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shifty_coder t1_irvtkwt wrote

What buffs does it give?


Buffyferry OP t1_irvv9hf wrote

+40 charisma, grants you safe passage through elven realms.


Errorterm t1_irwf3vi wrote

Are they the Two Trees of ancient myth?!

Laurelin Golden Song and Telperion White Blossom?!

Elen sila lumenn omentielvo


Buffyferry OP t1_irwm9dn wrote

The Trees of Valinor ! I'm a big Tolkien fan.


Errorterm t1_irwmvuw wrote

Nice! I like the choice of Labradorite too, its all the rage these days


mowbuss t1_irxoogv wrote

Im a tolkein fan too, but the silmarilion is kicking my ass.


RearEchelon t1_irxyxle wrote

You're not the only one. It's like reading the Bible.


mowbuss t1_iry05ub wrote

Thats how ive been comparing it when people ask what im reading.


SayRaySF t1_irx4d1p wrote

But does it make my damage go higher?


Dub_stebbz t1_irxp8c7 wrote

If you take Eldritch Blast, and Agonizing Blast as an invocation, then absolutely


[deleted] t1_irvwe6k wrote



hydrospanner t1_irw8oqq wrote

OP doesn't owe you jack shit.

If you're this salty about their post just downvote it and move on with your sad life.


[deleted] t1_irw8yie wrote



matpatty t1_irw931i wrote

Clearly you


[deleted] t1_irw976u wrote



matpatty t1_irwaa2v wrote

Good comeback. I can see you're a man of intelligence.


[deleted] t1_irwah2s wrote



DrummerBound t1_irwb8sm wrote

This is probably the most elaborate way someone showed me an ad.

She still won't like you tho.

Edit: For anyone wondering, "deleted" told everyone she wouldn't like them, she just wants to sell her stuff, and finally, "deleted" linked her Etsy page. It's kind of poetic, but in a pathetic way


kingofcheezwiz t1_irvub1a wrote

What RPG universe does this one belong in? Looks Final Fantasy to me. So I'm saying:

Shiva's Sapphire Talisman

+300 Magic

+100 Vitality

+100 MP


NZNoldor t1_irwiop7 wrote

Two trees, intertwined? MERP Middle-earth Role Playing (ICE)


Adiwik t1_irvmne4 wrote

What's your rig system look like since nobody ever fucking post that kind of cool shit


smalaki t1_irvxmg0 wrote

my hunch is that work on these items are outsourced to local artisans and not made by the shop owner herself


I'm happy to be corrected though. I would like to see the wire working rigs!


romaraahallow t1_irxsjbr wrote

Rigs? Pliers, hands and dedication.

There's your rig.


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_iryca0z wrote

I make wire trees. Same thing. Snips for cutting, hemostats with the serrations covered so it doesn't dent the metal for tougher bends and round nose serrationless pliers for more delicate bending


Adiwik t1_irwe8yy wrote

Well with all the people constantly posting their metalworking and shit like that on here they never do Post the vids of them doing it, and surely someone want to keep their technique secret or whatever but that's not what I'm asking for


romaraahallow t1_irxsmx0 wrote

Then go on fucking Youtube and look at the thousands of wire wrapping tutorials out there.


C137-Morty t1_irvqsgs wrote

This is a question I didn't know I wanted answered


Adiwik t1_irvrunh wrote

I'm tired of people using this platform as a selling point for their own art without giving anything back


KBTon3 t1_irw5fy3 wrote

Why so aggressive? It's not like they posted a link to their shop here or something. Just coming off as a weird gatekeeping asshole.


Adiwik t1_irwe1s4 wrote

Maybe you're projecting here, but there's a jewelry thread somewhere.


LjSpike t1_irx30vt wrote

Isn't sharing cool creations they put their heart into upon a media sharing sub openly, and providing free videos talking about the creation process on the internet, "giving something back"?

Also, what are they "taking" from you by posting this?


Adiwik t1_irxfzj6 wrote

Your devils advocate is neato, they can share it on anything. Attack someone else who cares for your platitudes.


