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togocann49 t1_iquxy1j wrote

I’ve found that Dachshunds are rarely accused of having small or light personalities.


mezmery t1_iqv43ok wrote

they are small tyrants.

so technically...


StatusSea5409 t1_iqv6t83 wrote

I can only believe it's waiting on owner to walk away, then the tyranny begins.


Martianman97 t1_iqvtlh8 wrote

I used to work as a postman. Apparently the dog breed that bit postie's the most was Daschshunds


Lexi_Banner t1_iqvx9qb wrote

I am unsurprised. I groom dogs, and they are among the nastiest when they come in for nail trims. It's both hilarious (because they aren't always particularly mobile), and irritating (because if they can't bite you, they will not hesitate to rage poop/pee on you).


Kage159 t1_iqxu6cg wrote

Took ours to the vet years ago to get her nails trimmed. She was growling and bearing her teeth at the vet. In one swoop he grabbed her snout and wrapped it with medical tape. He finished the trim, removed the tape and she sat there like nothing happened.


lucasandrew t1_iqvxvpc wrote

My wife named ours Napoleon for a reason.


bam2_89 t1_iqw4ysf wrote

I named ny mom's toy poodle Napoleon. You should have named the Dachshund Hitler.


ecafsub t1_iqvibt5 wrote

They are as loyal as they are feisty. My mom owned several in her life and they were amazing dogs.

One she got shortly before I had knee surgery that laid me up for weeks. This little pup would curl up on my chest and fall asleep. Epic bonding. When I eventually left for college, he slept in my room almost exclusively.


bam2_89 t1_iqw54wg wrote

When I close the door to my room when I'm working to keep out distractions, my Rottweiler curls up and lays against the door.


ThousandFingerMan t1_iqviie9 wrote

Dachshunds' reality has very little in common with the real world, because in their world they are the biggest, baddest motherfuckers in the hood


piccolo1337 t1_iqvmsns wrote

They might not be the biggest physically. But they sure are the most baddest motherfuckers I have trained as dogs. Smart, intelligent, feisty, brutal and will protect «their» person that they have chosen, with their life. In packs Dachshunds are a force to be reckoned with. Unstoppable power.


SchwiftyTownshin t1_iqvuwgb wrote

This is a dead on description. It's a weird juxtaposition that something can be so cute, yet so intense and brutal at the same time. It's almost like owning 2 dogs in 1 sometimes.


pyro_in_wonderland t1_iqw5y8m wrote

I'm imagining a guy getting attacked by a group of dachshunds like the dude who got killed by compys in the Lost World.


SchwiftyTownshin t1_iqwty71 wrote

Lmao I instantly got this visual as well. Hopefully it wouldn’t go down exactly the same…


grendus t1_iqvy3xd wrote

They were bred to crawl into a wounded badger's nest, drag it out, and murder it.

If you're going to fight a badger, you better be cocky. Nobody who has room in their skull for fear crawls into a badger's den after the thing, even humans dig them up with something pointy.


togocann49 t1_iqxmqsc wrote

To be fair, when my 16 pound doxie barks, it is a big dog bark. When we would hang on balcony at our old place (2nd floor), he would bark at someone on the ground, they’d often look up, see our guy, then continue to look for that dog that was barking. It’s only if he barks again, or we tell the people in question (so they can relax, there’s no Cujo on the loose) that it was him. He’s also weirded out other dogs with his bark, like other dog knows they are larger, stronger dog, but our guys bark makes them question who’s in charge here


MumrikDK t1_iqxlqcg wrote

They measure by size of bark rather than mass. Our dachshund basically sounded like a GSD tier dog and acted like that was his power level too.


thejawa t1_iqvmqfs wrote

While typically the case, I can confirm there is at least one in existence. Ours was bullied by a Chihuahua when she was a young puppy, to the point where the people who got her initially had to give her up. My now wife brought her home to another doxy who was old and mostly blind, and all he did to teach her how to "dog" was dry hump her.

She's 12 now and thought being dry humped was the only way dogs played until we got a new Pomsky puppy a few weeks ago. Seeing our old doxy finally learn how to properly dog from a 12 week old puppy is amazing. But she's still a very timid and submissive little Doxy. The cat still holds a very strong hierarchy over her.

Tax: The Doxy - Pomsky duo in question -


Wishilikedhugs t1_iqw02xm wrote

I used to foster dachshunds and I can't overstate how big their personalities were for such tiny dogs. Absolute clowns and ridiculous and then full derp alert at the slightest sound on the street.


togocann49 t1_iqxq4de wrote

We don’t say we have a guard dog, we say we have an alarm dog, cause if something is skulking about, their onto it, and letting everyone know about it as well. I had a friend, and with his dog barking at passerbys, he’d say thank you, and dog would look proud about it, and bark no more. With our guy in that situation, we tell him to stop, and he’ll always bark once more, while looking right at whomever told him that’s enough (like he’ll stop, but only on his terms)


CrazeMase t1_iqw4wdb wrote

Dachshunds are the nicest dogs I've ever met, besides golden retrievers Dachshunds are the only dogs I've seen that will smile


Shadodre t1_iqvrmbi wrote

I had a Dachshund when I was a kid who was the neighborhood bully.


annies_boobs_feet t1_iqzaleg wrote

my doormat says "dachshund is german for little piece of shit"

and "dachshund" is in the shape of a dach