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onairmastering t1_jd8hghe wrote

The best thing is the lingering taste of that broth in your mouth, this is unnecessary.


louisdeer t1_jd8oqxt wrote

Nonono. It is for before the meal. Get ready for some good broth


emjaysea t1_jdafdh1 wrote

Mouthwash is not a pallette cleanser one would use before eating literally anything, but especially not a food with a complex flavor profile. I mean it might be fine with vanilla ice cream I don't know. Probably not so good with sushi.


---ShineyHiney--- t1_jd9rcf9 wrote

The Listerine is merely a lovely spirit accompaniment for the enjoyment of both yourself and the beautiful, lovely, cheap escort you’re trying to pass to mom


onairmastering t1_jdar98u wrote

UGH, that's like someone sucking your dick or licking your taint after Listerine, no thanks.


GuyNamedWhatever t1_jd8yokv wrote

It’s a double edged sword for some ramen. Nice savory aftertaste, but your breath smells like salted fish.


onairmastering t1_jdar3m5 wrote

So? that' means you're sophisticated.

If your mouth smells like Kraft Mac n cheese or Domino's, I ain't fucking you.

This fear of the other is such a turn off.


robotatomica t1_jd9tvog wrote

yeah, I can’t think of a worse way to follow a good meal of any kind


onairmastering t1_jdaqouw wrote

Right? especially a good place, and Ramen is not really known for causing bad breath, TIHI, hahaha.


Mypigfounditself t1_jd904lo wrote

This guy doesn't date^^^^


tiny_rick__ t1_jd90uo0 wrote

Who needs a girl when you have ramen


Wendiesel808 t1_jd9bkxu wrote

Different strokes for different folks, some folks don’t get strokes.


onairmastering t1_jdaqwon wrote

Plenty papa, plenty. Best thing is to take peeps to a good Ramen place.

If your mouth tastes like mint (assuming anyone wants to kiss you in the first place), and your dick smells like Koalas's vomit... you gonna blame it on the Ramen?


Mypigfounditself t1_jdaynyn wrote

Lol all I'm saying is that it's probably a good idea to swish your mouth with mouthwash, after eating Ramen, if you're going to be kissing a date. Good Ramen probably has onions, garlic, spice, fish sauce, mushrooms, eggs, etc. Come on, man!


onairmastering t1_jdb9v89 wrote

Nope! If I smell ramen on a woman or man, COME ON BABY LET'S GET DIRTY!!!!

If they smell like mouthwash it's suspicious, like they paid too much attention to what the commercials say or their mother. No good.

Sexiest thing. "Hey love, I just had ramen for lunch but I like you and want to stick my tongue in your privates" HELL YEAH!!!! SUCK ME BABY!!!!!

"Hey, my mouth smells like a baby's ass after a shower" HELL NO. I want a lover who gets dirty, not a fucking washing machine.


mainmark t1_jd9byzm wrote

For if you have a business meeting after lunch but really need that black garlic tonkotsu


HydrationPlease t1_jd8lj2v wrote

For those who are there for a work meal or need to have fresh breath for an event afterwards, this is brilliant. For any other time, you don't need this.


[deleted] t1_jd90tz3 wrote



Nazamroth t1_jd9xcx3 wrote

Why would you want that gone? You can protect your business against vampires at no extra effort.


JukePlz t1_jdb8nen wrote

It shows potential partners that you want to share your recently ingested anti-carcirogenic properties!


illuminerdi t1_jda7a6z wrote

Or on a date...


carolathome t1_jdbjzlx wrote

Is this in the restroom? Otherwise, where do you spit it out?


illuminerdi t1_jdeksf4 wrote

The wall is tiled and there's a mouthwash dispenser.

I see nothing to indicate that it's not a restroom?


AnimeAdd1ct t1_jd9vy4q wrote

I worked at a swingers club that has a buffet. I refilled these constantly.


GreenOwl420 t1_jd8k5en wrote

What a delicious meal, I can't wait to not taste it anymore!


KamovInOnUp t1_jd9kaes wrote

I love a good shit but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna wipe right away


Falco9805 t1_jdase0n wrote

Who the fuck savors the taste of their saliva after meals like some kind of delicacy


havensal t1_jdanevg wrote

That's some good advertising for your food...

"So good, we give you free mouthwash for after you eat it."


noxii3101 t1_jd8ezwc wrote

can it be filled with bourbon?


Toastburrito t1_jd9c3ys wrote

Whiskey vending machines used to exist. It's definitely worth a Google.