L_knight316 t1_irxkwov wrote

Gotta say, this is the single most butt hurt example of jealousy I've seen on this site in years. You aren't owed anything by people sharing the cool stuff they make.


fuqdeep t1_iryno9m wrote

Ill never understand how people like you can be against self promotion. How the fuck else are people supposed to sell their stuff?


Adiwik t1_iryygqu wrote

stuff your foot in your mouth. you'd do more to think on that then be the popcorn on a 10 hr post. really.


BoneFriend t1_irxwp4u wrote

Do you also get angry at ads for not giving you free shit? Do you demand street vendors walk you through their process? Talk about entitlement, you didn’t build this platform and no one owes you a damn thing

Also, this is r/gifs ffs, get over yourself


MischeviousCat t1_irw4lsd wrote

What do you mean about a rig system?


Adiwik t1_irwe4cd wrote

Lots of metal like that can be put on rig systems to make it easier faster to make them


jacyerickson t1_irvvvvf wrote

That's beautiful. Reminds me of elves.


Slayer-Sango t1_irw0o3k wrote

Is this a Destiny 2 Warlock class item?

EDIT: It's very very cool


JDBCool t1_iry929x wrote

At least it doesn't get lost by clipping


so2017 t1_irvn1xn wrote



Mathieulombardi t1_irw2pn8 wrote

+15 earth dmg, +5 armor, +3 electric static shock dmg


LBGW_experiment t1_irwa8z0 wrote

Blue = water damage. Brown should be earth damage and yellow should be electric damage


Nibroc99 t1_irxz9vf wrote

Fucking liar. You didn't make it using only wire and a gemstone. You clearly also made it with love and passion.


atrast_vala t1_irwftp6 wrote

what gem did you use? it looks like lapis lazuli. love it!


Buffyferry OP t1_irwm6nn wrote

It's a labradorite, lapis lazuli don't have that shine ("the schiller effect").


atrast_vala t1_irwm9i8 wrote

labradorite! i should have recognized it right away, its one of my favorite stones. that an opalite


freakers t1_irx1uvh wrote

Neat. I always thought those were called torc's. A quick search now says torc's are worn around the neck. Steven Erickson apparently has been using the wrong term in his Malazan Book of the Fallen series.


CockGobblin t1_irwlrpt wrote

You do nice work, too bad this is just another self-promotion commercial post like the 100's of others you do. Has it really been 14 days since your last /r/gifs post? Time flies by.


RavenTrollholme t1_irxx7jp wrote

>You do nice work, too bad this is just another self-promotion commercial post like the 100's of others you do. Has it really been 14 days since your last /r/gifs post? Time flies by.

And what's so wrong with that? Major brands market their shit on Reddit all the time, why are you so up in arms about this one person doing it too?


CockGobblin t1_irxxmzz wrote

They should mark it as an Ad. I have adblocker to stop seeing ads. If I wanted to see Ads, I'd use Chrome.


DorisCrockford t1_iryis5h wrote

Makes me wonder how many of the comments are alt accounts. Stunning! Did anybody say stunning?


-Captain--Obvious- t1_irxzn8z wrote

Wow, you saved the day. Here, have a medal. I typically sell these medals on Etsy at but this one for you will be a gift. Enjoy my handmade state-of-the-art medal, made entirely by hand out of med and al.

Joking aside, there's no call to action. This isn't a straight up ad. It's just someone sharing their work. Just enjoy looking at it. They're not telling you to buy it.


CockGobblin t1_iryq4gl wrote

> This isn't a straight up ad.

OK. Look at their post history, they post this stuff often then give their Etsy link / "check my profile" in the comments when someone happens to say, "this is beautiful, do you sell them?"

In the last thread on /r/gifs, the 3rd top comment has her promoting her business.


-Captain--Obvious- t1_is2gx3r wrote

If someone asks for a link to buy them, then that isn't an ad. That's someone asking where they can buy them. If OP were putting a call to action straight away in the post, with a call to action directly in one of the photos, then yeah, that's an ad. As an artist and jewelrysmith myself, I see nothing wrong with this post.


