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EndlessJump t1_ja85af7 wrote

I find it impressive that the dog knows to grab onto the rope.


Whatifim80lol t1_ja893zz wrote

Always time to play tug of war


Morgell t1_jabnvv1 wrote

Practice for the real tug of war with life.


DontTreadOnBigfoot t1_ja87xx7 wrote

Yeah, my first thought was " that dog is a lot smarter than mine"


Brahminmeat t1_ja88ylt wrote

that dog is a lot smarter than me


pimezone t1_ja8fv25 wrote

Just a friendly advice. If you find yourself in a situation like this, don't bite the rope, use your hands instead. Much better, believe my experience.


silver2k5 t1_ja8u4t4 wrote

Or he's done it before.


TeamAlibi t1_jab37uq wrote

I'm not sure I understand how this precludes the wonder they had about how it knew how to do it, whether it was today or a week ago xD


silver2k5 t1_jadjkkq wrote

Good boys are always down to fetch or play tug of war. Glad he did in any case though, because that big guy was going straight through the ice if he got too much closer.


MsChrissi t1_jab4z47 wrote

Lol same. I looked over at my big idiot and he’d probably pull us both in.


Dodel1976 t1_ja9hj1e wrote

That dog is much smarter than its owner it seems.


DulceEtBanana t1_ja9enz1 wrote

I found it interesting that it didn't drop the rope and run when it got free - almost "just in case YOU fall in, I'll hold it and pull YOU out."


Thathappenedearlier t1_jaa7wdp wrote

My guess is most dogs will try anything to get out my dog crawls all over me if he gets tired of swimming (even though I’ve got a life vest on him :/ )


Zkenny13 t1_jaarseq wrote

Yeah I've seen one bite the ladder and just hang on but that even though the shore was 5 feet in the other direction.


datazulu t1_ja9y7m9 wrote

That is what impressed you and not the ice holding up the not very thin guy?!


FantasmaNaranja t1_jaacc9k wrote

that's presumably what the stick in front of him was for, find out if the ice is thin enough to crack with the pressure he's applying or not


Tandemdonkey t1_jaay3ti wrote

The ice he's standing on could easily still be thick enough to hold a small vehicle, ice is far stronger than most people realize, generally when ice opens up it's not because of something on top of it necessarily, there's usually already a crack or something that was pushed by something on top, holes also open up seemingly at random all the time, particularly on larger lakes, you'll be out on the ice and hear what sounds like an explosion in the distance and see a large whole open up(my dad saw one open up about 100 feet from a dude who drove his truck out onto the ice, dude was shook), large cracks will also often be quite loud, but are generally harmless


joeschmoe86 t1_jaarig6 wrote

That's because this isn't the first time homie has thrown his dog in icy water for attention.


RemakeSWBattlefont t1_jab0a3v wrote

Dogs will respond to a human pointing where as wolves will not. There has to be a sense of understanding between the two even if it's not spoken


lawndartgoalie t1_jac9d7g wrote

Had it been a shitzhu it would have looked at the rope and crapped itself.


mach0 t1_jacnd3r wrote

that's the only thing dogs do with a rope