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KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu3poj5 wrote

Glad you caught the reference! There's a few more buried in there


fielausm t1_iu401ah wrote

Top right, is that a Ghost in a Shell?

I do like the irony of all these natural and animal symbols occurring in a cityscape that would absolutely not allow for them to exist.


Gedaru t1_iu4mld7 wrote

You just made me realize Judy Alvarez’s tattoo (From Cyberpunk 2077) is also a ghost in a shell. Wowzers.


GiraffeHorror556 t1_iu4nild wrote


Don't ask me how many hours I've put into the game and not realized this.


HalRazor t1_iu51xvf wrote

Holy shit. Thank you. And here I was trying to think what significance a sperm had to a scallop.


fielausm t1_iu51i1m wrote

I have never seen ghost in the shell, but it’s now on my to-watch list once I finish Attack on Titan.

I’m on Season 6 no spoilers!


Silv3rS0und t1_iu643sz wrote

There are a lot of Ghost in the Shell series. I'd recommend to start with Stand Alone Complex.


Spidedk t1_iu3r9nt wrote

I spy a unicorn


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu3slm6 wrote

The license plate on the car is 1982, the year bladerunner came out


ediks t1_iu4k5ud wrote

That’s the same year I came out too! Also, I guess I’m dumb. Saw “Night (City)” and my mind went to Cyberpunk.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iu4qsa9 wrote

I made this as an homage to cyberpunk as a genre, there's also a ghost in the shell on the aircon


Fallom_TO t1_iu5iitp wrote

I thought it was a store for Pac-Man themed butt plugs.