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qawsedrf12 t1_itcao3k wrote

HQGs needs to insert a live action headshot of Hagrid


Roverse t1_itd32lf wrote

They should have done wizard cards for all the real life actors like this to immortalize them, but so far, we've lost some :(. Might be a fun deepfake project actually.


rathat t1_ite733a wrote

Well you can’t expect them to hang around all day, can you?


Sarahthelizard t1_itebxc3 wrote

Dude that reference made me remember how much I loved the charm of the universe. All ya had to do was not suck, JK.. ;_;


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_itf0n4v wrote

I loved the charm of like the first 4 movies. I liked 5 (that's half blood prince right? I'm not the biggest fan.)

But I Remember after like 3 they started to feel different.

6 I didn't love

7.1 and 7.2 I thought were hot trash and felt like I wasted my money.

My wife dragged me to the fantastic beasts movies and I feel comfortable saying I won't spend any more money on any HP IP outside of streaming services I was already gonna pay for and any HP games my wife wants as a gift


Tmthrow t1_itfqac1 wrote

5 was The Order of the Phoenix, and you’re right in that it is a great movie. Half Blood Prince was #6, and I didn’t like it either.


LailaDawn t1_itgezhw wrote

She said nothing wrong. She said be who you want, love you want but men are not women and vice versa. When this horrible social experiment is over a lot of people will be ashamed for how they acted over her benign statement. She has never said anything hateful, period. But people who disagree with what she said have been wailing crazy banshees. Men are men, even in dresses. Women are women. even in pants. There is nothing hateful about that.


Sarahthelizard t1_itgif1x wrote

“There’s nothing hateful against trying to limit the existence of trans people, a group who’ve existed as long as human”

> Men are men, even in dresses. Women are women. even in pants

Also bruh that’s just misogyny.


LailaDawn t1_itgiuci wrote

lol No, bruh, it's not. It's reality.


Sarahthelizard t1_itgj7ep wrote

Ok where’s the science beyond a few scattered studies?

The vast majority of science, being biology and psychology agrees with trans people, meanwhile transphobes just have pure foolish rhetoric of “boys do this, girls do this”.


BlakeSteel t1_ith6b89 wrote

Lol. "Boys do this, girls do that" is the whole argument for the trans movement. Trans ideology reinforces social stereotypes more than any other philosophy in history.

If you're a boy who plays with dolls you must be a girl. If you're a girl who likes to go fishing, you're actually a boy. It's science!


Sarahthelizard t1_ithae0g wrote

That entire paragraph is just you saying “no u actually”, where do butch trans women or feminine trans man fit in your argument?

I don’t wear dresses everyday and neither does my partner, and my trans guy friend has worn dresses because he knows he’s a man regardless of presentation.


BlakeSteel t1_itlrdce wrote

You know I was being facetious right? You are taking personality traits and turning them into genders. It's glaringly hypocritical to say gender is fluid, and at the same time say that having gender atypical personality traits makes you the opposite gender. It's all nonsense.

What's the real answer? Men are men, women are women. Men can wear makeup, watch rom-coms, wear dresses, etc. Those are superficial things that are created by culture. I doesn't make you a woman. Some men are tough, some are gentle. They are still men. People are individuals with unique desires and personalities. Stop trying to put people in neat little groups. It's pointless, reductive, and dehumanizing.


Sarahthelizard t1_itltk6b wrote

Good so we both agree that presentation doesn’t matter and it’s a person’s decision to be the gender they wish. Great chat, bestie!


[deleted] t1_itej1d0 wrote



redbob333 t1_itek7l2 wrote

It’s less that people are letting cancel culture ruin their enjoyment of things, more that people are reasonably annoyed that someone who made something so beloved by many (and many in the lgbt community), is using her massive platform to actively spread transphobic rhetoric. Cancel culture isn’t real. Do you see jk Rowling and Dave Chappelle actually unable to be successful? They’ve both technically been “cancelled” but they’re still massively successful and have huge platforms. The only real side of cancel culture is the people who are harmed by the rhetoric these people are using their platform to spew.


nsa_reddit_monitor t1_itew2zu wrote

It's not transphobic to say women are women.


