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BearisonF0rd t1_je9iscg wrote

Going ham!


Mypigfounditself t1_jeaxlzo wrote

My pig found its- found itself smart enough to hop over the, the barrier from his pen to the next pen, and eat all of that pig's food, then go to the next one, and eat all of that pig's food, and then the next one, and eat all of that pig's food, and make his way back in time for when it was my turn, my time to feed him, he had already eaten three meals and was just sitting there waiting for me, and I would feed him and he would eat that. That's why he gained so much weight and got sifted at the fat stock show.


LordBowler423 t1_jeaiqid wrote

I rolled up on three of these guys in Majula. My best advice is to run.


AMetalWorld t1_jec1kav wrote

My best advice is to play a better game

Kidding, but seriously. I’d rather try to platform to Royal rat authority in full havels than fight those fuckers again


myguitar_lola t1_jeakgdj wrote

I would looove to be chased by three of these little hams! They can chase me all the way home :) I keep telling my partner we need a pig for our dog... He says pigs can't live where we live, but they can if they're INDOORS! lol


TheycallmeFlynn t1_jeawm1r wrote

I’m that tired I read this as ‘rowdy pig zombies’.


SpaceManSmithy t1_jeax2tc wrote

I'm hopped up on caffeine and I also read it as rowdy pig zombies.


CH3ST3RCOPP3RPOT t1_jec11ab wrote

Same. Thought it was going to be a reference to the pig zombies in Mark 5:13 where jebus has demons posses a herd of pigs who run through town and into the ocean.


SoftGothBFF t1_jebfxfw wrote

This has no sound and that upsets me.


Bo-Banny t1_jedazfq wrote

It's probably making a fast coughing bark type sound while it runs


makipri t1_jeewyv8 wrote

Very much the same. Looking for all the happy oinks, grunts and pants.


ParagonFire t1_jebhwd7 wrote

go vegan ❤️


Level7Cannoneer t1_jed8lhn wrote

No thanks. 🤷‍♀️

This same person does keep posting farm videos and commenters with samey names always pop up to command everyone to go vegan. This whole thing feels manipulative anyway.


Nevoic t1_jedfjz0 wrote

It's good to have a skepticism about being manipulated, because in the age of capitalism you're almost always going to be manipulated in the name of profit.

What you'll find about vegan activism though is that it's a genuine form of activism, like feminism or BLM, and not akin to dairy farmers with the drink milk ads.

There are no vegan products being shilled for in this post. There is an attempt to move people's social attitudes about certain sentient creatures. To afford the same kindness we extend to dogs to pigs as well.

Make sure to introspect about your skepticism. It's a good default position, but refusing to investigate further it can actually be a problem.

There were people skeptical about various social issues of the past (removing slavery, giving minorities the right to vote, etc.), and if the skeptics in these situations refused to investigate why they were skeptical and if that was rational, they'd end up on the wrong side of history and morality.


wonhoseok t1_jea652d wrote

WiLd BoAr GOes oN vIoLeNT RAmpAgE


Drax99 t1_jeabysi wrote

Sir, I think we found how they are smuggling the cocaine!


fuzzytradr t1_jealh9q wrote

"I ain't making my bed today!"


nadasurfgrl1010 t1_jech1eb wrote

And I want a pig. Just for like cuddles and cute stuff. None of the work.


coooourtie t1_jebw4e8 wrote

Had no idea that pigs got zoomies.


thundafox t1_jeb5jbv wrote

Peace was never an Option


bubuthing t1_jeakm8c wrote

I just had ramen with roast pork and you made me feel bad.


Omnibeneviolent t1_jeb1qex wrote

What is it about this that made you feel bad?


bubuthing t1_jebriyk wrote

Not sure. I think it was just food coma. I’m at peace with my decision now.


QuintoxPlentox t1_jeau8e5 wrote

Typical hooligan, supposed to be going for the football, ends up tearing everything up instead.


Mesmerise t1_jebraoz wrote

Fuck this bed in particular!


