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herrscherofchicken t1_ir0sqxd wrote



Merfen t1_ir18juk wrote

The key is to eat shit 50 times beforehand attempting this until you eventually get it right and only post that final time. Its basically the same mechanics as doing a jump on a flat surface, just significantly harder.


nox_nox t1_ir198os wrote

This is such a high risk, eat major shit move too.

Catch a foot and rotate awkwardly into concrete while falling face first into concrete.

Miss board and fall into concrete on your shoulder.

Hit board but slip out and crack against metal stairs.

I'm always amazed by people that pull off crazy gaps while skateboarding.


Merfen t1_ir1b2bq wrote

Not a single piece of safety equipment either. Too cool to wear a helmet, let alone knee/elbow pads.


nox_nox t1_ir1ekso wrote

I split a helmet in half once while snowboarding. Went off a jump, landed fine, then caught my heel edge with a ton of speed and it whipped me onto my back and head.

I got up a bit dazed and my friend comes over to check on me and is like holy shit your helmet is cracked in half. The only thing hold it together was the plastic outer cover.

That helmet saved me from major injury or death that day. I can't understand why anyone nowadays rides anything without at least a helmet.


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nox_nox t1_ir55066 wrote

Yep, I'd been told that years before the first time I was fitted for one.


rinn10 t1_ir49gjy wrote

I was riding my bike to work one day and slid on some wet leaves. The bike went completely sideways. My head wanged the pavement hard enough to crack my helmet.

It would've been so much worse if I had not worn my helmet.


Elite_Slacker t1_ir2gwus wrote

That is lance mountain. He has been skating 47 years and IS wearing kneepads, the most important piece of gear to fall safely in a pool.


caustic_kiwi t1_ir46uip wrote

Don't care how cool and great you are, wear a helmet. If not for your own safety, then to be a good role-model for kids who look up to you.


HereWeGoAgain-77 t1_ir4zstq wrote

Worry about yourself dude. Jesus christ lol.


[deleted] t1_ir598mk wrote

Nah he's fucking right. That's why Tony Hawk insisted on wearing protective gear


caustic_kiwi t1_ir7a7iq wrote

How about you worry about yourself instead of what I'm worried about?


shreddy5050 t1_ir1n8le wrote

He’s wearing knee pads


Merfen t1_ir1o09h wrote

Good call, hard to see them in this 144p gif. Still nothing protecting the most important body part.


NoGodsNoJanitors t1_ir3clzx wrote

Lmao, gonna call hard to see on the knee pads but expect to see his buttplug at that same resolution


High_AspectRatio t1_ir1c8x0 wrote

It's entirely different from jumping on a flat surface. If you were to actually jump off the board you would just fly away from the wall.

If this is real, he basically just raised his legs closer to his body and lowered them at exactly the right time


candidateforhumanity t1_ir1ivf5 wrote

for every action, en equal and opposite reaction. for him to raise his feet without exerting pressure on the board he would have to be 1. not standing on the board while going up and 2. have his head lower to compensate.

he is jumping on his way up and the curvature of the wall catches up with his trajectory, that's all. you won't magically keep flying away from the wall in a curved path


TheoreticalJacob t1_ir1i7dt wrote

No it's even worse/better. He has to actually jump a tiny bit since his legs hold the force of him continuing into the wall. So he needs to jump a tiny bit, but not enough to completely overcome his momentum because he can't get it back.

This trick boggles my mind, I think the video has be to be rotated or something.

Edit: I think I can see it a bit better, just really impressive


gopherdagold t1_ir40n17 wrote

You can see his lower body counteract the jump at the same time so the force of the tiny jump is still applied but the average momentum of his body doesn't change. Essentially the board/his feet see a jump, his torso sees a dip, and his center of mass sees no change


-Dalzik- t1_ir2zih1 wrote

Instructions unclear... started eating shit, when do I buy the skateboard?


pyrobryan t1_irf3omx wrote

I love it. "It's just like doing something dead simple, except is incredibly hard."


Danny-Dynamita t1_ir38121 wrote

He retracts his legs at the perfect time while conserving his momentum and puts them back in place very neatly.

No jump done at all, it’s not gravity but rather himself who drives his legs “down”. It also shows a level of precision worthy of a fucking atomic clock.


Hamburgr t1_ir35cbd wrote

Late to this is post, but look carefully at his legs. He's not "jumping", he merely retracting his legs toward his body and it gives the illusion of jumping. As someone else pointed out, momentum does the rest.


ignaloidas t1_ir3w9ot wrote

It is jumping. Merely retracting your legs would send you straight into the wall. Defining newtonian principles in a centrifugal system is somewhat unintuitive, but you do need to exert force upon the skateboard to go around the rails.


Hamburgr t1_ir3xfvq wrote

He would go straight into the wall if he continued in his path for a significant part of the curve. This is obviously an approximation, but he's only in free motion for like 3-5 degrees of a circular arc. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things. After which, his feet are back on the board and he receives the necessary centrifugal force again to get back in the path of the arc.

Edit: Keep in mind that he keeps his current velocity vector when his feet leave the board. The absence of his feet on the board doesn't mean he suddenly gets sucked into the wall (where would that force come from?)


ignaloidas t1_ir4c02x wrote

Inertia is carrying him into the wall, as there is no force that's holding him away from it. Without any velocity into the wall he wouldn't be able to ride it.


