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Playerhater812 t1_iu3pfdi wrote

Do androids dream of electric sheep?


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu3poj5 wrote

Glad you caught the reference! There's a few more buried in there


fielausm t1_iu401ah wrote

Top right, is that a Ghost in a Shell?

I do like the irony of all these natural and animal symbols occurring in a cityscape that would absolutely not allow for them to exist.


Gedaru t1_iu4mld7 wrote

You just made me realize Judy Alvarez’s tattoo (From Cyberpunk 2077) is also a ghost in a shell. Wowzers.


GiraffeHorror556 t1_iu4nild wrote


Don't ask me how many hours I've put into the game and not realized this.


HalRazor t1_iu51xvf wrote

Holy shit. Thank you. And here I was trying to think what significance a sperm had to a scallop.


fielausm t1_iu51i1m wrote

I have never seen ghost in the shell, but it’s now on my to-watch list once I finish Attack on Titan.

I’m on Season 6 no spoilers!


Silv3rS0und t1_iu643sz wrote

There are a lot of Ghost in the Shell series. I'd recommend to start with Stand Alone Complex.


Spidedk t1_iu3r9nt wrote

I spy a unicorn


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu3slm6 wrote

The license plate on the car is 1982, the year bladerunner came out


ediks t1_iu4k5ud wrote

That’s the same year I came out too! Also, I guess I’m dumb. Saw “Night (City)” and my mind went to Cyberpunk.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu4qsa9 wrote

I made this as an homage to cyberpunk as a genre, there's also a ghost in the shell on the aircon


Fallom_TO t1_iu5iitp wrote

I thought it was a store for Pac-Man themed butt plugs.


pbjking t1_iu44iy5 wrote

Cyberpunk Edge Runners icon on the far right. 👌


belltype t1_iu5737u wrote

Blade Runner Origami as a holo

Idk that building logo,

and that same diamond building is referenced in everything but I believe it's in China?


noisypeach t1_iu48wpd wrote

I was just going to say it looks like if someone had made a computer game based on that in 1991. Amazing stuff


Kriggs713 t1_iu3zc6o wrote

Is that homer Simpson?


MrXuiryus t1_iu4mwgh wrote

Thank god! It was literally the first thing I thought of. Also check out Bartkira


RemnantHelmet t1_iu561kt wrote

Because I really want to stay at your house...


A_Generic_Canadian t1_iu5jp2z wrote

I just watched it this past weekend and the song has been on repeat on my phone since it ended. Jeez what a good ending.


Apocalypse_Jane t1_iu45x9v wrote

Why does his head go up and down?


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu499dl wrote

It's a pretty common way to animate breathing in pixel art. Because the resolution is so low, one pixel distance looks like a lot of movement


flyingtrucky t1_iu4m9p2 wrote

Look into sub-pixel animation. It helps smooth out the sudden jump between pixels by instead shifting the color of adjacent pixels. Basically pixel art motion blur.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu4rcq8 wrote

Thanks for the tip! I am actually familiar with sub pixel animation, you can see it on his head if you look up loo at his chin and hair. The effect is not very noticeable here because the color palette I used is very small


RodRAEG t1_iu4y82q wrote

Probably listening to "I Really Wanna Stay At Your House."


Murany t1_iu40akh wrote

Everything is cool and awesome but in my opinion the guy shouldn't move up and down.


4_base t1_iu47hy0 wrote

“You look lonely..”


micr0hit t1_iu5btyv wrote

Please no truth bombs, that's what he is running away from.


UFOregon420 t1_iu4lz5t wrote

I know this wasn’t the inspiration but the neon sheep reminds me of a sign we have in my city, the Portland Oregon Old Town sign. It stands out against the downtown cityscape every night. Awesome art.


WORKING2WORK t1_iu54bjm wrote

It's like a Roku tv screensaver


razies712 t1_iu57gen wrote

More human than human


Spore_monger t1_iu58z6o wrote

Looks gorgeous! I wonder if there are any digital picture frames that would support animated gifs. I love this style of art and would love to have one that could cycle through.

It does seem like it's looping a tad fast, in my opinion, but that looks great!


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu598pf wrote

Thank you, definitely agree about the gif speed, should be maybe 50 percent slower. I'd love a kind of Harry Potter gphoto frame for gifs too


Electrical_Worker_27 t1_iu5a1pd wrote

Stupid question, but how does one make pixel art ??


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu5aky6 wrote

Everyone's approach is different, I like to choose 4-5 colors and a small canvas and see a what I can paint within those constraints


Arthos_ t1_iu5hdwi wrote

I see the bank of China building from Hong Kong?


stevie7 t1_iu5poaz wrote

I'm literally wearing my Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep shirt today! Love this


Boring-Location6800 t1_iu5rs18 wrote

Wow.. usually I just scroll by stuff like this. But the disturbance effect on the sheep is really well done. Very nice.


2sdayNIGHTS t1_iu5zefp wrote

Kinda looks like if Homer Simpson went cyberpunk lol. This is awesome


Silv3rS0und t1_iu64nfo wrote

Love the references to Bladerunner and GitS. I'm surprised nobody has pointed out the Edgerunner logo on the right.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu66iby wrote

Thank you! Scattered a whole bunch of little references inside, one commenter on r cyberpunk did manage to spot them all


Okaloha t1_iu6c8e1 wrote

❤️❤️❤️ ah futurewave / synthwave music and coffee. Can we be friends ?


Benzinsane t1_iu6eio9 wrote

Chongqing in Hitman 3 vibes


IMSOGIRL t1_iu6i9kz wrote

References I see off the bat:

Electric Sheep (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)

Altered Carbon logo right under the sheep

A ghost in a shell on the AC (GITS)

Car with license plate of 1982 (year Blade Runner and Akira the manga were first released)

The unicorn from Blade Runner

Bank of China building from HK behind the sheep.

