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enrightmcc t1_jconvjv wrote

Maybe if you didn't go on a non scoring streak of over 8 minutes you wouldn't have to sarcastically clap. Kennesaw was up by over 10 points and then went cold for over 8 minutes. :'(


xdanterr t1_jcot52c wrote

This is true but those refs switched from calling everything against Xavier to calling everything against KSU at the end, to the point that they didn’t even call a clear foul at the end of the game.

There are many factors that lead to Kennesaw losing, including that 8 minute cold streak, but those refs were a part of it too and they were well deserving a sarcastic clap by the end.

Also, I’d rather see a coach do a sarcastic clap instead of some primal anger display where they’re screaming at refs and throwing objects across the court.


enrightmcc t1_jcpvjnw wrote

As a KSU grad I was disappointed to see the cold streak and the eventual loss by KSU. Unfortunately I don't know enough about basketball rules to recognize bad officiating. However as a former NCAA umpire I also know that "bad officiating" can occasionally be restated as "I'm unhappy my team lost."


xdanterr t1_jcq200d wrote

I think in most cases that’s true but in this case I had no horse in the race, I was just really disappointed to see such a fun and exciting ball game get turned into that at the end. Oh well.