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TheBestMePlausible t1_iscb9r1 wrote

It’s practicing hunting for seals beneath the ice. If this were a nature program, we would now be watching baby polar bears covered in blood, playing around in the carcass of a dead seal.


carpediem6792 t1_isd2yjr wrote

Yup. In nature, what we call play is training.

It's also social engineering, and pecking orders.

Animals got it more together than we give them credit for.

Add language and thumbs and we could be looking at a game changer.


mekatzer t1_isdkjpu wrote

Play is training for humans too


RaiyenZ t1_ise8aw7 wrote

That's why I tell people I'm training when I'm gaming


bmrtt t1_ise9972 wrote

You don’t understand, I just have to master my civilian slaughtering skills in GTA.


RaiyenZ t1_iseijww wrote

Hey man, perseverance is a good skill to have. You could've stopped at participation but you're going for mastery.


evvoke t1_ise2xyo wrote

>add language and thumbs

Then you get Humans.


Idkhfjeje t1_iselg2l wrote

Play isn't just some random useless thing we do. It's the most beneficial learning experience for children


junkyardgerard t1_isdeion wrote

Yeah kind of a bummer to watch tbh


The_Elizardbeth t1_isdvd8c wrote

Why? It is literally how nature functions. Edit: obviously not the zoo portion.


AJ_Crowley_29 t1_it7mdm3 wrote

I mean, this is literally why zoos give animals toys; to stimulate their natural behaviors.


kautau t1_iseit1a wrote

Aquarium worker here. I’ve worked in an enclosure just like this. Polar bear enclosure, the bear was looking peaceful, sunbathing. There was an orca enclosure next door I had just washed before the whale was placed back in. These two enclosures were only separated by a thin layer of glass, customers liked to see them interact sometimes. But one day, the glass broke. The orca quickly swam through the water, and leapt into the air, grabbing the bear and basically slamming it against the floor of the bear enclosure, breaking it as the bear smashed through it. It was so crazy and then I remembered that the same thing happened where in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and he plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.