Duck_man_ t1_jaccpog wrote

Nice catch, blanco niño. But too bad your as got SAAAAACKED


l4mbch0ps t1_ja9ngrg wrote

The guy would be just as tall lying on his belly.


CraftyArmitage t1_jaa8nna wrote

You know, a FRIEND of mine did that when his dog got stuck in a lake last winter. Worked great until he grabbed the dog's collar and pulled it up on the ice. Then the ice gave way and he went into the drink. Which was only about 2' deep, as it turns out. But as he was laying on the ice instead of standing, he went fully in instead of you know just getting his legs wet.

I personally have no direct knowledge of any of this.


Johanno1 t1_jac5t7f wrote

If the water isn't deep and you know it then don't lay down.

If you don't know or it is deep then breaking in can kill you because you won't find the exit again or ice is blocking it


lovestobitch- t1_ja9oznt wrote

Yes I believe that is the better way, plus the rescuer is a BIG boy. I was expecting the ice to crack under that weight.


Rob1855 t1_jac9o59 wrote

This. Not sure this is the guy you send out for a rescue on the ice.


jpeck89 t1_jaci3g8 wrote

He's testing the ice with his stick as he walks out there. That's why he's not just strolling out there, you can see him taking a few steps and then testing where he's about to walk.


Facist_Canadian t1_jaaidr2 wrote

He's not exactly rescuing the dog from a great lake or ice floe here, I'd be surprised if that water was more than 3-4 feet deep.


Vulspyr t1_jaeuj7p wrote

You are correct... For when you're getting close to the subject. He's a pretty good distance.


IMovedYourCheese t1_ja8sx32 wrote

I don't think being able to pull that dog's weight was a problem either way.


Itisd t1_jaadrbx wrote

I also feel that the particular individual walking across the ice may not have been the best choice for other reasons...


ledow t1_ja83bd1 wrote

The guy's wearing a t-shirt.

I think he'd stand more chance of frostbite / hypothermia doing that than anything else.

There is no one piece of advice that will work in all scenarios.


DeepSpaceNebulae t1_ja88s1v wrote

The main reason to do that is because it can be really hard to get out of ice when you’ve fallen through. It’s ice, there’s nothing to grab to hoist yourself up, and will more easily break around an edge when putting weight on it, so you can easily get stuck

By laying on the ice you lower your chance of breaking through, which is the only thing you should worry about. Getting a bit wet and cold is better than soaking and freezing

When I snowmobile on lakes in the winter I have this necklace thing that pulls apart into two handheld spikes so you can stab the ice to get some grip to pull yourself out.


Ok-Camp-7285 t1_ja8gre1 wrote

>When I snowmobile on lakes in the winter I have this necklace thing that pulls apart into two handheld spikes so you can stab the ice to get some grip to pull yourself out.

That sounds like something from a video game. Got a picture?


OutOfStamina t1_ja8kd31 wrote

I like to think this guy probably knew the pond in question was only a foot or so deep where he was - doesn't look very big. He might not have feared falling in.


PhunnyS7uff t1_ja856wh wrote

This hardly looks like frostbite conditions, wouldnt be too worried about that or falling in


puffmaster5000 t1_ja86612 wrote

Don't forget we can't see what's behind the camera, sun looks like it's going down, they could be miles from shelter, temp drops into freezing pretty quick


Mafro_Man t1_ja884f7 wrote

Something Something bigger picture Something Something


aberroco t1_ja8dp9x wrote

No, you unlikely to get a frostbite/hypothermia from laying on ice for a few minutes. But you are if you would fell into ice cold water.

He got lucky, but this was a risk nonetheless.


indigosane t1_ja8lhz0 wrote

I like how the doggo kind of proud of himself after and doesn't drop the lead.


princhester t1_jaarvzi wrote

Scared. Dog also runs straight past his rescuer to dry land.


Lev_Astov t1_ja9ny3o wrote

WTF is this title?


Rallye_Man340 t1_jaa1cvb wrote

Haven’t you ever didn’t fear and rescued bro?


sunbeam60 t1_jacgg4q wrote

Haven’t you ever watched Didn’t Fear and Rescued in Las Vegas?! Amazing film.


mothzilla t1_jaaj629 wrote

Have you ever have a dream that you want that you could do that you fear and rescued?


Se7enLC t1_jaauxlx wrote

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


Lev_Astov t1_jabllx9 wrote

This is my favorite word salad. I memorized it years ago so I could confuse people in conversations. It really breaks unprepared brains.


Slamyul t1_jaaoet1 wrote

(The man) didn't fear (falling in the water) and rescued (the dog) is my guess lol


fishinbarbie t1_ja88yjt wrote

They look like they've done this before.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_ja8bt42 wrote

If that a yellow lab it's probably the 3rd time today. Fuckers love swimming


handsomehares t1_ja97vv6 wrote

He’s just running to shore with the rope so it’s more of a game.

Also they need to shake off right next to the person filming.


Doctor_Wookie t1_ja9h0l5 wrote

>Also they need to shake off right next to the person filming

Right after they roll in some mud first, of course.


Morgell t1_jabo0z1 wrote

And the fish their human caught for dinner.


