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Freank t1_jc7w0wo wrote

Mini Ninja Turtles


Spartan2470 t1_jcbaixn wrote

Sorry to hijack your comment, but OP (Shortery) appears to be a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on December 19, 2021, woke up two days ago, and has the following four activities:

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---TheFierceDeity--- t1_jc8mkq0 wrote

Love that they collectively decided one side is the "entrance" to the puddle and the other is the exit. They could've just turned 180 degrees and ran right back through it but nope gotta run around the puddle to the correct entry point


[deleted] t1_jcah1e0 wrote

One of them is a little rebel and entered from the side


Nancyb23 t1_jc8rzpv wrote

Wtf why is this so cute?!


DampBritches t1_jc92w20 wrote

It's the outfits


pow3llmorgan t1_jc9d7u2 wrote

Specifically the hats and the too large high-vis vests


laz33hr t1_jc9rkky wrote

And their little steps


mint_me t1_jc9rzyn wrote

It’s so good


consiliac t1_jc9s3gz wrote

I'm thinking this is probably Japan, where kids are dressed adorably as a matter of course, hahaha. The society needs the smiles for sure.


make_love_to_potato t1_jc9uhkg wrote

I wonder if this is Japan. In the smaller Japanese cities, I would see kids dressed like this, with hats and oversized rain gear, on their way home from school. All the kids in the class would form a huge line and hold hands and the teachers would guide them home or wherever they were going. It was the cutest thing ever.


macbathie t1_jcamoxj wrote

Don't forget about the little bounce with each step!


Bustakrimes91 t1_jc7oz3a wrote

Awww my toddler loves jumping in puddles too and I love to watch her. Sadly even though we live in Scotland there is a surprising lack of puddles when I actually want them lol.

These kids are having an absolute ball.


Dusty923 t1_jc9fhd8 wrote

Your voice in my head changed as soon as you said "Scotland".


pitshands t1_jc86gc5 wrote

That looks like a wald kindergarten..... literally a kindergarten in a Forrest....great thing in Europe


BetterBagelBabe t1_jc98xtl wrote

We’ve got them in the US too. They’re really wonderful


VolcanoGrrrrrl t1_jc9a68k wrote

Australia too! Bush kinder! You climb a tree, you have to be able to get down; nice big stompy steps to scare away snakes; don't touch the red back or white tail spideys; if you can safely lift it, you can chuck it in the creek and most importantly NO BUSH WEES.


LostMyWasps t1_jcabjeb wrote

I get everything except for bush wees... why?


1337pinky t1_jcaip4t wrote

Being Australia, i assume something will jump out from the bush and bite your willie.


VolcanoGrrrrrl t1_jcd38e0 wrote

Hahahah no. It's an Aussie little kid thing, now immortalized by Bluey. The episode "Takeaway"


BrockChocolate t1_jccle1c wrote

They're trying to introduce Forest School in the UK but it's nowhere near as developed as abroad. My mother is a forest school teacher and says it does wonders with kids who are usually distracted or badly behaved.


fuzzykat72 t1_jc7whni wrote

It is the simple pleasures that make life worth living


PrimarchKonradCurze t1_jc8z88b wrote

Yup. As a kid I used to love being in a snowsuit and just falling back into snow and staring at the sky.


ncnotebook t1_jc9d244 wrote

Hell, appreciate taking a random deep breath for no apparent reason at all. It feels so fucking great, but we consider it our "boring normal."


dixie-pixie-vixie t1_jc915xd wrote

Sorry, we've never worn rubber boots before, never had to in my country. Do I need to get him to put on socks before wearing the boots?


remberzz t1_jc80a62 wrote

This needs sound!!!


BetterBagelBabe t1_jc99863 wrote

If anyone has, like I do, a toddler or preschooler who loves to jump in puddles/be out when it’s wet I can’t recommend a Tuffo suit enough. Baggy enough to wear a thick coat underneath, long zipper for easy in and out, my two year old loves getting to play in the puddles, wet grass, and mud off a Pacific Northwest winter in it


aahhfreecow t1_jca5bqy wrote

Just looked these up and they are so cute! I’m currently pregnant, saving this for later, thanks!


Timesmyth t1_jcavkps wrote

My daughter's daycare has these, and we love seeing her in them.


fucktrutin t1_jc84ipg wrote

Does my heart good to see this.


math-yoo t1_jc8v72r wrote

In their memories, this is a huge lake.


cl0ckw0rkman t1_jc9dhlm wrote

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

When I lived with my uncle, he was backside of 40 years old I was in my 30s... walking out of a grocery store, it rained while we were inside. On the way to the car, he ran to a huge ass puddle and started kicking water at me... Me being the man child I am... ran and jumped in the puddle, exploding the water everywhere. Than it was on... we found all the puddles and kicked all the water at each other...