Euphorium t1_jda1utr wrote

You reminded me of cigarette vending machines in bars when I was a kid. That sounds crazy in today’s world.


brenap13 t1_jdb2azp wrote

There are some currently functioning cigarette dispensers in the Dallas area at 2 bars that I frequent.


Hamaow t1_jdagt76 wrote

Seen one as recently as 2010


DJRY t1_jddzz95 wrote

I live in Cleveland and I know of one in a restaurant.


Darwin-Award-Winner t1_jd9ocv0 wrote

Is that is not a sneaky way to sell alcohol without a license I will be so disappointed.


Black_Moons t1_jd8th24 wrote

When I saw the thumbnail, Somehow I thought this was going to work like a water fountain and you just had to bite onto the two little arms sticking out while it would directly spray your teeth.... Like a tooth bidet.


silversly54 t1_jd9308o wrote

This sounds both terrifying and exhilarating while also refreshing...but maybe for ones home and not a restaurant...


Actiaslunahello t1_jd9jcq4 wrote

I thought you inserted a skittle and got Gatorade.. slightly more practical than my idea.


Mypigfounditself t1_jd90deh wrote

It's so classic reddit to not realize this is for dates. You don't want to take a girl out and have THAT on your breath!!


Dead_Starks t1_jdb467m wrote

Everyone freaking out about it and I just want to know what happens if you push it again without moving the cup.


sirfannypack t1_jd9g0kx wrote

In the bathroom with all the poo particles.


mr-death t1_jdb8f9y wrote

Yeah, I don't leave my towel or toothbrush in my own bathroom, I'm not rinsing my mouth with hundreds of random people's piss and shit.


epinasty4 t1_jda16hs wrote

That blue liquid in a public restroom would just make me think of urinal or toilet cleaner. Gross


combo_seizure t1_jd8ovd3 wrote

This is pretty cool for before or after dining. Couldn't this be considered a palate cleaner before a ramen meal?


tom_fuckin_bombadil t1_jd9adsv wrote

The opposite of a palate cleanser. Have you ever drunk orange juice after brushing your teeth or using mouth wash?


combo_seizure t1_jd9b0sa wrote

Bruh, you are literally NOT supposed to drink orange juice after using mouthwash. Are you comparing Ramen to orange juice? I don't think their pH levels are even comparable.

Also, if you take a sip of water after rinsing your mouth with mouthwash and swish it around, the taste is practically gone.

I could have labeled it something other than a pallete cleanser, I suppose.


AlfredPennington t1_jdadlnv wrote

Their pH is very different. OJ is under 4 in most cases. Depending on the ramen and the ingredients, the pH could easily be above 8.


_prettybones t1_jdbsbmq wrote

Ramen is often made with kansui, which is an alkaline solution that brings the pH of ramen up to 9-10. The noodles themselves are 6-7, ramen made without kansui but a still salty traditional broth will be around 8-9.

The pH of listerine and orange juice are both around 3, so the clash of their flavors is accentuated by their acidity. Listerine + ramen with kansui would probably just taste like a little bit of a minty tang, but relatively smooth since the pH would balance out. Probably wouldn't be all that bad.

Note, I'm no ramenologist, I just Googled some shit


tom_fuckin_bombadil t1_jddluui wrote

Obviously you’re not supposed to drink oj after mouth wash or brushing you teeth but it’s become a meme at this point because of how bad food usually tastes after such a strong minty flavour.

A palate cleanser by definition is something you take before eating something to prepare your mouth/tastebuds. So saying that the mouth wash is a palate cleanser implies that you intend to use it to prepare your tastebuds for ramen by coating your mouth with a minty aftertaste.

> Also, if you take a sip of water after rinsing your mouth with mouthwash and swish it around, the taste is practically gone.

Now that is a palate cleanser


Dirtsniffee t1_jd8xedu wrote

Now that is an authentic Japanese restaurant


surtrs t1_jd96uep wrote

Every time you press that button, a Smurf dies.


gaborzitoo t1_jd9wn0y wrote

They should be more considerate and just use a water foutain setup.


SerjicalSystem18 t1_jda4mma wrote

This would be great in my work restroom, there are times that I wanna feel a little freshened up. And also lord knows some of my coworkers could use it.


MotherofDingDongs t1_jdanqcz wrote

I saw one of these in the bathroom at a Jiffy Lube when I was getting my oil changed and I found it very strange.


shibeofwisdom t1_jdar9c0 wrote

I always enjoy a little mouthwash poured in my Ramen. Gives it a nice, fresh flavor.


FashNFlora t1_jdatk64 wrote

Omg I’ve seen these machines and always hated that there weren’t any cups around. Didn’t know they dispense the cup too. Love how much cleaner that is.


hamildub t1_jdbv6r6 wrote

I'm so stoked for more unnecessary waste!


