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WAPtimus_Prime t1_jch9v6u wrote

Was about to comment on the body language indicating the dog is nervous/anxious…then I realized that’s a pig on a leash.


saltybuttrot t1_jchsy3g wrote

How is a tag wailing mean nervous to you? Lol Even if it was a dog, he would be fine…


WAPtimus_Prime t1_jchtjvl wrote

Tail wagging isn’t always happy. The more you know!


saltybuttrot t1_jchu7hc wrote

How could you possibly assume that from a 5 second clip? Most of the time it is absolutely a sign of happiness, I have no idea why you would automatically assume the worst.

Are you a vet? Stop with the armchair diagnosis.


WAPtimus_Prime t1_jchue4i wrote

The same way you can assume the opposite from a 5 second clip — experience.


saltybuttrot t1_jchuibl wrote

MAJORITY of animals who are wagging their tail are doing so out of happiness lmao. No reason why you would assume the minority instead.

Redditors gonna Reddit though.