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IrocDewclaw t1_jcf274x wrote

Potbelly pig


Locked_door t1_jcfvyez wrote

The only reason it’s walking on a leash is because the guy on from has a bag of treats.

Otherwise that pig would be on the side of the patch eating grass and rooting in the dirt looking for stufff to eat.

Their whole existence revolves around looking for food.

Source: I have two adult potbelly pigs


redinwondrland t1_jcg2a36 wrote

That’s also my whole existence


Roller_blades t1_jchtqjp wrote

In another year or two it's going to be so large they can't take it anywhere and probably will have to give it up. Sad people think pigs are acceptable house pets, it's the pig that really loses out in the end.


achatina t1_jchz9rj wrote

Yeah, people should do better research on how big pet pigs get. Even mini pigs can get to be 150 pounds! Gotta be prepared for big dog sizes.


schnellzer t1_jci4rgu wrote

Yeah better for the pig to just stay in the agricultural system so it can grow large and not go anywhere in an environment suited for such things.


tkburro t1_jcf6z7o wrote



[deleted] t1_jcf15k5 wrote



itsSimba_ t1_jcgjre6 wrote

it’s a pig. OP posted this same gif to r/pigifs


Unumbotte t1_jci19d7 wrote

I think it's a white dude. Possibly bigfoot.


[deleted] t1_jcfyoq6 wrote



TheBirthing t1_jcgsae1 wrote

People aren't downvoting you because you're wrong. They're downvoting you because you're saying "push a vegetarian/vegan agenda" as though that's something dangerous or harmful.


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goofytoes t1_jcipl16 wrote

"Push a vegan agenda" sounds evil, sounds like they're trying to convert others by force, etc. And at the very least it definitely betrays your thoughts on the matter, showing disdain for the cause. It's a biased type of statement so it's hard for everyone to agree with you that "that's what it is."

Calling it "Vegan activisim” is a more neutral term that probably wouldn't get you down voted. Doesn't really betray what you think of it one way or another either.


camelCasing t1_jch21cv wrote

If you wanna go vegetarian whatever hats off don't forget to eat lots of beans for protein. Vegans, however, are the active source of many problems, most of which they choose to ignore while ignorantly claiming vegqn products to be "suffering free" in total disregard of the human suffering and ecological damage they cause.

I don't like the idea of killing for survival, but I can nonetheless acknowledge that a leather coat which degrades as toughened skin is better for the world than faux-leather that didn't cost a life that was already going to be eaten, but instead will dissolve into microplastics in the ocean to be the problem of future generations of all life on earth.

So yes, a vegan agenda is a harmful one. Not because not eating animals is wrong, but because vegans are ignorant and cause additional harm through that ignorance while trying to do a good thing.


LonliestMonroni t1_jchjgsm wrote

Wow, there really is someone who will argue against anything on reddit.

Are you just ignoring the environmental impact from factory farms? Also, every vegan I've known know are environmentally conscience people that wear naturally derived clothing. I'd bet money that the vast majority of vegans choose that way of explicitly because how destructive and harmful the meat industry has become. Obviously there are people who are vegan just for the moral high ground, but judging an entire group based off the minority is objectively stupid.


camelCasing t1_jchu8p3 wrote

When a group drives environmental damage on an industrial scale while claiming to be environmentally conscious I'm gonna judge it. Sorry if you feel like that's an insult to your vegan friends or whatever.


TheBirthing t1_jchwknb wrote

The 'industrial scale' of faux leather is a drop in the fucking bucket compared to animal agriculture.

To say nothing of the fact that not every vegan rocks around in a vegan leather jacket. It's just a really shit example to cherry pick.


camelCasing t1_jchzjgr wrote

It's just one of many. You're wasting your time, you're no more going to convince me than I am you.


TheBirthing t1_jci3uha wrote

Not trying to convince you of anything, just pointing out that if there's so many more examples I would have thought you could use a better one as the flagship of your argument.


LonliestMonroni t1_jcjr1l6 wrote

It's not insulting since you're argument is weaker than a vegan on a fast


goofytoes t1_jciqzly wrote

There is no environmental damage vegans do that nonvegans don't do as well, if not more. I say this as an omnivore. Your average person does not buy a lot of real leather, probably takes your average person several years even decades to buy a cow's worth. Even when vegans opt for plastic leather it's really not gonna be all that much.

There's no such thing as ethical consumption anymore. Just practices that reduce harm as much as feasibly possible. Veganism is overall great for the environment even if every vegan alternative isn't ideal for it. People who get all pissy about vegans are just mad that someone is acting "better" than them even if that isn't the attitude most vegans hold.