LailaDawn t1_itgfay7 wrote

It's a shame that even has to be said. Makeup, hair, nails, etc...all that outward presentation does not change your sex. Period.


Auronblade t1_iteryzs wrote

They still have platforms because only a small portion of people actually give a shit about transphobia. The fact that trans people are a protected species actually gets right under a lot of peoples skin.


cows_revenge t1_itesk0k wrote

The difficulty in my case - and I'm sure a lot of other people as well - is that supporting the series now means giving money to a woman who directly funds causes that I don't support. Causes that hurt innocent people and friends I care about.

Part of me is glad I had the knowledge to make the choice, and part of me is sad that I had to give it up. In the end, I prefer having the knowledge to make my own choice about whether to support her. Even if my own contribution is negligible, the effect of the masses means that we can make a difference in some way.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itdi2b5 wrote

yes, you are right, it is a good idea! such a project is really needed and important


590joe1 t1_itdkqtf wrote

Didn't the prophet run a hit campaign to get him arrested back in 1998?

This is a classic example of right-wing British tabloids flip flopping whenever is most convenient.


talon_fb t1_ite1i8t wrote


24 years later though… sentiments can change


590joe1 t1_ite4gvh wrote

Look I woke up 2 days ago to find out the daily mail was pushing for borris jhonson to be my prime minster again I have a lot of resentment against the British press right now


talon_fb t1_itfypua wrote

This is fair and good.

We feel similar, seeing nothing but sympathy for republican antics on our news :(


mutantmarine t1_itcob2t wrote

Should make it a perfect loop instead of the weird cut at the end.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itdhl58 wrote

agree with you! This is my first animation, so there are some shortcomings. I will improve my skill.


Fire2box t1_itdjlet wrote

If this is your first I think you are going to do very well as a animator.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itdtcnc wrote

Thank you!


i_sigh_less t1_itgcv3i wrote

If you took the same frames you have already made and put them at the end in reverse order, that should result in a perfect loop, although it's possible it wouldn't look quite right.


iamollie t1_itfwt91 wrote

It's fantastic! keeping working on this, it's so close to professional quality. To fix it you just need to end the last animation frame identical to the first.


dragonasses t1_itepezx wrote

It’s because they used a website to animate the face, you can see the watermark.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itf8t0o wrote

yes, I did not remove the watermark, because without ai I would not have coped with the animation.


larsnelson76 t1_itc7trt wrote

This is so wonderful. I'm glad you made this. It's perfect.


stylinred t1_itdgz11 wrote

omg I didn't know he passed 😲 a lovely tribute, great work. RiP Hagrid


worm600 t1_itcn0l7 wrote

I love this… but maybe add “1950-2022” below Rubeus Hagrid?


Phreefuk t1_itd4li6 wrote

Forever with us

( He was with us for this long )


The2500 t1_itcc2mj wrote

I remember thinking who TF is Robbie Coltrate but oh shit, did you hear Hagrid is dead?


underdabridg t1_ite3m1v wrote

I am about to sort by controversial


Mattsasse t1_itdwqh4 wrote

Why am I crying in The Leaky Cauldron right now?


GregDraven t1_ite8ito wrote

That's wonderful. I know he'd love it. I certainly do.


geekyCatX t1_itdxiyj wrote

You could sell this, as a print or for display in digital frames. I would pay money for it, at least.


JoshJoshson13 t1_ite9nn3 wrote

How thin and how much would a physical newspaper have to be to look like the daily prophet?


pdrock7 t1_itegdm0 wrote

I thought this was my homie, Karl Marx


jdehjdeh t1_itegkjm wrote

Which one of you wusses cried all over my face!


drchaos2000 t1_itemkyb wrote

oh noe.. Robbi Coltrane died ? fuck that...


mongol_horde t1_itfk6t2 wrote

Thought I was looking at Karl Marx there for a minute


SynthesisNexus t1_itg4bo6 wrote

I have a lot of questions. First of all: How dare you? Second of all: Who gave you the right?

My feelings cannot handle this 😭😭😭.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itg6433 wrote

Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid, like the entire Harry Potter universe, is more to me than a series of books or films. I have grown into adulthood with them since I was a child. And with my art, I express my gratitude to the actor for a job well done, which will remain forever with me and millions of people on the planet. I don’t make money from this, so why should I ask someone for permission for my creativity?
After all, not my art has collected so many reactions, but the actor and his role. And this is just a small reason to remember him.


