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OnlyBringinGoodVibes t1_jdhv7bk wrote

Frenchie or pig? 🤣


iancarry t1_jdit78l wrote



Justadudethatthinks t1_jdi2kpb wrote

No self respecting pig would be caught dead in that outfit. Especially before Labor Day!


orangutan9 t1_jdh3nvc wrote

Naked bacon!


2TauntU t1_jdhvglj wrote

You can never tell the reddit that is going to show up. The bacon jokes are funny crowd or the pigs are smarter than the dogs crowd.


Hungry_Bass_Muncher t1_jdiepcp wrote

One if them is correct and the other one is heartless animal abuse disguised in a joke.

Imagine someone making jokes about killing dogs for pleasure aka "tasty food". Everyone on Reddit would hate that and shame the jokers for not having taste or a working sense of humor.

Reddit universally condemns animal abuse news/stories and some even go so far to demand the perpetators to receive extreme vigilantism because the laws are not harsh enough. And none of them ever are "vegans" or anything close to it. Animal rights for me and not for thee.


twelveomaha t1_jdiqies wrote

we domesticated dogs to be friends.

we domesticated pigs to be tasty food.

pigs are intelligent and can also be friend.

this does not make them less tasty.


Hungry_Bass_Muncher t1_jdiqudm wrote

Yeah and just because sex is fun does not mean rape is morally justified. Try a better argument, maybe even apply critical thinking and logic next time.


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdivrl2 wrote

if you want people to see your side of a disagreement, maybe dont call them a rapist.

Having strong opinions and being emotional is understandable.

Insulting people who disagree with you is not going to change their mind, its just gonna make them think you're an asshole.


BargainBarnacles t1_jdj6xhy wrote

Will animal abuser do? You don't cut their throat, but you pay to have it done.

That label stick?


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdjfhfj wrote

Im not telling you what to do, you have the liberty to live your life the way you see fit.

Im just saying that IF YOU WANT people to listen to you, dont call them names like "rapist" or "abuser".

this will only make your audience even less likely to pay your arguments any attention


BargainBarnacles t1_jdlodtp wrote

My argument is 'stop killing animals who don't need to be killed' - that I have to do so makes YOU look bad, not me...


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdm81s7 wrote

i dont know if youre doing this on purpose but if you stop arguing for 5 fucking seconds and listen to me, im trying to help you

If you want people to join your side and go vegan, you gotta stop with the aggression and name calling and general assholeness

because the only thing you're doing right now is driving folks away.

Do you want people to go vegan? if so, then the way you're going about this is detrimental to your own interests.

it makes no sense

imagine i was trying to convince you to eat fish and my only argument involves calling you a rapist or a murderer

youd be like "wow fuck that guy, fish eaters are dicks"


BargainBarnacles t1_jdmtl7n wrote

Nope. It's an objective fact what I have said. Deal with it. Going 'I'm going to eat MORE meat to spite you' is nothing more than childish ego. I have no obligation to play nice with you.

We play nice, it doesn't work. We play hard - it doesn't work - so fuck it.

Edit: non vegan telling me how to convert meat eaters while not being vegan - makes sense.


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdo0c4y wrote

youve gotta pick a lane eventually my friend

you either want to ostracize people or you want them to join you, but you cant have it bith ways.

hope you figure it out soon

i wont be responding to any further messages from you because im afraid my words are falling on deaf ears.


Hungry_Bass_Muncher t1_jdiwgkx wrote

Maybe invest in your reading comprehension. It's called a comparison. When I compare apples to oranges, I don't call you an orange.

And I could not care less how you think "mind changing" works. If it did work, you would not even write me a reply lmao. Planting a seed of doubt to carnists is enough for me. How do you think I moved from pro-animal-abuse stance to being disgusted by it?


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdjh9gs wrote

my reply was intended to change YOUR mind about how to talk to people, it wasnt a rebuttal of your core argument that eating animals is wrong.

actually, i havent even shared my own belief on the matter at all. for all you know at this point, i could be a diehard vegan.

my point was that alienation, insults, aggression and violence towards any demographic is going to breed hate instead of understanding.