Apt_5 t1_jaa8qoq wrote

Yeah maybe this is a practice run- very good idea!


FilthyPrawns t1_ja8pbxt wrote

My dog would ignore the fucking rope and expect me to crawl over to pull her out by hand. She's smart too, so there's no excuse, she's just a little butthole like that.


Smile_lifeisgood t1_ja8aezm wrote

I like how doggo is like 'Thanks for the rescue but no way in hell you gonna tug-o-war this nylon strap out of my jaws.'


andreasbeer1981 t1_ja99ajg wrote

If you're in this situation: it's better to lay down on the ice to spread your weight over a larger area to minimize risk of breaking through yourself. Also shift weight slowly.


dekusyrup t1_jaaqjds wrote

Also, tie yourself off to a tree and bring something pick-like to claw your way out if need be.


GALACTICA-Actual t1_ja9470j wrote

This dog was trained to do that.

That is not how dogs behave naturally.


Alrik t1_jaak6hd wrote


I grew up going duck hunting with a bird dog.

Until you teach a dog how to get out of the water they just want to lean forward and pull with their front paws.


oatmeal28 t1_jabhhcv wrote

Transitions flawlessly into his good boy walk


SergeantBl t1_ja8il6j wrote

Smart pup, we’ll done. Far from the intelligence of a cat up in a tree 😇


chinggisk t1_ja90asp wrote

What is that stick thing the guy is holding?


mickdeb t1_ja9xosy wrote

Testing the ice with a rod, we do that when unsure of the ice for icefishing


keenly_disinterested t1_ja9dp4r wrote

I love that the doggo didn't just let go of the rope after his rescue. "Yeah, that's mine now."


Mgainer t1_jaa9dpr wrote

In English?


kingkkt32 t1_jabamaw wrote

He’s running away like he won that tug of war match


barbarian818 t1_jac4sip wrote

Dude, that IS NOT a safe way to cross ice where there is an open hole. You are likely to break the edge or find a weak spot and up in the drink yourself.

What you're supposed to do is lay down on your belly and slide so your weight is better distributed.


sirbagel55 t1_jacdibp wrote

How'd they find the least lightest person for this job.


b2we t1_ja9brpw wrote

I thoght that it was a polar bear.


supagirl277 t1_jaa3k6r wrote

Dude could have probably gone out on his stomach to make sure he didn’t smash the ice easier too, but yeah he got him


Due-Visual-3236 t1_jaawsp3 wrote

He immediately switches to “ooh time for a walk” mode.


Middle_Quarter4074 t1_jaaz531 wrote

Awwww… .. so so sweet always look fear right in the eye and say I fear nothing for FEAR is nothing But a challenge!! So Bring It…..


cydalhoutx t1_jab16bx wrote

The dog carried the rope like he was leashed


castfam09 t1_jab611f wrote

Pup walking the big guy


Hurgblah t1_jab70ki wrote

I thought this was a dog somehow stuck in a water feature of a golf course and this man was on the green afraid to come any closer for reasons I could not explain.

I blame the blue light filter and current brightness on my phone screen.


Seiphiroth t1_jab81ax wrote

Those are two good boys


ImGumbyDamnIt t1_jabjqch wrote

I was waiting for the shake dry at the end r/gifsthatendtoosoon


JackCyberKnight t1_jabk92p wrote

Lmao I was so confused why the dog was stuck I thought they were on a golf course, not ice.


[deleted] t1_jac4tqh wrote

Very compassionate


hershko t1_jac7gdc wrote

Honestly the impressive part is that the dog understands it needs to bite the rope to be pulled out. I am used to pets such as hamsters which are (cute but) as dumb as a doorknob 🤣


Thendofreason t1_jacaw5o wrote

For a second I'm like "Dogs don't have hands, how is a rope supposed to help." Then I remember they use their mouth for everything. I'm too used to cats using their claws to grab on to things.


jz1127 t1_jace167 wrote



ggouge t1_jacii9a wrote

My old boss said his dog fell though the ice. He said his response was just to drop the leash and walk home. He said if his dog was dumb enough to fall though ice. He did not deserve to live. He told the story as if he was some hero.


BallBearingBill t1_jackrcx wrote

Dogs will often risk their lives for us, so nice an owner do it in return.


nopillows t1_jackwda wrote

Perfect example of how to fall through the ice yourself


Mscreep t1_jacncma wrote

I’m only certain one of my boys would know to grab the rope, my oldest who I had been training to be a SA but I found out it makes me worse. Lol. So he’s really really smart and I’m sure I could toss a rope to him and tell him to take it and he would. The middle dog might but overall will probably just freeze and wait for me. The youngest would lose his mind and probably slip under the ice before I even saw him sadly. He can’t hold still for anything and just over all isn’t my smart boy. But he gives the best cuddles.


kstinfo t1_jaafjjn wrote

He ain't lettin' go of that rope until he's standing on rock.


Oafus t1_jaaj8pg wrote

Totally not staged. :/


CablePicker t1_jaapbg7 wrote

If this is the guy they sent in for the rescue, the camera man must be HUGE


10shleebee13 t1_jaazes6 wrote

I don’t care what you say. Good boi rescued himself as is evidenced by him carrying the strap at the end. Such a good boi