CockGobblin t1_is2hl9p wrote

An account that ONLY posts/comments on their work is an account used for marketing. Look at their post history - they don't use reddit for any other purpose than to solicit clients. (I went back 30 days; only posts/comments on their stuff. They don't comment in any threads on the subs they submit too - unlike you or I, who are engaging in posts/comments that aren't our own)


-Captain--Obvious- t1_is388iu wrote

Seems like their marketing scheme is working then if you're spending so much time looking at their account.


CockGobblin t1_is6dv73 wrote

Is that all you have to say?

It is okay to admit that this is a spam post. I won't fault you for your misguided beliefs.


stevehaynes t1_irwig8b wrote

more ppl should where jewelry like this and from Egyptian ruler’s. Something other than just necklaces and earings. Accessories the whole body


C-EZ t1_irwobgd wrote

Clean AF. That symetry


flamespear t1_irxmz0u wrote

Someone is about to go on an adventure.


truthemptypoint t1_irxqd3m wrote

Didn't know those had a name as "ARMLET"... Always though those where genie bracelets, or muscle bracelets.


pimpydimpy t1_irxrpv7 wrote

“just wire and a gemstone” and a MASSIVE amount of skill and talent. can’t leave that one out!


romaraahallow t1_irxsfcq wrote

phenomenal piece!

What kind of wire was used?


Buffyferry OP t1_irznac7 wrote

It's silver plated copper wire that is also coated, so it won't tarnish. For the "gold" tree I used brass wire. 1.2 and 0.3 mm.


RaistKvothe29 t1_irxtjht wrote

Do you sell these?! That's beautiful 😍


[deleted] t1_irxtyrs wrote

Reminiscent of Galadriel’s ring


SpunkedMeTrousers t1_irxuvc5 wrote

You could sell those (to me) at the Ren Faire for $30-80 apiece


LionIV t1_irxz8ww wrote

10/10 would rock in my Fashion Souls/Elden Bling.


terminalblue t1_irxzkmo wrote

Yeah well I'm know for making questionable decisions.


smbiggy t1_irxzvfs wrote

I feel like armulate woulda been a better term for it. That’s so cool!


3SquirrelsAndaNut t1_irygb7w wrote

That is absolutely gorgeous! Please tell me you have an Etsy store


Ontheout t1_iryjf0u wrote

Thanks for showing your beautiful work! Any piece that is handmade instead of modifying something that already is , is truly a piece of art with its own significance to the maker.


Moonveil t1_iryki21 wrote

That's beautiful!! Reminds me of something Tolkien's elves might wear with the tree imagery.


isthatsoreddit t1_irym9a7 wrote

I had to check the sub, for a minute I thought someone was showing off a Skyrim piece. Incredible job!


Corallia_fluff t1_iryr1sm wrote

it has the perfect aesthetic of Gondor and the liniage of the royalty there


Itsmemcghee t1_iryrscf wrote

Just received a necklace pendant from you, it looks great 👍


Mercarcher t1_iryuse7 wrote

I love labradorite. Badass use for a chunk of it.


Gatinsh t1_irzx384 wrote

Ajhhhhhh.... WIRE!


BillyQz t1_irw24y6 wrote

Awesome job :)


mordinvan t1_irwm997 wrote

Looks very elven. I love it. Great job.


chadwick7865 t1_irwqwxh wrote

Stunning. Reminds me of something an Aes Sedai would wear.


DogLegJournalist t1_irwzmcc wrote

This is amazing! Do you sell these? How can I get one?


h2ogie t1_irx757u wrote

These things are dime-a-dozen. Go on Etsy.


DogLegJournalist t1_irxa0wn wrote

I made a purchase. Wanted something with black wire and found it. I'm all for supporting independent business.


Withered_Rock t1_irx1d7y wrote

Why can't this be a socially acceptable accessory?


silentjay01 t1_irx27aa wrote

I kinda wonder how it would look with a dim LED light behind the stone to make it look like the stone was emiting its own light.


emir02122232 t1_irx7278 wrote

how did you do that with only wire and a gemstone? Can you make a tutorial if you made something like this again?


