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Evening-Turnip8407 t1_jcjyvoi wrote

The weather sure changes quickly out here, look at that cloud rolling in!


Royaldinosaurus t1_jck1893 wrote

That sheep is coming straight out of a Disney movie


Hydronic_Hyperbole t1_jckha00 wrote

His little prancing sheep ass has me smiling this morning!!!! So fluffy ima die! Ahhh!


colin8696908 t1_jckwe05 wrote

I hope there is more then one sheep, if they aren't in a pack they will usually die of stress/depression, I've seen it happen.


ammonium_bot t1_jcl0bf2 wrote

> is more then one

Did you mean to say "more than"?
Explanation: If you didn't mean 'more than' you might have forgotten a comma.
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^^I'm ^^a ^^bot ^^that ^^corrects ^^grammar/spelling ^^mistakes. ^^PM ^^me ^^if ^^I'm ^^wrong ^^or ^^if ^^you ^^have ^^any ^^suggestions.


lisserpisser t1_jck6db5 wrote

Weird question: Do people eat sheep meat? I’ve def heard of lamb, but what about sheep? PS I would never eat either look how cute and nimbly that guy is!!


Albirie t1_jck77qh wrote

Definitely, that's what mutton is! It's more popular outside of the west, especially in middle eastern cultures.


colin8696908 t1_jckw86h wrote

it's a bit tough so it's not as popular as beef or chicken but people like using it with stew.


knuF t1_jclnqa6 wrote

I feel like there is bugs bunny or ren and stimpy episode with this type of hopping.


rockbridge13 t1_jcofpe3 wrote

Do they still shear them to keep the wool coat in check and stop overheating?


Blakballz t1_jcljrje wrote

Where's the cliff?WWJD?


Souldessert t1_jcnezmy wrote

For once I feel this video needs sound… it should go “boing, boing, boing” lol


SidKafizz t1_jcn196c wrote

Hoppy like an IPA? I am confused.


theeldergod1 t1_jcncu4g wrote

What kinda redneck hair is that


pog890 t1_jcke596 wrote

Shit like this, almost turns me into a vegan, kebab, right?!


Dairy_Causes_ED t1_jcklvbo wrote

Keep following that feeling. It's worth it.

Edit: It's amazing how upset people get when you try to encourage someone to go vegan.


dandroid126 t1_jcknajq wrote

Not sure I'm going to take diet advice from someone whose name says "dairy causes erectile dysfunction"


pog890 t1_jclzpxa wrote

It does? Been drinking milk by the liter for decades🥹


Dairy_Causes_ED t1_jcksetf wrote

It's not just a joke, it's true too. Feel free to look it up yourself.

Also, a vegan diet is healthy at every stage of life. You don't have to take my word for it. There are multiple sources saying so.

Edit: person below me blocked me before I could respond. Can't even look at the source they posted.

As for another source, here and here.