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Ashkill115 t1_jdjmqvj wrote

It’s cool but the beginning kinda feels weird being that the Porsche is drifting but not in the right orientation if that makes sense.


Simmion t1_jdjmu9g wrote

Yeah it definitely looks wrong.


Ashkill115 t1_jdjnsqz wrote

Maybe if it was an AWD Porsche that was just turning in after a little bit of understeering but it also drives straight a couple times as if it wasn’t drifting


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdjnx70 wrote

Yeah I totally get what you mean, I’m trying out some new things in blender so it’s in progress, but I agree with u tbh 😅


Ashkill115 t1_jdjo7n6 wrote

Your definitely on the right path! I don’t mean to be too harsh. Have you thought about doing some Japanese cars since they did invent the drift?


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdjovtl wrote

Don’t worry I don’t take it in a bad way I exactly appreciate you for being honest so I can improve. I’m currently working on a mk4 Supra and I think it looks really good, if you like I could send you a sneak peak


Ashkill115 t1_jdjogd9 wrote

Oh! I’ve seen your work before too I didn’t realize you were the same person! I actually really liked your past stuff!


4_jacks t1_jdmdllu wrote

Yeah at the 6 oclock to 8 oclock position is all off


BlueCollarGuru t1_jdjjww8 wrote

That looks like a game I would play


mochacub22 t1_jdjl0oa wrote

Reminded me of hot slide but that mobile game got old for me


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdjp6nh wrote

I get what you mean it’s the same art style 😅 but I’m planning on making a totally different game, more like a combination of CarX and Forza horizon but small


FragFrog101 t1_jdku39u wrote

Not sure why, but I think this are style would work really well with a vaporwave aesthetic and music in a game


sceptic03 t1_jdjlg9z wrote

Looks like an RWB porsche for sure. Great work


Foxie66 t1_jdjr7ao wrote

Oh it's you again, you're the one who made the RX7 loop! I love your work!


Dart_Dukii t1_jdjsynm wrote

Are u the same guy who did a similar pixel art one like 2 weeks ago?


Trevorblackwell420 t1_jdkkl2j wrote

Thank you for this, I felt proud that I knew it was a porche in like the first second of watching. It’s a testament to your artistic skills considering the low poly count used.


[deleted] t1_jdl2hrh wrote

How long does it take you to make something like this?


Pan-tang t1_jdl5i19 wrote

Why is 'drifting' thought so highly of? They are mad about it on Top Gear.


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdle2qf wrote

Idk for sure but for me it was the pure burst of adrenaline when a car goes sideways. If only say once in a car that drifted (I was the passenger) but u feel it thought your whole body


Britz10 t1_jdlwsbw wrote

These always look great, but your other drifting ones look a little better, but that's probably because they had easier rigs to work with.


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdlx199 wrote

I get what you mean I tried a lot of different things with the animation but it wouldn’t come out as I wanted it. I think it might has something to do with the timing and camera angle, but thanks tho!!


headloser t1_jdm9xru wrote

Very impressed. I wish i had that skill. You got talent. Just for a suggestion, try to add a little speed bump so we can see the physix of the car landing. Just wondering. I hope this will get you a job.


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdmatkw wrote

Thanks!! Much appreciated! I will definitely try out to add a speed bump or that the car hit something. Only problem is that I don’t use physics and the rig so everything is animate and not simulated 😅 but I will try it regardless!


Shervi t1_jdmkoh9 wrote

A hidden loop would be cool. Where it goes in a circle but one time it drifts by a city and then by the stones. Switching every time i goes around.


Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdmlsb0 wrote

I agree could be really cool if done right. I will look one hundred procent look into it, thanks for the suggestion


MuhCrea t1_jdjnuc5 wrote



[deleted] t1_jdjzhe1 wrote



Historical_Aide_2744 OP t1_jdlemed wrote

Nah once tried a illustration nft project with a whole team but it’s no fun at all to make and the market has already died for a while now, but thanks tho!