Totally making a mess But worth every second


tabacdk t1_jc9q2e3 wrote

Can we normalize jumping puddles as an adult!!! I so often see adults thinking no one is watching jump into a puddle and immediately stop when they realize they are not alone. Why is this socially uacceptable to do? It's not unhealthy, compromising, or hurting anyone to jump puddles.


ajkahn t1_jc9nfnm wrote

Being an adult, you look worriedly at this and carefully avoid every little splosh so that your white sneakers don't get dirty, or even your boots. This way we add another worry to all the other worries we carry, even if temporary.

I miss being a kid.


[deleted] t1_jcahike wrote

I avoid puddles if I'm in shoes that will allow water onto my socks because having to wear wet socks is the most miserable feeling. If my socks (and pants) aren't getting wet, I don't bother to avoid anything. You don't have to be a kid to not tie yourself up in knots about keeping all of your physical possessions in the best of shape while deprioritizing your own feelings.


RescueAnimal t1_jc9odry wrote

Children are one of the only forms of true happiness left in the world.


Beatle_Matt t1_jca04o5 wrote

This is adorable.

Kids just want to play and have fun with other kids. Their entire life is wrapped up in eating, sleeping, or the desire to have fun with everyone.

Meanwhile we’re all wrapped up in stock market crashes, War, jobs, and death.

Man I wish I was a kid again.


Hett- t1_jc7xm7b wrote

Hiroes in a halfshell


Uzzer_lozer19 t1_jc9o6l6 wrote

For a second I thought they were all dressed as ninja turtles


dcute69 t1_jcaittg wrote

Many things bring happiness, but the precursor is nearly always being a child


toomanyd t1_jc8wf8c wrote

Damn not at night when you're driving though


wilease t1_jc9g19z wrote

at first they liked like baby TNMT!


Norwest t1_jc9yke1 wrote

Pretty sure that final kid is just wearing normal shoes 😅


Pitamo t1_jc93ye8 wrote

Splatoon Salmon Run!


PapaPancake8 t1_jc96tlt wrote

Everybody loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles!


UnownAtom t1_jc9dx95 wrote

"Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles" 🐖


Dusty923 t1_jc9fcv3 wrote

Got damn that's fucking cute.


1gothickitten t1_jc9hgaq wrote

I'm almost 60 years old and I still love jumping in rain puddles.


As03 t1_jc9kbn9 wrote

haha so cute !


lilafrika t1_jc9m8nl wrote

NGL, at quick scroll, I thought it was another TMNT video


yohkos t1_jc9squv wrote

So cute. Made my day a little happier.


arpolo2000 t1_jca19qp wrote

As a kid? I was so fond of treading water!


Shiggens t1_jca2aqx wrote

I really, really needed this to start my day. Thanks for posting this!


Namtwen t1_jca93hr wrote

My fav Beatles song


Buford12 t1_jcaq23m wrote

So much fun until you get home and mama starts yelling about wet feet.


MightyFifi t1_jcarm5d wrote

I feel like I’ve seen this squad at the MN RenFest


Ramondireddit t1_jcax37j wrote

Happiness as adults is seeing this and positioning yourself out of the splash zone.


Aceandmace t1_jcaz9d2 wrote

A group of kids like this is called a toddle.

They be toddling along


SequesterMe t1_jcb8lbo wrote

Are those the five young mutant turtles?


Undefined92 t1_jcbciz4 wrote

Sometimes I just wanna be 2 again.


artelligence t1_jcc6yza wrote

Three Leonardos and two Raphael playing in a puddle.


vascul t1_jcc8lrx wrote



krowe41 t1_jccnl40 wrote

Puddles are underrated !


sinisterdesign t1_jcf2d72 wrote

Ninja Turtles: Origins – coming in 2024


ClassicStyleATX t1_jc940hi wrote

Tfw no one decided to play as your favorite ninja turtle. Poor Donny and Michaelangelo


LaneLoisLane t1_jc9emao wrote

They look like little ninja turtles!


Shmeeggeggy t1_jca4lnm wrote

I thought they were dressed up as ninja turtles at first glance.


csanyk t1_jc99t7s wrote

I thought it was a tmnt thing until the 5th kid walked into frame and ruined it.


superior_to_you t1_jc9n0nu wrote

i was raised being told theres rat piss in those puddles and if it touches you you lose that limb 💀 wild times 😂


SinVerguenza04 t1_jc8nk21 wrote

Ringworm, ringworm for all of them!


EdgelordofTomorrow t1_jc8ihlc wrote

Happiness is not having to see Facebook shitposts like this.