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oh-no-godzilla t1_jcn5fee wrote

And a meme was born


selfwalkingdog t1_jcnalad wrote

I was here 🤟


Gaskii t1_jcnr81h wrote

Strange side note here but did you know that emoji means "I love you" in ASL?


shadjor t1_jcp3am9 wrote

Can we get him and heath ledgers joker just taking turns to clap at each other?


caseygk t1_jcpime7 wrote

This one feels like it might make the meme hall of fame one day.


Stouff-Pappa t1_jcngcd7 wrote

KSU coach? As in Kennesaw


Lightning_Gray t1_jcnhx65 wrote

Definitely KSU cause of the owls, title has a typo


NQG_Phoenix t1_jcnjdgm wrote

Ngl it feels really weird to see my college as a Reddit GIF for a meme.

Edit: for all my fellow Kennesaw State grads and current attendees, remember: our mascot might be an owl, but our students loans aren't a hoot.


Lightning_Gray t1_jcnjihi wrote

Same, I graduated from KSU and was not expecting to see the college on the front page of reddit lol


Th3GreenMan56 t1_jcnschl wrote

Kennesaw State Alum calling in


Redditor_521 t1_jco1x6t wrote

And another Kennesaw State alum


wormocious t1_jcowo0e wrote

Black and gold 5, checking in


nathima1 t1_jcp0gcp wrote

Go owls!


_majorT0m t1_jcpmht4 wrote

Might as well keep it going…thanks for giving our school a positive 15 minutes of fame and a meme that will go on to live forever!


Amiar00 t1_jcoj9lq wrote

I always tol people we were “The Kennesaw State Fighting Owls Hooo Hooo! Go Owls!” They are never impressed.


Zenroe113 t1_jcp7057 wrote

Bro I graduated 3 years ago and thought I’d never hear about that school again.


My_Soul_to_Squeeze t1_jcse6cq wrote

Iirc, it's the second largest university in the state now behind UGA, and just became a tier 2 research institution. Believe it or not, it's on the up and up.


Zenroe113 t1_jcsffes wrote

Yeah we were third largest after UGA and GSU (after they bought perimeter). I distinctly remember our women’s teams outperforming the men’s teams often but at least it’s not bad press this time.


T0NZ t1_jcoqpvp wrote

Yeah, the terrible spelling in the title had me confused.


Lordnerble t1_jcni3i4 wrote

haha i was watching this at work today and as soon as he did this i was like wow, coaches sarcastic claps are on point this year.


teeth4wolf t1_jcnp5fx wrote

I got a yellow card for this once


Cum_on_doorknob t1_jcpd7yq wrote

Lawrence Frank, when he was in his first year as coach of the NJ Nets, got a foul for sarcastically clapping.


Its_Pelican_Time t1_jcpjmgb wrote

I love it when they call shit like this. Pretty sure Tim Duncan one guy a technical foul for laughing at a call.


MeatHeartbeat t1_jcpsjsx wrote

That's some serious fragility on the part of the refs. Makes me think they were too lame to even join the police force


FUThead2016 t1_jcnz2mb wrote

Found the brother of that disappointed cricket fan guy


TholosTB t1_jcon3q5 wrote

Disappointed cricket fan guy does Leonard DiCaprio pointing meme


rxvxs t1_jcojqm5 wrote

Kennesaw state btw, coming from a former owl. Now only if we can get their football team to fbs...


WerecowMoo t1_jcpawnh wrote

Already happening. Congrats, you've made it... now lets get UWG out of the NCAA basement.


forgedinbeerkegs t1_jcngi4l wrote

He was acting/auditioning for a new job all game.


8_god t1_jcosh80 wrote

They did get hosed


jseng27 t1_jcocc6v wrote

Fine incoming


TommyDi7 t1_jco8l10 wrote

Don't watch sports much, may i have some context?


tracerhoosier t1_jcp21f2 wrote

Not sure what point in the game this is, but I'm guessing it is the final minutes.

