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jon-in-tha-hood OP t1_isdrj3m wrote

No, they are surprised it fit within the weight limit and got it that close.

Most teams have to cut weight to fit within the rules, sometimes drilling holes into their armour/weapons.

Think about it this way, if the weight limit is 250 lbs, you have that much to allot to armour and weapons (there is a lot more to it than that like drive power, but for the sake of simplicity, we'll just talk those 2 things).

Now imagine you had to fight a 250 lb robot. If you only built a bot that weighed 170lbs, you would be severely disadvantaged as you would have maybe 40 lbs less armour and 40 lbs lighter of a weapon in those 80 missing pounds. Again, a weapon bar itself is allowed to weigh 80 lbs. Without spoiling any fights, this exact situation happened this past season as one robot took so much damage in a previous fight, ran out of spares, and entered the arena over 80 lbs underweight, only to get completely dominated by its opponent.


707Guy t1_isdrppb wrote

Then why does the cameraman say “250? Are you serious?” And then chuckles if it’s a totally normal weight?


jon-in-tha-hood OP t1_isdsirt wrote

It's very easy to find yourself over the weight limit with all the stuff you need to fit in the robot and the weight of the materials you need to make it this battle-tough.

You can ask on /r/battlebots how many robots are skirting the fine line of the weight limit. Most of the builders on the show are actually on there and will happily answer any questions if you don't believe me. They're super approachable when it comes to this stuff.

Funny, /u/teamtestbot is a builder and he already found this thread and replied to one of the other comments in this chain.

Anything, thinking logically, these guys are some of the top minds in engineering. Why would you not attempt to get as close as possible to get the maximum destructive potential for your robot? If you're competing to win, why would you settle for less?


teamtestbot t1_isdsuiy wrote

> Why would you not attempt to get as close as possible to get the maximum destructive potential

because all spinners are shit and should be banned


TrippHazard t1_isf0dzf wrote

The most likely reason for a cameraman to react like that is because that kind of performative amazement is what mammalian brains like to see and feel. Think about how many completely unnecessary “omg”s and “Really? Are you serious? No way!” You hear daily.

You’re not wrong that realistically, if 250 is the weight cap, it shouldn’t be surprising that someone brought a bot that weights that much.

“Wow, this purpose-built machine meets the requirements to enter this competition? Are you being real with me right now or are you pulling my leg. I was not expecting this thing to weigh as much as it should to get in.”