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zer0_sky t1_ire8wnm wrote

So cool! Well done on the painting and the animation. I never realized how seldom I see city scenes in watercolor; it's always landscapes.


LexiiConn t1_irbxxnw wrote

That’s amazing! How did you do that? And where in Philadelphia does it represent? I haven’t been there in years and was wondering if it was someplace I knew. Looks like it’s close to Center City. Coming in from the south, perhaps?


majozaur OP t1_irbyik6 wrote

thank you, I made a frame animation in photoshop, and this is the Columbus Blvd


Willbily t1_irf011o wrote

I was gonna guess market st looking east around the schuylkill. Then I was gonna guess Delaware Ave around penns landing. I love it. I lived close to that neighborhood for a while


jmmmke t1_ire5zws wrote

Well done


dortles t1_irdd0u4 wrote

Fantastic work


tru_power22 t1_irf1u1g wrote

I'm not seeing Green Man, Taiwan Tammy, or Dr. Mantis Toboggan. How can you have a painting of Philly without those sources of culture?


[deleted] t1_irf6dn1 wrote

Look through her profile, she has others like this from other cities, though this one is simply outstanding.


wolfgang784 t1_irewi83 wrote

Prolly how 70% of the city sees it with all the heroin goin around down there lol.

Sick art though, for real.


Sevreth t1_irez139 wrote

This is gorgeous. Amazing work!

I miss Philly a lot as a Marylander. I don't get to the city like I used to.

At least I have my Flyers........


narabwarrior t1_irf24vx wrote

Dude this is so awesome. Haven't been back to Philly in so many years, but this makes me feel the energy of the streets. Great work!


distractxme t1_irf2cu0 wrote

This is really cool! Is the watercolour painting done digitally or on paper and scanned in?


majozaur OP t1_irf4vgj wrote

the day watercolor is regular watercolor painted on watercolor paper and scanned, the night version I created in photoshop by adding gradients


magic9669 t1_irf2im9 wrote

Pretty cool. Well done. No Comcast Technology Center building?


thee-mjb t1_irf4ucx wrote

How long did this take to make?


majozaur OP t1_irf571c wrote

watercolor sketch and painting 3 hours, creating night version digitally and animation next 3 hours


gnioros t1_irf52fi wrote

I want to do this for my city


vogonpoem t1_irf6u9e wrote

Love the work! That would also make for a great printed time of day triptych.


majozaur OP t1_irf74ak wrote

I have a day version available as a print I can send you a link if you wish.


thebackwash t1_irfnd2e wrote

This looks great, though I doubt you’re from Philly. Not a single dumpster pool party or biker getting hit by a car in sight! 😉


tdruelinger t1_irfor47 wrote

So here’s how I know I’ve been abroad too long. I was watching this and thinking “why isn’t it going from red to red and yellow then to green”. I forgot that in America it just changes form red to green. 😂


JohnnyAK907 t1_irfpg93 wrote

Is this a repost? Already saw this last week.


kibbeast t1_irfqg5z wrote

You are very talented and this is great work but if this is supposed to be Philly, isn't it missing Eagles fans physically assaulting opposing fans? Worst fans in the country. They are way too many bad people in that crowd and too many others providing cover and excuses for them. I'm embarrassed for that city.


Aetherometricus t1_irfqyu4 wrote

You forgot to animate the death of the hitchhiking robot.


yukithedog t1_irfr35u wrote

I really like the look, would be great for a movie/short film or even video game/visual novel!! Great work, you should put it in an art exhibition or something!


beadfix82 t1_irfrai8 wrote

That's really beautiful.


CoQ11 t1_irfrre0 wrote

This is awesome and makes me feel


Scyxurz t1_irfthv8 wrote

Huh. Ya know, I don't think I've ever seen an animated watercolor before. Interesting.


trevor25 t1_irfvav8 wrote

This is so cool. Well done


1HappyIsland t1_irfyzet wrote

I like city scenes in watercolor. Especially Philly!


SuchCoolBrandon t1_irhdtt7 wrote

Having the U-turn lane to the right of the left-turn lane means that U-turning traffic is going to cross into the path of traffic turning left, unfortunately causing collisions.


57alice t1_ireub9z wrote

That is so neat!


GraceeMacee t1_irf31tu wrote

I love this! I miss Philly and its grungy beauty ❤️


KingAeolus t1_irf4nph wrote

This is lovely, much better than what I thought it was, an animated pedophile.


doj101 t1_irfp9px wrote

Please stop.


Phillysean23 t1_ire0pxa wrote

Not realistic where are the murders?


tm354 t1_irebqzs wrote

Very unrealistic! Where are the crackheads??? Where are the piles of trash and garbage?


RenaissanceBear t1_irecyw6 wrote

Needs at least 4 pan handlers working that intersection for fent money


Crapscalion t1_irevvc9 wrote

Where's all the crack zombies


Fishy-dolphin t1_irew4sn wrote

It looks good but not true to life, people in Philly don't stop at red lights lol.