Kennesaw State (Owls) came in as a 12 point underdog to Xavier (Musketeers).

The Owls were leading by 13 at one point about midway through the second half. The Musketeers climbed back and in the last couple minutes, took the lead. There were a few ties and lead changes.

This is probably from one play where the Owls could take the lead with less than 10 seconds left and got the shot blocked. Their team got the ball but lost it to Xavier. On replay it looked like he lost the ball because someone on the other team grabbed his arm (which would be a foul and give Kennesaw State some free throws) but the referees didn't call it and Xavier got the ball and the Owls had to foul quickly to stop the clock. There may have been other plays similar where he did this, but that one is the one I remember.


jsting t1_jcpad8a wrote

Yep, that's the one. I feel for KSU, but those plays are instant. Wish they could overturn the call in the last minute. He was definitely fouled hard.


Dee-Es t1_jcowikk wrote

Is it me or is he yellow???


JWOLFBEARD t1_jcntpy4 wrote

So many owl teams this year lol


enrightmcc t1_jconvjv wrote

Maybe if you didn't go on a non scoring streak of over 8 minutes you wouldn't have to sarcastically clap. Kennesaw was up by over 10 points and then went cold for over 8 minutes. :'(


xdanterr t1_jcot52c wrote

This is true but those refs switched from calling everything against Xavier to calling everything against KSU at the end, to the point that they didn’t even call a clear foul at the end of the game.

There are many factors that lead to Kennesaw losing, including that 8 minute cold streak, but those refs were a part of it too and they were well deserving a sarcastic clap by the end.

Also, I’d rather see a coach do a sarcastic clap instead of some primal anger display where they’re screaming at refs and throwing objects across the court.


enrightmcc t1_jcpvjnw wrote

As a KSU grad I was disappointed to see the cold streak and the eventual loss by KSU. Unfortunately I don't know enough about basketball rules to recognize bad officiating. However as a former NCAA umpire I also know that "bad officiating" can occasionally be restated as "I'm unhappy my team lost."


xdanterr t1_jcq200d wrote

I think in most cases that’s true but in this case I had no horse in the race, I was just really disappointed to see such a fun and exciting ball game get turned into that at the end. Oh well.


HD19146 t1_jcoohgo wrote

Stop it dad. I’m trying my best. Please love me. Uncontrollable sobbing


StockWillingness2748 t1_jcnuwpd wrote

We need nhl coaches to do this.


Stouff-Pappa t1_jcorgyk wrote

NHL coaches get fucked up by players and pucks often enough, they get more of a pass than the other sports refs


vandalia t1_jcp2rs5 wrote

Pretty good but not as good as Nancy


bojo1313 t1_jcp9noi wrote



Circle1ne t1_jcpc78c wrote

I was looking for this comment. I knew it wasn't just me.


[deleted] t1_jcneovt wrote



elayc t1_jcnu98m wrote

I remember people yelling death threats at the umpires at my first Mariners game like 20 years ago, so I'm not sure if anything's really changed


pandasareblack t1_jcob079 wrote

As a Philadelphia fan, I can assure you we have a long history of being extremely respectful until very recently.


JustinArmuchee t1_jcovp0p wrote

Why is your first basemen writing 'NO' in such big letters with his foot?


Waramp t1_jcnwbkj wrote

In part because there are so many more high def, slo-mo cameras showing us all the mistakes the ref made while they were trying to watch everything at full speed.


big_duo3674 t1_jcovsqn wrote

I'm guessing it's the much more comprehensive coverage of games that allows us to see it better, not an actual increase in it happening. I guarantee that people getting pissed at the refs has existed nearly equally for as long as refs have been present in human history


[deleted] t1_jcnfefc wrote



L0to t1_jcntwe5 wrote

Why do we even use refs when we have the technology to make instant calls more accurately? Refs are obsolete and just serve to further corruption in gambling.


6942O694206942O t1_jcnwq20 wrote

Because the way the rules are written there is nearly certainly a foul on every play.


