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onairmastering t1_jd8hghe wrote

The best thing is the lingering taste of that broth in your mouth, this is unnecessary.


louisdeer t1_jd8oqxt wrote

Nonono. It is for before the meal. Get ready for some good broth


emjaysea t1_jdafdh1 wrote

Mouthwash is not a pallette cleanser one would use before eating literally anything, but especially not a food with a complex flavor profile. I mean it might be fine with vanilla ice cream I don't know. Probably not so good with sushi.


---ShineyHiney--- t1_jd9rcf9 wrote

The Listerine is merely a lovely spirit accompaniment for the enjoyment of both yourself and the beautiful, lovely, cheap escort you’re trying to pass to mom


onairmastering t1_jdar98u wrote

UGH, that's like someone sucking your dick or licking your taint after Listerine, no thanks.


GuyNamedWhatever t1_jd8yokv wrote

It’s a double edged sword for some ramen. Nice savory aftertaste, but your breath smells like salted fish.


onairmastering t1_jdar3m5 wrote

So? that' means you're sophisticated.

If your mouth smells like Kraft Mac n cheese or Domino's, I ain't fucking you.

This fear of the other is such a turn off.


robotatomica t1_jd9tvog wrote

yeah, I can’t think of a worse way to follow a good meal of any kind


onairmastering t1_jdaqouw wrote

Right? especially a good place, and Ramen is not really known for causing bad breath, TIHI, hahaha.


Mypigfounditself t1_jd904lo wrote

This guy doesn't date^^^^


tiny_rick__ t1_jd90uo0 wrote

Who needs a girl when you have ramen


Wendiesel808 t1_jd9bkxu wrote

Different strokes for different folks, some folks don’t get strokes.


onairmastering t1_jdaqwon wrote

Plenty papa, plenty. Best thing is to take peeps to a good Ramen place.

If your mouth tastes like mint (assuming anyone wants to kiss you in the first place), and your dick smells like Koalas's vomit... you gonna blame it on the Ramen?


Mypigfounditself t1_jdaynyn wrote

Lol all I'm saying is that it's probably a good idea to swish your mouth with mouthwash, after eating Ramen, if you're going to be kissing a date. Good Ramen probably has onions, garlic, spice, fish sauce, mushrooms, eggs, etc. Come on, man!


onairmastering t1_jdb9v89 wrote

Nope! If I smell ramen on a woman or man, COME ON BABY LET'S GET DIRTY!!!!

If they smell like mouthwash it's suspicious, like they paid too much attention to what the commercials say or their mother. No good.

Sexiest thing. "Hey love, I just had ramen for lunch but I like you and want to stick my tongue in your privates" HELL YEAH!!!! SUCK ME BABY!!!!!

"Hey, my mouth smells like a baby's ass after a shower" HELL NO. I want a lover who gets dirty, not a fucking washing machine.