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Lightning_Gray t1_jcnhx65 wrote

Definitely KSU cause of the owls, title has a typo


NQG_Phoenix t1_jcnjdgm wrote

Ngl it feels really weird to see my college as a Reddit GIF for a meme.

Edit: for all my fellow Kennesaw State grads and current attendees, remember: our mascot might be an owl, but our students loans aren't a hoot.


Lightning_Gray t1_jcnjihi wrote

Same, I graduated from KSU and was not expecting to see the college on the front page of reddit lol


Th3GreenMan56 t1_jcnschl wrote

Kennesaw State Alum calling in


Redditor_521 t1_jco1x6t wrote

And another Kennesaw State alum


wormocious t1_jcowo0e wrote

Black and gold 5, checking in


nathima1 t1_jcp0gcp wrote

Go owls!


_majorT0m t1_jcpmht4 wrote

Might as well keep it going…thanks for giving our school a positive 15 minutes of fame and a meme that will go on to live forever!


Amiar00 t1_jcoj9lq wrote

I always tol people we were “The Kennesaw State Fighting Owls Hooo Hooo! Go Owls!” They are never impressed.


Zenroe113 t1_jcp7057 wrote

Bro I graduated 3 years ago and thought I’d never hear about that school again.


My_Soul_to_Squeeze t1_jcse6cq wrote

Iirc, it's the second largest university in the state now behind UGA, and just became a tier 2 research institution. Believe it or not, it's on the up and up.


Zenroe113 t1_jcsffes wrote

Yeah we were third largest after UGA and GSU (after they bought perimeter). I distinctly remember our women’s teams outperforming the men’s teams often but at least it’s not bad press this time.