I couldn't care less about whether or not you actually convince anyone to become a vegan, i simply was trying to give you advice on how to share your opinions in a way that people will be receptive to.

I see the same things all the time with every other current social hot topic. Prolifers calling Pro choice people monsters. Pro choice calling pro life bigots. Republicans calling dems snowflakes. dems calling republicans racists.

im not here to argue the actual point you want to make, im here to tell you that your method has room for improvement.

again, you dont have to listen to me at all.

but if you DONT WANT people to become vegan, youre on the right track. call people names and insult them and you can be sure theyll continue to reject your beliefs.

but its beginning to seem as though you dont actually care about the topic at hand and are simply looking for confrontation for confrontation's sake. Which is not helpful and not something id like to take part in.

And although i sincerely hope you see at least a little truth in my words, it is for the above reason that i wont be responding to any additional comments you make in this thread.


twelveomaha t1_jdmvabq wrote

Its the nature of reality, the bigger things eat the smaller things, and its true not just for animals.

If you don't want to participate in that, that's okay.

I was only making a statement and trying to talk with you.

Instead, you try to insult my intelligence.

This is why no one likes vegans.


Hungry_Bass_Muncher t1_jdn740p wrote

Lol not a vegan you insecure carnist. There is a reason no one respects the arguments you carnists make, because they are incredibly naive and narcissistic.


twelveomaha t1_jdn9xqb wrote

you know what? you're right. I'm gonna stop contributing to the rape and murder of all animals now.

have a great day!


Screamin_Seaman t1_jdizrvg wrote

On the contrary, OP's argument is presented quite logically. One's disagreement with the position does not render the argument illogical.

> Try a better argument

Take note: yours is a straw man.


piclemaniscool t1_jdikvia wrote

It's very simple. We think of dogs as cute and pigs/cows as ugly. That's all there is to it. You know how textbook illustrations make animals look grim and sterile? That's how most American children growing up before the internet saw cows because they were many miles away from the nearest farm. It's only recently with everyone having a video camera in their pocket are we able to see that cows IRL can be just as adorable.

Pigs do get uglier as they age tho so it's harder to PR. Any time I see pigs on Reddit outside of animal sanctuary subs, they are always babies.


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdiwgeu wrote

thats not it at all.

Cows and Pigs are livestock because they turn low-value, low calorie, low nutrient organic mass into high-calorie, high nutrient mass.

we cannot digest grass, but cows can. We noticed that a long, long time ago and realized we could feed all that useless grass to cows and get useful meat out of it.

Pigs are valued because they can digest basically anything and turn it into nutrient dense meat, which was (at the time) more valuable than the companionship they can offer.

Fast forward 10,000 to 11,000 years and we have massive billion dollar industries dedicated to using these animals for their "useless biomass into useful biomass" traits.

asking us to abandon that industry now is a silly proposition because the amount of effort, money, time, and logistics involved far outweigh the small benefit of making vegans happy.

tldr: we eat pigs and love dogs in the modern world because the ancient world did it for so long that its unfeasible to stop at this point.


DinosRoar t1_jdj83ey wrote

Sounds like an excuse for slavery lol


Prince_Edward_IV t1_jdjimax wrote

im not sure people were that concerned with slavery in 8500 BC, they were more concerned with not starving to death.

dont misunderstand me, with current technology we absolutely do NOT need to consume animal flesh.

we could get by with vitamin fortified vegatables and plants. Its not hard at all to synthesize and add iron, protein, b12 etc to plant based foods.

my explanation of how we got here is not an excuse for the current industrial farming as a whole.

i eat a diet that includes meat. im not a vegan at all.

but i want you to understand that i do agree that animals should be treated better.

the place where we disagree is in weighing the cost and the extent to which we treat them better. In a perfect world, we would eat whatever we want and we could do it ethically. But we dont live in a perfect world and in this world we need concrete, financially feasable plans for progress to be made.