L0to t1_jcnwsq8 wrote

And at this point an AI would slow the game down less and do a more accurate job of enforcing the rules than a human ref.


6942O694206942O t1_jcnx64d wrote

But it wouldn’t, because you could find a foul on every play. The reason the game is watchable is because it is loosely called. Think back and name me a game with a ton of fouls that you found enjoyable. Do you want to watch a 6 hour game with 100 points from free throws?

What you’re proposing would require an AI to make decisions even humans can’t get right all the time, because the game is largely based on momentum and vibe. There is no excitement in a tightly called game, which is why you’re not painting your chest for a bowling tournament.


L0to t1_jcnxf8e wrote

Wouldn't a limited use of AI make senee however, sich as for calling strikes and balls during baseball pitches? I can think of applications where it makes sense to incorporate technology way more than it is currently utilized. Obviously sone sports and rulings it has more applicability than others.


6942O694206942O t1_jcnyztm wrote

It would be difficult. It’s certainly going to be possible in the future. Maybe not yet.

Balls and strikes have kind of a history of being varied according to the umpire. You could make the strike zone perfect, or randomize it with a slightly different zone that is called perfectly accurately.

I think there’s a lot going on underneath the hood we don’t think about. If umpires have their own unique style that creates a teaching opportunity for veterans, which could potentially increase morale through bonding and mentorship.

Another aspect we might consider is it is possible that people like the randomness that human fallibility injects into the game. Who doesn’t like blaming their team’s loss on a last second bad call when they had a poor performance all night and lucked themselves into being in contention? I think if you’re looking for trust that’s not an achievable goal. How many times have you seen someone blaming “the algorithm”. With sports betting, if the game were automated nobody would ever trust sports betting again, because the ongoing consolidation and cooperation of large corporations is largely unregulated and any resulting fines amount to a “cost of doing business” level.


L0to t1_jcnzktt wrote

What, people trust the current system of sports betting where it relies on a single human as a point of failure? People use online betting all the time so I don't think this is as big an issue as you are making it out to be, nor do I think the AI would be rigged to favor gambling outcomes. If the system is supposed to be impartial but fucks up, people will reject it in favor of just going back to human refs since it isn't actually providing a tangible advantage. Considering how much rage bad calls generate I am not sure people actually like that system, however what you might be arguing is that it generates engagement. It's like the facebook algorithm where they found that feeding people emotionally charged content increased use time even if those emotions were negative; over time facebook has lost user retention so I don't know if that is really a sustainable model.


6942O694206942O t1_jcnzsza wrote

Facebook lost the plot because they learned too hard into rage that wasn’t personal, in my opinion.

You might be right about the betting thing, I’m no expert. I appreciate your perspective. Personally I love a blown call, something to talk about. One of the last things a majority of people might know about.


RepleteDivide t1_jcovagt wrote

I don't think that it's spelled "Kinnesaw".


WerecowMoo t1_jcpaqjh wrote

not a ref obviously, but it looked like an argument could be made for 2 missed fouls on the same play. Knee to the head when going in for the layup and then grabbing on the rebound.


noonehasthisoneyet t1_jcr09x1 wrote

I like how OP phonetically spelled it with the southern drawl.


ober6601 t1_jcr2kbv wrote

Was at this game in Greensboro. It was a great ball game that was neck and neck the whole time. We also sat amongst fans of KS and it is so much fun to feel that much enthusiasm for a team. They did have some sketchy calls IMO.


Kumoufu t1_jcopyp1 wrote

Poor sport. Should be a role model for players on professionalism. Not acting like a child


blackd3ath77 t1_jcnt6un wrote

Tough loss for him, though I heard his family was there so at least his kin-he-saw


meekomeeks t1_jcnwvza wrote

Idk what it is, but ref bashing was fun until this guy did it…he just looks like a complete tool


Seahawk715 t1_jcnknum wrote

This guy was a douche. For all they talked him up on the telecast he came across like a giant Chad.