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camelCasing t1_jchu8p3 wrote

When a group drives environmental damage on an industrial scale while claiming to be environmentally conscious I'm gonna judge it. Sorry if you feel like that's an insult to your vegan friends or whatever.


TheBirthing t1_jchwknb wrote

The 'industrial scale' of faux leather is a drop in the fucking bucket compared to animal agriculture.

To say nothing of the fact that not every vegan rocks around in a vegan leather jacket. It's just a really shit example to cherry pick.


camelCasing t1_jchzjgr wrote

It's just one of many. You're wasting your time, you're no more going to convince me than I am you.


TheBirthing t1_jci3uha wrote

Not trying to convince you of anything, just pointing out that if there's so many more examples I would have thought you could use a better one as the flagship of your argument.


LonliestMonroni t1_jcjr1l6 wrote

It's not insulting since you're argument is weaker than a vegan on a fast


goofytoes t1_jciqzly wrote

There is no environmental damage vegans do that nonvegans don't do as well, if not more. I say this as an omnivore. Your average person does not buy a lot of real leather, probably takes your average person several years even decades to buy a cow's worth. Even when vegans opt for plastic leather it's really not gonna be all that much.

There's no such thing as ethical consumption anymore. Just practices that reduce harm as much as feasibly possible. Veganism is overall great for the environment even if every vegan alternative isn't ideal for it. People who get all pissy about vegans are just mad that someone is acting "better" than them even if that isn't the attitude most vegans hold.