ImWhatsInTheRedBox t1_irx928v wrote

This and your other pieces could be straight out of like the Lord of the Rings movies.


MeowzzoSoprano t1_irxhywz wrote

I'm not usually super interested in tree of life wire wrap stuff but that is gorgeous! Nicely done!

God only knows when I'll be financially stable again but do you have a shop link I could save, maybe?


B0b_Howard t1_iry7lns wrote

What metal is it?
Just started in wire-wrapping with copper and would love to do some stuff in silver but it's so damn expensive and I don't want to waste good wire...


invent_or_die t1_iryg04w wrote

Very creative, thanks for sharing


lowroda t1_iryj3zb wrote

I wonder what it feels like having talent?

This is great and if you're not proud of yourself you should slap yourself and then be proud of yourself.


dr4wn_away t1_irytihs wrote

You make it sound like you accidentally made it last night


Wayne1946 t1_irvw0ka wrote

Not my thing but very well done.Full marks for expressing your artistic abilities.l love single world items,either l have made,designed or carefully researched,too much blandness in this world now.


Nerdy_Squid748 t1_irw6as9 wrote

Wow it reminds me of the soul gems from PMMM!


GentlePenetration t1_irwfcdm wrote

So another tree.

The same tree that every wire worker makes.

How do people like these things when they're all identical?


romaraahallow t1_irxsvl1 wrote

Homie, I've made wire trees before, but not incorporated into a well made armlet, with a nice stone like that as the focal point.

But yeah, just another tree.

Also, look at the symmetry involved on the face of the armband. That shit is not easy to do by hand, not like you'd know.


GentlePenetration t1_is0h7lh wrote

Irrelevant. It is the same design that's made by absolutely everyone. It isn't unique. It isn't even good looking. But sure, keep simping for someone where every single thing on their Reddit page is the same low quality arm band or ring.


drfish t1_iryciji wrote

It's the same wire worker. They got up voted a ton once and now it seems the reddit algorithm has prioritized their posts so we get inundated with their ads


WeirdCreeper t1_irwm36o wrote

God these are so beautiful I wish in had the income to get one you deserve full price on these


inotparanoid t1_irw0a1p wrote

You have some fabulous stuff on your profile! Really loved seeing it!


ModernHueMan t1_irw681m wrote

Is that the spiritual stone of water.


The-Old-American t1_irw7zzy wrote

Beautiful work. Is the stone labradorite?


wakaflocks145 t1_irwacif wrote

I was like wth is an armlet then you showed me and I was all "Ohhh, armlet!"


JeremyDonJuan t1_irwd8jg wrote

To think you didn’t even have to use your hands or pliers!! Wow!


Devarstar t1_irx4m2n wrote

It doesn't give much buff tho


GreatDaneMMA t1_irwglsz wrote

This is awesome, do you do commissions?


Dry-Gulch-Slim t1_irvv7kh wrote

"My shitty webstore business is slowing down, better spam the rubes on reddit."


dm896 t1_irw0zh7 wrote

Hey Reddit, your Etsy is showing.


siverwolfe2000 t1_irwzvom wrote

"If you don't like my shitty webstore business down vote and move on" blah blah buy my rocks and wire


omgudontunderstand t1_iryb19d wrote

#what constitutes spam?

edit: under “how do i avoid being labeled as a spammer?”

>If your contributions to Reddit consist primarily of links to a business that you run, own, or otherwise benefit from, tread carefully


ItsAllJustASickGame t1_irvvjhm wrote

Go away you sad sack


gaybraham-lincoln t1_irvxf2u wrote

He’s not wrong, this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen this EXACT post, first time was probably a year ago


jannne t1_irw8t6m wrote

spot on, op's profile has their etsy shop pinned


babutterfly t1_irx7f9u wrote

Oh no. An artist promotes their work! The horror!


shifty_coder t1_irwd31q wrote

“Artist has the gall to promote and sell their own work! More on this shocking story at 11!”