And we BOTH likely know that the wealthy elite run the entire country and in order to change anything we have to either convince massive corporations to spend tons of money on something or convince the government to force them to do so.

You calling normal, employed, doing-their-best-to-get-by people slavers on the internet is not helpful at all and will simply make folks not wanna listen to you.

so you have to ask yourself:

do you care more about standing your moral ground on the internet even at the cost of literally driving people away from the changes you claim you want?

or do you care about actually trying to transition the world to a plant based diet?

because if you actually cared about what you claim to care about, you wouldnt be here ACTIVELY working against your own best interests, youd be trying to get people on your side.

You know how theres those churches that everyone hates and they claim to love jesus but then shit on other people all the time and call them horrible things and every atheist in the country goes "wow Christians are kinda bad people like statistically just bad"

well you just did that exact same thing.


HighNoon1200 t1_jdignl2 wrote

So at the end of this pigs life you’re just going to waste it an bury it? Both can be true, that it’s an intelligent pet you should take care of and that one day it’ll be bacon.


calgil t1_jdinzw9 wrote

Dude people don't eat animals that die of old age. You really think people say 'oh my beloved Bessie has had a good long life, let's carve her up.' The meat would be awful and not worth it anyway.

Don't pretend that meat eating is preventing waste because it literally doesn't work that way. Animals are eaten in their prime or younger. Nobody even commercially eats adult sheep because mutton is tough and awful.

You either eat them when they still have a long life ahead of them or you don't eat them at all.


Wojtuma t1_jdihp60 wrote

I'm gonna eat twice as many dogs, just so you don't make any difference.


BruceIsLoose t1_jdimeh3 wrote

It is why I ate my pet dog after he died. Can't let that pug bacon go to waste.


Hungry_Bass_Muncher t1_jdigxah wrote

So when you see someone walk their dog outside will you shout: "You better eat that dog and turn it in to mittens when it dies or it's wasting resources!"


HighNoon1200 t1_jdihlm7 wrote

No because that’s not the argument here and we treat dogs differently. And you know that. Don’t go moving the goalposts.


paulfunyan t1_jdiky2v wrote

I mean, I kind of understand what you're trying to say... but you're looking at it entirely in a vacuum.

There are plenty of things that are wrong with factory farming even if you hold the view that it's not animal abuse.

Having pet pigs and not eating them is far less wasteful than the factory farming process. Feel free to look up the sheer amount of resources pumped into agriculture, and then feel free to look up food waste per capita.

We heavily overproduce and it isn't even close.


tehpenguins t1_jditsln wrote

We should outlaw farming, it kills and displaces billions of insects and microorganisms, they are also abused animals.


PigPaltry t1_jdht82g wrote

Well they're not really pets in the first place. Concerned with all the pigs on social media I'm seeing. I don't want this to become a thing again. Stupid ass people.


eightyeight99 t1_jdhw1zj wrote

Uhh there are in fact a few small breeds that make really good pets. Which species we choose to have as pets, or choose to eat, is kind of arbitrary

Idk why you think pigs can't be pets but you're wrong


punkinholler t1_jdhx7ar wrote

Not OP but it's possible they're referring to the "teacup pig" craze from a few years ago, which was just underfed farm piglets. People would buy them thinking they'd have a retriever sized pig and end up with a 500lb eating machine in their walkup apartment. A pig that would then be abandoned because that's too much pig for a small living space


Somnif t1_jdik4u7 wrote

Kune kunes stay fairly small (retriever size, as you put it). Granted they're about 3 times the density, but still manageable. Definitely need a lot of space for them though, no way I'd keep one in an apartment.


Evening-Turnip8407 t1_jdin6ns wrote

And that's the point, if you have space for a lil stable and can keep at least 2 pigs (ANY farm animal needs to be kept with at least 1 mate that communicates in the same manner, anything else is considered animal abuse where i live. Dogs are different cause obviously they've been house pets for 10k years, pigs sheep and alpaca haven't) that's all fine and dandy. Just learn about them and give them what they need, don't just put them in the role of a dog. Just cause they don't immediately DIE doesn't mean it's in their best interest.


