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aleks93 t1_iu5clns wrote

It’s incredible that it’s business as usual for people as the country is being bombed. The resilience is amazing. Mind you, I was born in Sarajevo during 1993 but was lucky not to remember anything.


frankyfrankfrank t1_iu66x3q wrote

I read this book 'Human kind: a hopeful history' and in it the author concludes that societies themselves are actually very very difficult to disrupt. The Blitz and Berlin during WWII, The siege of Sarajevo. It was expected that bombs would cause cities to fall into chaos and stop functioning. Turns out that's almost never worked. Of course you can firebomb cities to the ground (Dresden, Hiroshima) but even then, the cities return to normal functioning places rather quickly.

History has show that people will endure a lot before they choose to abandon social order.


cjb3535123 t1_iu6jstk wrote

Yeah when the soviets were almost at Berlin, women in the city would be waiting outside in a lineup waiting for their food rations. Soviet artillery would be causing explosions all around them, but none of them would run for cover as they would then lose their place in the ration lineup.

Mind you, im not saying that the Soviet invasion into Germany didnt cause panic because it really did. But by this point people on the homefront were absolutely starving in Germany.

Note: im generalizing here a bit. Rereading what I said, I definitely was a bit too declarative with the “nobody”’s


EyeGod t1_iu8kfzm wrote

Yeah, the hierarchy of needs very quickly prioritizes what you’ll fight, flee or freeze for.


UnluckyPumpkin4869 t1_iu944mr wrote

It’s really sad that so many German women were raped by the approaching Soviet soldiers. These women went from waiting in line for bread, to being raped by the communists.


fearzx t1_iu8orwo wrote

Soviet invasion? Are you kidding? Fucking nazis killed so many people in ussr and you calling comeback invasion?


cjb3535123 t1_iu8qolk wrote

Yeah dude. Its not supposed to be a loaded term. Im well aware of what lead to soviets countering and counter-invading Germany in 1944/45


eroticfalafel t1_iu8rf7i wrote

It describes what Russia was doing at the time in Germany. What are you meant to call it? Russia crossed the German border and pushed to Berlin. That's an invasion, and in this case well justified.


Wowimatard t1_iu8tmja wrote

>That's an invasion, and in this case well justified.

I have to agree.

Whilst I dont condone the mass murder and mass rape. The Germans did come into Russia to exterminate a (in their eyes), subhuman species. That is of course, after the subhuman species have toiled the land well enough for the Germans to be able to function without them.

Horrible all around. But I understand. I have never had a family member exterminated before. I cant Imagine the rage I would feel.


UnluckyPumpkin4869 t1_iu94a5n wrote

Thousands of German women and children were raped during this “well justified” invasion.


sh4itan t1_iu9d9g1 wrote

There's a difference in the term invasion and generally being an asshole of a human that uses women as toys in such an invasion. The invasion itself was well justified, but the war crimes (on all sides) weren't.


unzinc t1_iu73v6j wrote

Just finished that book. Very good read


Traevia t1_iu7ybwy wrote

>Of course you can firebomb cities to the ground (Dresden, Hiroshima) but even then, the cities return to normal functioning places rather quickly.

This is partially because Dresden wasn't hit as bad a people thought. Goebbels wanted to use the city as propaganda to the neutral countries and to vilify the bombing of German cities. In reality, AT MOST 25k people died with the city largely going back to normal within months. For context, 45k are reported dead from the Blitz in London alone.


SydneyRFC t1_iu8k7t7 wrote

But it's relative. The blitz was an ongoing campaign which Google (the most reliable of all sources) says lasted 8 months on a population of several million.

The Dresdon bombing was, using your 25k figure, 4% of the 600,000 population in 3 days, destroying 50% of the residential areas. To return to a functioning level of society after that is impressive.


Charli-XCX t1_iu8b9m9 wrote

I read that in Hermione's voice and it worked perfectly. Probably because Hermione, whenever she talks about books, always seems to mention a book that has a colon and extra words like that.


CoraxTechnica t1_iu8qewe wrote

This is precisely why bombing for democracy has never actually worked and it never will.


AkhilArtha t1_iu8fjzq wrote

Did you mean Tokyo? Hiroshima was not firebombed if I recall.


aMutantChicken t1_iu8n92y wrote

that's how it was in England during the 2nd world war. it's how it is in most countries with war or revolutions. 5 streets away from armed conflict, you can go into a pub and get a beer and watch sports because people need it and the bar owner and employees need to make a living to get food.


[deleted] t1_iu89luq wrote



redditerator7 t1_iu8ddx5 wrote

Like most of the country is being bombed. How do you think millions of people are just gonna move somewhere else? And who said that coffee is more important for them? They can’t predict when a missile is gonna hit them.


SurturOfMuspelheim t1_iu6ru3c wrote

What uh.. what else they gonna do? This is literally what people do everywhere in every country that's at war. You expect them to like, transform into vampires and fly away? I mean, I don't get it. What do you expect?


hldsnfrgr t1_iu73myw wrote

Hiding in a bunker like them American preppers.


summoar t1_iu6c93v wrote

Like they have a choice, capitalism will have you no matter the human cost.


