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gamerdude69 t1_jbzrj5p wrote

This is naturally forming? Where are they found?


Alexb2143211 t1_jbzw601 wrote

This is a natural form it can take, but yhe conditions to make it dont occure in nature. You could make this with a lump of the metal and a pot on your stove


RazedByTV t1_jc1az31 wrote

Bismuth likes to form these crystals as it cools, you can buy bismuth and make crystals yourself.


FilthMontane t1_jc1gp17 wrote

If you see it looking like this, it's very likely it's not natural. Bismuth just loves to cling to other minerals, so it's very rare to find it in it's pure form. Typically it's found with nickel and cobalt