Neuromancer goggles to the left of the sheep

Tall building on left has R. Taslorian Games logo.


zozman92 t1_iu7nlmk wrote

Wake up Samurai. We got a city to burn.


blahmeistah t1_iu8rm45 wrote

That horse-like image reminds me of the old Archon games. Love the whole vibe of this art piece


LaPetiteM0rte t1_iu3yw1l wrote

It looks like this could be the other side of the bar wall in Neon Abyss. This is really cool!


Lilybug-02 t1_iu4tbk1 wrote

This is absolutely amazing. The lighting and atmosphere in this mixed with the subtle animation is so breathtaking. 💕


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu4tlo1 wrote

You're breathtaking! Jokes aside, thank you so much for the kind words!


TheMufasa t1_iu4v0xu wrote

This art style really resonates with me. Rarely do I stare at art but with this style I can get lost in it. Nicely done!


thats-impossible t1_iu4v808 wrote

I see a ghost in a shell, an electric sheep... Haha what other references am I missing


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu52epb wrote

Haha well spotted, the full list is; the origami unicorn, 1982 license plate and Tyrrell corporation logo are references to bladerunner (1982), the electric sheep is a reference to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K dick, the logo below the sheep is a reference to altered carbon, the building next to the sheep is a reference to the goggles from the cover of Neuromancer, the car is the quadra v tech from cyberpunk 2077 and the ghost in a clam is a reference to ghost in the shell


dipolartech t1_iu4v9uh wrote

BlackPantsLegion Knife Fight City!


Singlot t1_iu4yjeq wrote

It brings me old CGA memories


PaulsRedditUsername t1_iu4zvre wrote

Nice. Actually my first impression was of my old Leisure Suit Larry games on my Tandy 286 back in the day.


pat_micucci t1_iu52eb5 wrote

Pretty fuckin dope. What’s KRM?


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu52vlu wrote

Thank you! That's killer Rabbit Media, which is my instagram /watermark


Beerasaurus t1_iu55v2j wrote

Marge is Lisa at virtual camp Granada?


Frickaseed t1_iu62c9r wrote



pxn4da t1_iu64zry wrote

Bro that's Homer Simpson 😭


DblBurger t1_iu6rgwy wrote

Subtitle: Never forget the 2007 Boston Mooninite Panic


south2-2 t1_iu7nkvw wrote

If someone loves us they'd make this in steam wallpaper engine!


kazrogsy t1_iu4s5uf wrote

Dammit now I have to watch hobby nightmares or two hours


tsrines t1_iu3pn6v wrote


haaiiychii t1_iu5h1uw wrote

Fuck off


tsrines t1_iu5h8av wrote

OP is talented, I suggested they apply as a creator, wtf is your prob


haaiiychii t1_iu5iq19 wrote

No you didn't, all you wrote was a comment to an NFT website, you advertised a scam, not suggesting anything to OP.

NFTs are a scam and pathetic. Stop spreading NFT shit.


tsrines t1_iu5k6bu wrote

Mmm, arts art man. Pretty sure a public company wouldn't be doing NFTs if it was a scam.


haaiiychii t1_iu5l9fd wrote

Art had existed for thousands of years without the need for NFTs.

This is GameStop, they'll do anything for a profit. NFTs are a scam.


tsrines t1_iu5ld3x wrote

Counterfeiting art has also existed for as long :) Power to the creators.


haaiiychii t1_iu5mtwo wrote

NFTs don't help in the slightest, that's why they're a scam.

You can "own" an NFT without owning the copyright, so you don't actually own anything. The NFT can be right clicked and saved.

NFTs are a scam.


tsrines t1_iu5n1yy wrote

NFTs are just smart contracts. So you are saying that whiskey makers who are relying on smart contracts for authenticity believe it is a scam? What about that reddit avatar you might wanna buy with your VISA/MC. Well its an NFT. Nicely done


haaiiychii t1_iu5nd4g wrote

It's still a scam. Buying an NFT offers no extra protection than selling the copyright with a receipt.

I could sell you an NFT, but sell the same art with a different number to 10 other people, who owns the art? Me, because the copyright would be mine.

If I sold the copyright and gave a receipt to the buyer they own it.

NFTs are a scam.


tsrines t1_iu5ns2e wrote

What if OP wanted to sell the work as a collection. If I paid for his collection and it wasn't on Blockchain, how can I prove that the digital art is indeed part of the collection. Any thoughts, digitally, on how copyright can help in that regard?


haaiiychii t1_iu5qawi wrote

That's what receipts are for, a receipt would say every art piece in a collection.

But again, the NFT doesn't mean you own the art, you would "own" the NFT, it doesn't mean you own the copyright to the art.

NFTs are a scam.

You should educate yourself on what an NFT is because you clearly don't understand.


tsrines t1_iu5thij wrote

NFTs and block chain are the future. You're on a .gif subreddit trying to convince me and this OP, who is talented, that they shouldn't look at NFTs to have an additional revenue stream. It's a GIF...he can mint an NFT and put it on for like pennies. And someone will buy that. Guaranteed. You, are uneducated. You can read it I'm living it. Keep paying for digital items behind walled gardens.


haaiiychii t1_iu5udi9 wrote

OP can sell art without using a scam like NFTs, they help neither the buyer or the seller.

They're a scam.

It's amusing you're trying to claim I'm uneducated yet you've fallen for the crypto bro scam.

Educate yourself on them, you clearly don't know enough about art, or NFTs. Are you 13? Here's more info on them for you


tsrines t1_iu5u4r8 wrote

This is research done by a museum ROFL. They have so much to lose in a metaverse space. Anyways over and out