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Normous16 t1_iscwifq wrote

Reply to comment by Dunge23 in Nikita from the top rope by westondeboer

Buffalo zoo??


Dunge23 t1_iscyjcs wrote

Kansas City. You can kinda see it in this video but he would swim to the glass and kick off it, then do a little loop and do it again all day every day. Check the comment as well


CornCobKnows t1_isczoml wrote

He had a tenure at the NC zoo and did almost the exact thing every day as well


Colloqy t1_ise7pft wrote

Happy to see him still hamming it up!


Normous16 t1_itgb7yw wrote

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. The polar bear at the buffalo zoo does the same. Repeated loop from glass to wall, never seen him do anything else.