Kodyfromsisterwives t1_itg8yh2 wrote

They were asking who gave you the right to make them emotional about the passing of Coltrane. They were complimenting your art, not questioning you.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itg9m4k wrote

I’m sorry! My English is very poor, it is my third language. Thank you very much for explaining to me. I was stupid.


EstorskihArt OP t1_itga64v wrote

I apologize! I was stupid and misunderstood your comment. My English is very bad, it's my third language. Thank you very much for your feedback.


heygos t1_ite5jgz wrote

You’ll be missed Bug Fella


GentlmanSkeleton t1_itee3te wrote

Someone didnt watch the HBO special. Nice art though.


Saroan7 t1_itele17 wrote

Not everyone can, it's on HBO only 🤷


likeike13 t1_itensg8 wrote

Rip hagrid you will be missed.


Ok-Captain-3512 t1_itf0d0w wrote

I know we all love Hagrid and he was respected by those close to him, and I love this art

But I doubt any magical press would issue any sort of positive obituary for him


SnrPampa t1_itfzfv8 wrote

Just use Opera browser with stop ad add-on


Quick_be t1_itg5n0y wrote

Isn't the daily prophet the bad guys?


Cylindt t1_itgfztc wrote

"Get out of my house" 😐


Trips-Over-Tail t1_itfust0 wrote

The thing I liked most about Hagrid is that he agreed with Vernon on segregation, but the narrative never criticised him for it as it did Vernon. Also he disfigured a child and it was fine.


OldFashionedLoverBoi t1_itdilm5 wrote

Just your reminder that he died a vehement transphobe, and a jkr defender.


exit35 t1_ite2hrc wrote

Lol and yet hardly anyone gives a fuck about your reminder and continue to honour him. He was a beloved actor and the word transphobe means nothing due to it being thrown around like confetti. Keep crying.


red_rocket_boy t1_ite21ge wrote

Lol. That didn't go the way you thought it would, huh?


OldFashionedLoverBoi t1_itev96c wrote

lol? no I know people don't like thinking about the actor behind the character being a terrible person. I wasn't expecting upvotes...


red_rocket_boy t1_itf0az9 wrote

I feel ya. Reddit isn't known for its rational thinking, lol.


IngloriousBlaster t1_itc5oc4 wrote

Cute, but the actor's death does not mean the character's death.


Jones___ t1_itc61si wrote

It’s a tribute, let it be beautiful


dasus t1_itclm5h wrote

I don't think it's "beautiful" to essentially go against the wishes and hopes of Robbie Coltrane by even implying that Hagrid is dead.

"Sadly, I'll not be here... but Hagrid will!"


MouseTheOwlSlayer t1_itcztze wrote

...what? Are we looking at the same art? It literally says "Forever With Us". Aka, Hagrid will live on forever. So like...literally the opposite message that you're claiming makes it "not beautiful".


dasus t1_itdavb0 wrote

I don't know what you're looking at, but I'm looking at a fictionalized "in memoriam" (aka "forever with us" means "he passed but in a way he will be always with us") special edition of the Daily Prophet.

Meaning the purpose is to be a "Rest In Peace, Hagrid" in-universe.

Hagrid isn't dead. Robbie Coltrane is. Canonically, Hagrid is alive.


[deleted] t1_itx8u1q wrote



dasus t1_ity9ah5 wrote

Yeah, random people online can't affect the mythos at large.

I'd think it'd be in very poor taste and most likely against Coltrane's wishes to portray Hagrid as dead just because he is.

Why not make a RIP Robbie post? Why make a RIP Hagrid post, when Hagrid hasn't been affected in any way, as, as you say, he's a fictional character.

But since people associate him with Hagrid and nothing else, it's what you do to get some internet points and rationalize the behaviour because you can see that my comments have been downvoted by the Reddit bandwagon, without anyone arguing the actual position.


gabawhee t1_itdgqqw wrote

Downvote away but I agree with you. The same shit happened when Alan Rickman died and everyone was like RIP Snape. It takes away from all the other projects they worked on. Harry Potter wasn’t his only movie.