Deliarg t1_iu6qskr wrote

It’s because they’re not being bombed


invisible32 t1_iu7vnbo wrote

Delivery of payload makes the difference in your mind?


stayshiny t1_iu875xt wrote

Nah man he's hung up on the delivery system, everyone knows that propelled artillery doesn't count, it only matters when it whistles as it gets dropped from the plane. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoowwwwww. Boom. You know?


iiCUBED t1_iu8gfyt wrote

How bout u go there and find out for yourself


krustyarmor t1_iu5chip wrote

Seems the guy outside changed his mind about wanting food.

^(Stay safe, everyone.)


Alabussy OP t1_iu5g8eg wrote

"You know what? I don't actually need that espresso anymore. On a completely unrelated note, do you sell changes of underwear?"


louisdeer t1_iu69r7j wrote

"reopened: now offers new paper underwear"


WhiteHawk77 t1_iu6tkg8 wrote

“Yes, we have pants to go, small, medium, large, white or brown?”


awkwardstate t1_iu9afx6 wrote

Shower thought: Wish we could send anti-care packages to the ruskies. Include things that wouldn't help like low quality brown pants, fake ammo, and really bad tasting decaf instant coffee.


cuddle_enthusiast t1_iu5i5dx wrote

If a missile hits within range of me feeling it, that's the end of the day for me and I'm going home, dawg.


s0meCubanGuy t1_iu64j6h wrote

“Not in the US you’re not”, some manager at an Amazon warehouse probably


moonbunnychan t1_iu6nt3o wrote

My boss once fought with the fire department to try and keep our store open during a flood. I'm positive a missile wouldn't close us.


chrisga12 t1_iu7ount wrote

I work in telecommunications sales and one day our store got struck by lightning overnight, completely fried the master breaker and we had no power, no AC, no backup generator. just dim emergency lights that run off auxiliary power. They absolutely refused to let us close. Power company came by and pretty much said “yep, enjoy the day off guys.. you won’t be getting power anytime soon”. They still refused to close, we couldn’t help any customers or even clock in/out… at that point it was costing the company more money in labor to keep all of us there than it would have to just close the store for the day. Still doesn’t make any sense to me.


VincentVancalbergh t1_iu86ow0 wrote

If they're willing to pay you for standing there unable to do your job, I don't see the problem.


chrisga12 t1_iu8tgo9 wrote

Truthfully I had no real problem turning away customers all day, there was nothing we could do. Their logic behind it was just frustrating. If the store has to close under circumstances like that then we all would still have to be paid for our shift, so they figured “if we have to pay you either way, you’re going to be doing what we want you to do”.


Slithy-Toves t1_iu82mj3 wrote

So the end of the story is you all left anyway right? How could you possibly get fired for just leaving after a power outage in a building struck by lightning.


chrisga12 t1_iu8t53g wrote

Unfortunately, no. The end of the story is 1 hour before closing time an electrician was finally able to move around some of the power supply and get us to half power, just enough to get our POS system and wi-fi running, but nothing else. We’re union and our attendance is on a point system so no one wanted to take any points by leaving and we can’t all walk out at once or it could be considered a strike that wasn’t authorized by the union and we’d all be laid off.


D3Seeker t1_iu6r5mg wrote

Warehouse: literally burning

Some manager: BACK TO WORK SWINE (*cracks whip)


lovebus t1_iu6gk43 wrote

Something something insurance reasons


Bndsfn2004 t1_iu6cn8h wrote

You can feel them from a pretty surprising distance. Several hundred meters away can feel like it’s right next to you.


WhiskRy t1_iu7jedk wrote

I don’t think that fact would change my mind about calling it a day, to be honest


D3Seeker t1_iu6r0ta wrote

Na. Gimme that expresso. Here, you get one too. We clearly need to access hypermode to get away!


Fr0glol t1_iu642xu wrote

Id probably go to work high on adrenaline and make everyone believe i worked out before and thats why im hyper.


Re1neke t1_iu5dzax wrote

He is awake enough even without caffeine now


ddwood87 t1_iu5y0m3 wrote

Didn't need to pay for that morning poop, today.


evelution t1_iu6jcv9 wrote

The missile woke him the hell up and voided his bowels, so there's no need for the coffee anymore!


cmnguyen88 t1_iu6unvr wrote

I believe this isn't safe for work. But seriously I hope this war ends soon.


isaiddgooddaysir t1_iu7npez wrote

"Cant a guy get a good espresso in this town, fucking Russians!"


erikatyusharon t1_iu8marz wrote

Say that, but change Russians to moskals. I can see someone mutter Cyka Blyat equivalent in Ukrainian.


Economy_Tea_1622 t1_iu5h5ru wrote

Not safe for HER work.