Brilliant_Armadillo9 t1_jebw2as wrote

That pig is fat.


makipri t1_jeexbtp wrote

No body shaming.


Brilliant_Armadillo9 t1_jeeytdq wrote

No. This shit needs to stop. There's ample scientific evidence that overweight is unhealthy. Having overweight animals is just negligent animal husbandry.


makipri t1_jeezl4n wrote

There is as much scientific evidence pointing that body shaming doesn’t make people lose weight but lead unhappier lives.


BayouJenn t1_jebukbe wrote

Is this the same pig who used to stick his head out of the car window and squeal on the insurance commercials? So stinking cute 🥰


Zinnalynn t1_jecq1vp wrote

Pig hates the bed, loves the dirt... makes sense to me!


18114 t1_jed5mki wrote

Look at him he is so cute little bugger.


1gothickitten t1_jedeelq wrote

I love seeing all types of animal zoomies!


Gamerxx13 t1_jedh2b1 wrote

My pup does this to his bed then naps in it lol


h3lblad3 t1_jealp2r wrote

Images like this always make me wish that we'd have successfully bred smaller, thinner pigs. They could be such fun little dog competitors.


g00fyg00ber741 t1_jecxh46 wrote

Inbreeding a ton of different kinds of dogs with so many different genetic health defects wasn’t enough? You wanted us to do it to pigs too? Sorry, humans were too busy breeding them to slaughter, not to compete against dogs (at what??)


h3lblad3 t1_jecyhk4 wrote

>not to compete against dogs (at what??)

At the same thing that cats, gerbils, and parrots compete with dogs for.


g00fyg00ber741 t1_jecys6r wrote

Huh? Idk what kind of animal competitions you’re talking about but that sounds so exploitative


h3lblad3 t1_jed0eyc wrote

House pets. I’m talking about pets you keep in your house.


SirCustardCream t1_jedq14i wrote

They are aware. They are trying to get you to understand that animals are individuals and not just things for us to manipulate to suit our desires.

Edit: I'm not saying this to judge or make you feel called out by the way.


g00fyg00ber741 t1_jeex5y3 wrote

The only pets that really make sense to me are rescuing animals since they don’t have a habitat that is safe or natural for them, thanks to humans. Tons of animals become rescued after animal testing or get rescued from farms before slaughter or after serial exploitation. Dogs and cats have intensely huge populations outdoors and live longer lives without reproducing when humans spay and neuter them and keep them from roaming. Meanwhile tons are continuing to be bred with health defects cause humans think it’s cute and funny and a literal money-making scheme.

So as I’m opposed to breeding pigs and gerbils and dogs and cats and parrots as different shapes and sizes to compete in little competitions for some simpleminded human satisfaction like you suggest, I think it makes more sense to rescue animals and work to stop all the ways we breed them for profit without regard for their lives or quality of life or health as a whole, outside of their entertainment value to us humans.


DocSarcasmo t1_jebax7n wrote

May chaos take the world! MAY CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD!


jacob_carter t1_jecm6h4 wrote

That’s a weird looking Frenchie.


TheGamerPandA t1_jee25h9 wrote

So cute and chubby and fat I love it


CuppaMatt t1_jeehq9e wrote

Where are the other 29-49?


NaiiaN6 t1_jef3hga wrote

I am sure a potato can suffer when you rip them from the ground, their mother (the earth, Gaia) when you are aborting them. An apple, when you are killing every seedling (aborting) that will never touch the spring and summers love of bloom. And a tree that feels the most. Tens to a Thousand+ years of growth just to be massacred and made to feel your stupid thought written on it's flesh. I feel the earth and I am one with Gaia.


NaiiaN6 t1_jef3ug7 wrote

Life Eats Life. We all eat life. So starve or enjoy some bacon. He is cute though.


arebee20 t1_jefrcgo wrote

I have no tusks but I must gore


JS3427 t1_jebghgr wrote



Mrlightskin74 t1_jee4ral wrote

"Make ME into bacon will ya? I promise when they come thru the door I'm gonna...I'm gonna...PORK EM UP like THIS!"