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malachi347 t1_jcgnzvg wrote

Cows are dope too. I really do wish they weren't so tasty.


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malachi347 t1_jch800t wrote

How do they compare to horses? I know horses are kinda in that same category of "you look them in the eyes and it doesn't go very deep" unlike Monkeys, Dolphins, etc. They gotta be smarter than cows, but I would imagine not by a whole lot? Or maybe I'm wrong, I have very limited experience with horses (although I do have some - my sister is a "horse person")


macgruff t1_jcgbpkh wrote

Hey, the more vegans there are the more piggies and moo cows I get to eat instead! We need to encourage veganism, and bug eating, cuz that’s not going to be me!


phallushead t1_jcf4yat wrote

Is that a dog, a cat or a pig?


Howtomispellnames t1_jchfl9j wrote

I said this exact phrase aloud right before I came to the comments, seeing this here made me laugh.


Hudimir t1_jcfflbj wrote

I wish my pig had this amount of energy. But instead she just lays around all day and moves 5cm/min when she has to go pee outside...


Dunhimli t1_jcfr3c0 wrote

My big refuses to walk on hard surfaces, just lays in grass and grunts...but if you put that popcorn in a ball, she goes nuts for it lol.


RedditVince t1_jcfsmii wrote

I was going to comment, Why does your cat waddle like a pig?

But I am way late to the party...


SolWildmann t1_jcfjnoj wrote

I feel like sound is missing


KamovInOnUp t1_jcg6ygg wrote

The whole screen flashing is giving me a headache


Honest_palpitation21 t1_jcxofs3 wrote

People have been asking me if I was going to have kids, and I had puppies instead😍


Dart_Dukii t1_jcfnqyi wrote

Mfers stole all the snow in your place aswell.


TersaeMesio t1_jcfwkr3 wrote

what a funny way to walk, hahaha


Lachtaube t1_jcg53w3 wrote

That double-take tho


suslezer t1_jcg9w1m wrote

Might find some truffles. Who knows.


Nignuts t1_jcgok4z wrote

Wow. Nothing happened. Shit


NugBugg t1_jchvxfu wrote

And this little piggy walked to market


src1975 t1_jci5sqg wrote

Dogs love to be in the woods


BiffBanter t1_jcipu6x wrote

what even is that? Pig? Cat?


Pickillz t1_jcjqc4c wrote

Is that dude wearing a scream mask?


mxpx77 t1_jcf5b3z wrote

Cat or piglet?


WAPtimus_Prime t1_jch9v6u wrote

Was about to comment on the body language indicating the dog is nervous/anxious…then I realized that’s a pig on a leash.


saltybuttrot t1_jchsy3g wrote

How is a tag wailing mean nervous to you? Lol Even if it was a dog, he would be fine…


WAPtimus_Prime t1_jchtjvl wrote

Tail wagging isn’t always happy. The more you know!


saltybuttrot t1_jchu7hc wrote

How could you possibly assume that from a 5 second clip? Most of the time it is absolutely a sign of happiness, I have no idea why you would automatically assume the worst.

Are you a vet? Stop with the armchair diagnosis.


WAPtimus_Prime t1_jchue4i wrote

The same way you can assume the opposite from a 5 second clip — experience.


saltybuttrot t1_jchuibl wrote

MAJORITY of animals who are wagging their tail are doing so out of happiness lmao. No reason why you would assume the minority instead.

Redditors gonna Reddit though.


talyn5 t1_jchk30y wrote



MaxViren t1_jcgcuny wrote

Walking down a road.. walking through the woods would require you to go off the road. Sry, snobby hiker.


anoldoldman t1_jcgmztt wrote

Why? There are trees on both sides of them.


[deleted] t1_jch4e7s wrote



anoldoldman t1_jch4yg2 wrote

> It's a groomed trail wide enough for passenger vehicles.

That runs through the woods.


Hello_my_name_is_not t1_jciqz5z wrote

I agree with you on this.

Is "The woods" just if there's trees nearby? I live in the Pacific North West so I guess everything here the "The woods"

Literally one of the main roads I drive on to work every day has trees on either side. Does that mean every day the hundreds of cars I drive past are all driving in the middle of the woods?

It's a dirt road in the video. In my area it would most likely be a logging road. If they turned 90 degrees and started walking through an actual trail then sure that's walking through the woods.

But if you're in the middle of the road it's the middle of the road. Doesn't matter if there's trees on either side because it's still a road.