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gap97216 t1_jcxoggs wrote

Love the snorting and the rooting.


jimMazey t1_jcyol6w wrote

I noticed the little piglet stays on the carpet. Such a softy.


mitchsusername t1_jczaxfv wrote

Hoofs weren't meant for hardwoods! Probably the only place they can get some good traction


lnfinity OP t1_jczfspc wrote

Haven't you ever played "The floor is lava"?


CleaveIshallnot t1_jcxutnc wrote


How'd you get a copy of my last EEG test?


dinin70 t1_jcy4ri6 wrote

Hope you have a huge house


SoraUsagi t1_jd0haly wrote

I didn't know they made ramen noodle rugs.


Presto123ubu t1_jd1azyj wrote

One of the best things of watching this is the grunts and squeals. Not as good without sound.


the_real_abraham t1_jd1v6vs wrote

If properly cared for, this pig will top 300 lbs.


LineChef t1_jczt7ho wrote

Lil piggy zoomies


AVBforPrez t1_jczv5nb wrote

I have that same exact orange Hippo and the sound it makes when you squeeze it terrifies my dog, like she's so afraid of it


RoboBagons t1_jd0t16o wrote

Having the zoomies is the worst when trying to go to bed.


grinryan t1_jd2fodq wrote



kristinmiddleton t1_jd47dce wrote

Erectile dysfunction


grinryan t1_jd4eipr wrote

So you’re vegan? Me too. I was making a point. ED is for the meat eaters who get blockages down there before the heart or brain.


kristinmiddleton t1_jd56z8k wrote

Why say bacon on a video of a pig? That’s what animal eaters usually come here to do.


dragnabbit t1_jd1jde6 wrote

I used to get the zoomies for the first 10 years of the hyperactive part of my life.

Now, 4 decades later into my not-hyperactive part of my life I wish I could get the zoomies again. Oh, to experience once again that sensation of having so much energy that you are just a vibrating mass of happiness and you want nothing more than to bounce off the walls.


Blouz t1_jcyx60h wrote

When people post "pet" pigs and use words like "zoomies," my biggest regret is I can only downvote once.