Environmental_Cow747 t1_jedseu7 wrote

If you don’t like your bed, I have a nice big frying pan you can lay in! 🍳🐖🤣😂


Lastmann t1_jebu1fg wrote

Healthy at any size 😁


Tazerboy_5000 t1_jeb549y wrote

I thought there would be sound...

Pepe screech


Krusty_Kreed t1_jed04rz wrote

He’s excited because his mom’s cooking bacon 🥓 for breakfast. Yummmmm


makinbaconCR t1_jebjoui wrote

Hey hey hey Chis P. Bacon I need you turn down the cute dial it's ruining my breakfast


hemaris_thysbe t1_je9oo5i wrote

Stop eating animals


boyaintgotnolegs t1_jebavy8 wrote


People will downvote because it’s painful to look inward. They’ll complain that others are selfish and prioritize their own needs over others, while they do the same thing regarding most forms of life.


k_gorman8 t1_jea4nm4 wrote

This pig looks like a pet, probably won’t be eaten


Margidoz t1_jecx5x9 wrote

Whether pigs deserve to be harmed doesn't depend on if they're pets


k_gorman8 t1_jecxc1q wrote

I’m just saying, the post has absolutely nothing to do with eating pigs. Bringing it up just seems like someone’s wanting to cause issues


Margidoz t1_jecxkxp wrote

There's always plenty of comments saying "bacon" or something like that on posts like these


ayotacos t1_jebyrdi wrote

Using animals for our benefit or survival is not necessary. We trade a few moments of pleasure for billions of lives every year. Stop eating and using animals. Stop the insanity. Truly. It's insane what we've done and allowed to happen.

We are all complicit in a certain amount of suffering in exchange for comfort, in every way of our lives.


NaiiaN6 t1_jea9qay wrote

Trees and plants are the earth's synapses. They're just as alive as anything else on this planet. Life eats life. That's the way it goes.


Omnibeneviolent t1_jeaj4vj wrote

Yes, they are just as alive. I don't think the issue is merely that animals are alive, though.


Knee3000 t1_jeb7r1j wrote

And even if it was, eating animals kills more plants than just eating plants directly.


FakMiGooder t1_jebuy4o wrote

The question isn’t whether they’re alive or not, it’s whether or not they can suffer. Pigs (and all other livestock we farm) can indeed suffer, cry, fear, and mourn. A potato or an apple tree cannot.


NaiiaN6 t1_jef156o wrote

I am sure a potato can suffer when you rip them from the ground, their mother (the earth, Gaia) when you are aborting them. An apple, when you are killing every seedling (aborting) that will never touch the spring and summers love of bloom. And a tree that feels the most. Tens to a Thousand+ years of growth just to be massacred and made to feel your stupid thought written on it's flesh. I feel the earth and I am one with Gaia.


FakMiGooder t1_jefqbdq wrote

I do relate to this sentiment, and I think it’s important to feel one with our beautiful home we call Earth. But remember that animals also fall under this umbrella of life, and from what we know through scientific study, these creatures have nervous systems and brains making them capable of experiencing a range of emotions. And this is a trait that us humans share with our animal friends, so we should give them the love and liberties that they deserve, not enslave and exploit them.


Margidoz t1_jecz3aa wrote

You don't seriously believe stabbing a tree and stabbing a pig are equally bad


Vulbjor t1_jec9tei wrote



BargainBarnacles t1_jedr0hz wrote

Congratulations, you've demonstrated, VERY succinctly, that you have no brain. Please sit over in that corner while the men in white coats come to collect you.

Thank you.


prokulus t1_jeavu6z wrote

Bacon escaping from the pan xd


todd10k t1_jebp04o wrote

express pork


lyinggrump t1_jebbegr wrote

Man, look at that plump belly. That's some good eatin'


metalmankam t1_jea8axl wrote

Did you order that bacon to-go?


B0ssFeyrin t1_jea06oh wrote

That's some good looking 🥓.