Hamborrower t1_jdicypy wrote

Tell me about these breeds of small pigs that are not just underfed normal, large breeds of pig.


Somnif t1_jdil6qe wrote

Kunekunes stay relatively small, like Labrador-ish in scale. Granted they're dense little dudes, so imagine a 300lb pup hip checking you....


JimmySilverman t1_jdjatgb wrote

I’m from New Zealand and we have a lot of kunekune here, they can be massive if they were bred from big parents, I’m guessing 450lb or so. They tend to be bred from smaller parents when they’re going to be kept as pets and probably 250lb to 300lb as adults. We live on a 10 acre block and would like to get some in future.


Puzzleheaded_Might65 t1_jdi8n9h wrote

you always see them posting themselves with baby pigs. makes you wonder what happens to them when they grow to 300 pounds.


MathMaddox t1_jdiznnu wrote

Used to live down the street from a guy that had a pot belly pig. He had a big yard for it to wander/waddle. . It would occasionally escape and let out the loudest shrieks when he humanely tries to coral it. Sounded like it was being eaten alive but really just didn't want to listen.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_jdim7uq wrote

They are scientifically much more intelligent than dogs. If you have space, they're fantastic pets.

Edit: word


dalthir t1_jdiqmfk wrote

A pig can be a good animal to have on a small farm, but when people use the term "pet", the general image that comes to most minds is a domesticated animal that will live with you in your house and pigs are definitely NOT good for that.


PigPaltry t1_jdimyea wrote

How smart they are doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about.


JoelMahon t1_jdi77b2 wrote

the OP, (based) infinity is vegan agenda posting.

i.e these are rescues not pets. you're not meant to want to get a pet pig after seeing these gifs lol, I'd be amazed if you could find a single person who actually did the deed.


PigPaltry t1_jdi7vb0 wrote

I disagree. Teacup pigs used to be incredibly popular in the 90s, so there's precedence. Regardless, I feel compelled to comment about how it's a bad idea.


JoelMahon t1_jdi8byb wrote

I never said no one has ever gotten them, I said these gifs haven't caused it, big difference.

you felt a need to comment saying these gifs were somehow at fault.


PigPaltry t1_jdi8xgk wrote

If the gif makes one person think its a good idea then I feel the need to comment about how it's not. It's not like it costs me anything. I'm not gonna sit here and argue you about something pedantic though.


JoelMahon t1_jdi98o8 wrote

find that person who acted on that feeling after this gif then talk but I'm pretty sure that 1 person doesn't exist.


PigPaltry t1_jdia9p2 wrote

I told you I'm not arguing over something pedantic


coomerzoomer t1_jdi3o62 wrote

It obviously doesn’t need that ugly-ass sweater.


bshaddo t1_jdibx46 wrote

My pig found itself smart enough to hop over the the barrier from his pen to the next pen and eat all of that pig’s food, and then go to the next one and eat all of that pig’s food, and then the next one and eat all of that pig’s food, and make his way back in time for when it was my turn my time to feed him. He had already eaten three meals, and would just be sitting there waiting for me, and I would feed him and he would eat that. That’s why he gained so much weight and got sifted at the fat stock show.


bmbreath t1_jdigbpx wrote

I'm not thinking about getting a pet pig. But have seen an uptick in videos of them.