Hamburgr t1_ir4vieh wrote

We agree that motion would be similar to releasing a ball that you are spinning in a circle by rope. When released, it continues with the instantaneous tangential velocity at that moment. However, the skateboarder's center of mass (lower torso) is somewhere on the order of 2.5 to 3 feet away from the ramp surface. Fundamentally his circular path of motion is offset from the ramp surface. Over course of his free motion from release to re-contact, he's only in the air long enough for his center of mass to get closer to the wall by like 3ish inches. Therefore, he can clear the ladder and quickly get back to the board before hitting the ramp wall.


mattswingen t1_ir4kjdt wrote

You’ve never tried a hippy Jump on a skate board. try exerting force onto the thing which requires constant momentum moving forward. If you exert down and backwards force it’s already over. And the board is gone.


mattswingen t1_ir4kpxp wrote

You carry an insane amount more force than that board so you have to detach, not jump.


[deleted] t1_ir2n7tw wrote

It's a hippy jump so you find some hippies and use them for practice.


xavier120 t1_ir3oj8b wrote

Objects already in motion, stay in motion.


slugerama t1_ir1rt1e wrote

Amazing. I watched for 5 minutes and he never missed once.


blizg t1_ir3k32l wrote

I paused it so I could give him a break


x925 t1_ir4qxrn wrote

How long is this video? It's interesting but idk if I want to keep going, it's a little repetitive.


sjace808 t1_ir0zn4v wrote

Didn't even know that was possible, amazing


Mahoutie t1_ir1f8o4 wrote

Lance is the man! 58 years old and still ripping.


hazpat t1_ir1c9ob wrote

Fuckin hippy


souse03 t1_ir20i6a wrote

Gravity: am i a joke to you?


seanbrockest t1_ir109pv wrote

Newtons first law of motion in action.


PM_me_song_mashups t1_ir1607t wrote

I wonder how many times he smashed his knees or jumped too far and fell on his face before getting this right.


outfieldjack t1_ir1f9jr wrote

Gosh! He's made it everytime so far! Up to 79 and counting!


davidnqd t1_ir29p75 wrote

i scrape my knees just looking at this


Jugwis t1_ir0zwt3 wrote

thats the best loop ive seen in a while. just satisfying


winkman t1_ir1dogo wrote

On a scale from 1 to 1080, how difficult is this trick?


Hippobu2 t1_ir1h6vz wrote

Probably talking out of my ass here, but, physically, conservation of momentum would make it pretty easy; the issue is controlling your monkey brain: don't slow down, don't hesitate, don't get your feet trap in the ladder, etc.

So, pretty simple but almost impossible at the same time.


coding_badly t1_ir1z6l3 wrote

I saw a video on reddit earlier today of a girl that had to call the police to help her out of an empty pool.


changerofbits t1_ir22bu1 wrote

I’m not a skateboarder (probably due to growing up in the middle of nowhere with a mile of dirt road to the nearest pavement, which is a highway, and many more miles before reaching anything resembling an actual sidewalk), but my expert opinion is that this move is pretty damn cool.


Wallace_W_Whitfield t1_ir296p7 wrote

I think I understand how it works but it’s still mind bending to look at


[deleted] t1_ir2o5xt wrote

This one is tricky. Usually when you do a hippy jump you've got gravity to bring you back to your board. He's doing a hippy jump sideways!


TheAero1221 t1_ir2fovx wrote

I'm just amazed that he pulled it off 39 times before he messed up.


Thatsidechara_ter t1_ir2g9ku wrote

Got damnit the title makes me think this is secretly an actual video and he's gonna crash


Knerrbo t1_ir2q90l wrote

Apparently Physics don’t apply to you if enough stupidity is involved


MyDogJake1 t1_ir2sf14 wrote

I couldn't do that once! Let alone 35x.... 36x... 37x

This guy's good.


THE_GR8_MIKE t1_ir2tbol wrote

Does Skate 3 let you do a Hippie Jump on vertical surfaces?


erotyk t1_ir2tk0a wrote

this doesnt look possible prolly made with the magic of hollywood.


egoVirus t1_ir2y630 wrote

This is a physics lesson in and of itself.


slickrickog t1_ir32deu wrote

How many times can he do this in a row?? Impressive


GaryNOVA t1_ir36fvn wrote

I’ve been watching him do this for 9 Hours straight. Is he ever gonna get tired?


BToney005 t1_ir36nxj wrote

Skateboarders are built different.


souji5okita t1_ir37wp0 wrote

Just imagine how many wipeouts it took to get here.


texas1982 t1_ir3fsr9 wrote

Whats amazing is that he does this like 40 times in a row.


Cheddarface t1_ir3iiit wrote

Throckmorton you've done it again


thewinterofmylife t1_ir3w0sy wrote

I kept watching this gif for longer than I'd like to admit waiting for him to eat shit before I realized it's just a loop.


Synth_Ham t1_ir3z27v wrote

What comes around is all around.


VinDucks t1_ir40mq3 wrote

Actually insane


C-hound t1_ir482d1 wrote

That's one of the most gnarly hippy jumps I've seen.


rinn10 t1_ir49561 wrote

Every epic win has the potential to be an epic biff. Glad he made this one!


mozzarellax t1_ir4rppx wrote

i would literally break so many bones in my body if i tried doing this


tezomby t1_ir4xat4 wrote

I hate when people do that. I don't care how good you are, it's still cheating


WarhammerRyan t1_ir5bovm wrote

One of these times he's gonna face plant

Gotta wait for it, hope it happens soon....


KENT427 t1_ir1s0bo wrote

Great song btw~


Thereisnospoon64 t1_ir3dn12 wrote

Now I have that JT song stuck in my head, thanks


DrSmirnoffe t1_ir1kagc wrote

An impressive feat, but no doubt preceded by several failed practice attempts. Even if I had that alacrity, I wouldn't attempt it without shin-guards, 'cause if you jump too late, that ladder is gonna trebuchet into your shins.