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MaxViren t1_jcgcuny wrote

Walking down a road.. walking through the woods would require you to go off the road. Sry, snobby hiker.


anoldoldman t1_jcgmztt wrote

Why? There are trees on both sides of them.


[deleted] t1_jch4e7s wrote



anoldoldman t1_jch4yg2 wrote

> It's a groomed trail wide enough for passenger vehicles.

That runs through the woods.


Hello_my_name_is_not t1_jciqz5z wrote

I agree with you on this.

Is "The woods" just if there's trees nearby? I live in the Pacific North West so I guess everything here the "The woods"

Literally one of the main roads I drive on to work every day has trees on either side. Does that mean every day the hundreds of cars I drive past are all driving in the middle of the woods?

It's a dirt road in the video. In my area it would most likely be a logging road. If they turned 90 degrees and started walking through an actual trail then sure that's walking through the woods.

But if you're in the middle of the road it's the middle of the road. Doesn't matter if there's trees on either side because it's still a road.