Are they litter box trained? Or trained to go outside? Is it pretty much like a dog in that regard?


helpmeplzzzzzz t1_jdjlph3 wrote

I've read that they all get big. Like really big. Even the ones that they claim are teacup pigs or whatever. So be prepared for it to be BIG if you get a pig.


lifesizejenga t1_jdjsdhs wrote

Pigs are super smart, and they can be trained to go outside. But "miniature" pig breeds grow up to be between 70 and 300 pounds, and they need a lot of stimulation, so they're not suitable as pets for most people.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_jdimky8 wrote

They are scientifically smarter than dogs and keep themselves clean when indoors. They can easily be taught to go outside.


blakeley t1_jdhgu7y wrote

This needs a NSFW tag


tallperson117 t1_jdic9hj wrote

I always thought having a mini pig would be great, although IIRC there aren't any that stay small. I had a family friend who got one and he loved it to death, he said it was a great pet, super nice, clean, and smart. It kept growing though and capped out at like 200lbs or something ridiculous like that. It got so big that his family he lived with refused to let it keep staying in the house, so he made a pen for it in their yard. The pig was accustomed to being a "house pig" though, and putting it outside made it horribly depressed. It stopped eating and eventually died :(


Wojtuma t1_jdhtsub wrote

Good, they are not toys.


slick514 t1_jdib68e wrote

"It's comin' right for us!!!"



P12oooF t1_jdhskbh wrote

This reminds me of the news anchor that reported on a pig whos name was "Chris P Bacon" and lost it for a while. Lol its so funny


Wojtuma t1_jdhtw2r wrote

Eating friends, so freaking funny 🤣


HighNoon1200 t1_jdih0z9 wrote

You should eat them tho? What should you just bury them and be wasteful? After it’s lead a nice life, that’s food.


Wojtuma t1_jdihwoj wrote

You convinced me, I'm gonna kill my dog for tonight's dinner, I hope she understands.


90Kg t1_jdi03cu wrote

Her fashion trends go fast


Littlebotweak t1_jdi3ov2 wrote

And, then she quit! Just like my dog would.

Whenever I’m afraid of my dog running away, I remember she doesn’t run.

She has been referred to as “porcine” in shape.


SleepyBeast89 t1_jdih0lm wrote

Pigs make fine pets I’m sure, but all the people I’ve ever met that had pigs as pets were fucking weird


Evening-Turnip8407 t1_jdinuwu wrote

This is like a cartoon chase sequence where someone goes so fast their clothes peel off


DNorthman t1_jdi2pcu wrote

Twas part of her plan all along.


growsomegarlic t1_jdi9tjs wrote

I know a park that looks just like that one and it's actually full of dormant poison ivy stems in that spot.


Gainesy88 t1_jdj36ke wrote

Well they call her the streak!


phoenixv07 t1_jdj9vwr wrote

And that's the point where "zoomies" turned into "streaking at the park."


cgtdream t1_jdjaxd7 wrote


TONIGHT, ILL FLY (for steak)


AchieveMore t1_jdjcs1k wrote

Pet for chance at increased rarity on mission drops.


daemonq t1_jdjv96b wrote

Bacon!!! Nooooooooo! 🥓


fury45iii t1_jdjz01c wrote

Tequila makes her clothes fall off.


InSight89 t1_jdkdrwx wrote

Is owning a pet pig becoming increasingly more common?

I'd be curious to know what the laws are in various countries. I recall reading a story (Australia I believe) where a guy owned a pet sheep but was forced to give it up as sheep are only bread for food and not to be used for anything else.


Joygernaut t1_jdkh0t6 wrote

Do you blame her? Animals don’t like a whole bunch of fucking clothes on them like humans know. That’s some thing that “you” want to do to them to infantilized them and make yourself feel good about them being “cute”. Unless they are short hair dog going out in the cold, no animal wants to be in a fucking costume.


ADMINlSTRAT0R t1_jdmfjda wrote

Genuine question, what do owners feed pet pigs?


rockstar7007 t1_jdi9ndn wrote

Hehe look at woman running for her life from harmless little pig!


myguitar_lola t1_jdiaq7y wrote

I told my partner we needed a pig pet for our newfoundland. This cutie might be what drives it home hahaha


GhettoFinger t1_jdi73az wrote

Pigs are ugly lol, but they can be a fun pet.


dustabor t1_jdhzj5z wrote

Reminds me of my wife running for the restroom when she gets home from work


Fancy_Female t1_jdh72h1 wrote

When you harvest, you honestly have to use an air fryer 🤌