DangerHawk t1_jddtr7e wrote

Can't say I would ever trust that what's in a public mouthwash station is actually mouthwas. I'd be way too concerned that someone ran out of mouthwash and decided to top it off with windex or something.


Ramses3 t1_jd91icz wrote

My office I work in has one of these in the bathroom, thought it was a common thing in bank/finance buildings to be honest


Ragnarotico t1_jd9dnmg wrote

Stupid gaijin washing away the taste of that delicious broth.


Jlx_27 t1_jd9t4k1 wrote

Bonus: free shot cup.


seanbrockest t1_jd9zcb3 wrote

In Canada our antiseptic mouthwashes are usually tinted green, while our peroxide rinse mouthwashes are usually tinted blue. Peroxide tastes terrible. Hope this isn't that.


enraged768 t1_jda2pci wrote

We have these in every bathroom at work it's kind of a cool idea.


mtsai t1_jdac9yc wrote

why did they have the press the button so dramatically? its a mouthwash dispenser. its not dispensing hot potatoes.


Ultim0Adi0s t1_jdacoaa wrote

There wasn’t any sound… How do we know it’s COMPLIMENTARY?


oouttatime t1_jdacq0t wrote

Omg I just saw this at a ramen restaurant in Carmel, Indiana.


phuktup3 t1_jdaevj1 wrote

Don’t waste a cup, get your mouth up there, it’ll kill the germs


SirGuzNstuff t1_jdams5w wrote

Why would I ruin the taste of my delicious ramen with mouthwash?


nsa_reddit_monitor t1_jdan1o5 wrote

I read the title backwards at first and thought it was a ramen dispenser at some kind of horrible mouthwash drinking facility


Crulo t1_jdaqgre wrote

Lol I thought you put your mouth over the little “mouthpiece” then it would shoot mouth wash in your mouth.


Falco9805 t1_jdas9nq wrote

This is this kind of stuff the Japanese think of that Americans don’t have the mental capacity to consider. I love it.


dondamon40 t1_jdavt64 wrote

My local cigar lounge has one its so sweet


Brandar87 t1_jdbbv0h wrote

I've never understood the concept of a ramen restaurant. I can go buy a lifetime supply of ramen at Walmart for like $20.


eddiekoski t1_jdbdlhb wrote

This is so I can crush a second bowl without the bias from the first bowl?


Junior-Account6835 t1_jdbr299 wrote

That grade school teacher leaning over you with coffee breath 🤮


sugoidesuuu t1_jdbttfy wrote

They should put this in all the bathrooms with the weird hole in the stall wall


Jin-94 t1_jdc8gne wrote

I read this as automatic dispenser for ramen


zukeus t1_jdcdmmc wrote

Haha I remember we had a guy come to the gym right after dinner once and the garlic danked up the entire 15000 square feet!


Juuna t1_jdcdvvw wrote

So you can wash away the taste of the 20 bucks you just spend on your dinner?


MikeySpags t1_jdcg6wx wrote

I'm guessing ramen restaurants are a city thing. It's peaceful in the sticks but not many dinning options.


zsdonny t1_jdcgj84 wrote

where would you spit it out???


ljg1986 t1_jdcmsh6 wrote

Interesting. I wonder what happens when the dispenser runs out of cups.


TheOneTrueKim t1_jdcq3hn wrote

Why was I expecting it to fill with ramen broth. Why was I disappointed it wasn't.


9Sylvan5 t1_jdcrk4c wrote

Hmm I'm not sure I'd trust it's clealiness. I barely trust the cleanliness of he soda dispensers at fast food joints.

I'll stick with my fluoride gum when I'm on the go.


KeroNobu t1_jdcv5pv wrote

mix it in with your broth for extra umami flavor


lopedopenope t1_jd947n9 wrote

As long as it’s not that alcohol free foaming stuff. It’s gross


Jonhazen t1_jda86iw wrote

There's one of these at some chick fil a near me lol


BitcoinBanker t1_jdavrx1 wrote

What amazing technology. Fuck the planet, obviously.


sn0b4ll t1_jdbr3nz wrote

These are typically bio-degradable paper cups, at least in Germany. Or are you referring to something else?


BitcoinBanker t1_jdeh9zu wrote

Oh yeah? That’s awesome. I assumed they were those awful waxed cups I see at coolers.


Coelacanth3 t1_jd8tgxr wrote

Eh, I brush my teeth, never been convinced that I need to nuke all the bacteria in my mouth.