Abyssallord t1_iu6oe80 wrote

Nah man, Russia just wanted to make sure the fridge door got shut


bitNine t1_iu7hwyh wrote

Special fridge closure operation


GrodyWetButt t1_iu86hxr wrote

WE DID IT BOYS! generals sitting round a table clap at the successful 'Operation Icebox'


wiffleplop t1_iu53hph wrote

It must be terrifying, but they seem to be coping pretty well under the circumstances. Fuck Poo-tin.


FishAndRiceKeks t1_iu66ccg wrote

>but they seem to be coping pretty well under the circumstances

I imagine after the majority of a year of this shit you start to get numb to it a bit.


MasterBot98 t1_iu6i8uf wrote

My reaction to the drone attack was-"Mom, let me sleep!". So yeah pretty much


oozinator1 t1_iu6qm4v wrote

TBF, if it wakes you up, you're fine.


eddie1975 t1_iu7itm6 wrote

Better than the alternative.

Except, of course, if you wake up and you’ve lost your legs and your eye sight and your hearing.


Ok-Discussion3284 t1_iu56zk3 wrote

This is not an ideal work situation


finger_milk t1_iu89m6t wrote

"We did notice our building receiving a missile and it did shake the foundations, but that was 4 seconds ago and now everything is OK again."

Similar vibe


MaximumWhile6415 t1_iu773pd wrote

Aweful…. Russia is disgusting. Largest scale example of a bully and absolute disregard to humanity. They need to be stopped.


MentalUproar t1_iu56wmi wrote

How is Putin untouchable right now? I thought a sniper would have put him down by now.


VR_Bummser t1_iu6lxas wrote

Who should snipe him? And what would it change? This isn't a Hollywood movie.

US agents killing the russian leader would easily result in something like WWIII.


MentalUproar t1_iu6ra0l wrote

Gotta prove is was a US agent. A lot of people want him dead, including his own countrymen. He dies, the kremlin washes their hands of the entire thing, says he was a lunatic out of control anyway and everyone finally unclenches.


suckmaroot t1_iu7q79u wrote

You seem to be assuming those next in line won’t share any ideology with the lunatic warmonger.


BlueHarlequin7 t1_iu84ntu wrote

Russia has repeated this pattern of corruption and self destruction over and over, alway asking "how could the west do this to us?". I'd like to have hope that someone sane takes the seat, but we all know that their government is filled with horribly corrupt people. Nothing short of starting from scratch would solve it with any effectiveness.


Centimane t1_iu8qng0 wrote

I'm not too sure Russian government needs to prove who did what, they'll happily declare a narrative that suits them and act on it.


mermpy0315 t1_iu60umn wrote

Apparently he’s in a bunker? No source but it makes sense


VR_Bummser t1_iu6m9yd wrote

He is in the Kremlin guarded by the security service. Just as Biden is in the white house. Not russia or USA will try to kill the other leader. It's a no no.


Ok_Draft7792 t1_iu5h9ue wrote

Saw this yesterday. There’s actually 2 missiles fired. Second one hits, shopkeeper bails out. Audio was crazy af!


bibblode t1_iu5sm5q wrote



[deleted] t1_iu6hi0n wrote



FeloniousFunk t1_iu90qdl wrote

Because this is propaganda and they cut the part where she was just chilling on her phone with the fridge wide open.


romalver t1_iu989nt wrote



FeloniousFunk t1_iu9917g wrote

It’s in the comment I replied to. No reason to cut the video and repost it - unless you’re trying to create a narrative and the victim ruins your appeal to emotion by exhibiting poor social behavior.


romalver t1_iu9av27 wrote

Your appeal to emotion to someone getting bombed is ruined by the fact that she is on her phone? That’s ridiculous and honestly shameful


PseudonymMan12 t1_iu6hwxs wrote

Okay, this may get me some hate, but scenes like this hit me more emotionally that seeing the scenes of bombings in the middle east that conquered the airwaves during the 2000s. Like everytime they showed any middle eastern place hit by some kind, any kind of bomb it felt so....foreign and unreal. It looked like they barely had anything there to begin with or were living in some backwards place with already crumbling buildings and living in some weird medieval society. I recognize that this is a bias from how the western media portrayed it and what they chose to show and how they talked about it. Like "oh well this is just a fact of life for that region, it's always been and goong to be like that"

But when I see a place like this in Ukraine? I have literally been in a cafe that looked almost exactly like this. So this felt more real to me. Like I could imagine what her life was normally like before stuff like this happening rather than the more alien sort of feeling i got from other bombing reports and not even being able to conceptualize what daily life was like there.

Does that make me a bad person?


junkfoodvegetarian t1_iu6wkfu wrote

It's just a matter of perspective and relatability, I don't think it has anything to do with your character. A "bad person" probably wouldn't make this realization that you did either.


RikerT_USS_Lolipop t1_iu6vo3m wrote

At the beginning of the Iraq war they televised air strikes in black and green night vision. It was called Operation Shock and Awe. They seriously tried to turn that war into an action movie for people to watch on tv and get hyped. They also got Godsmack for Navy commercials.

It's not that there is something wrong with you. They know exactly what they are doing.


Mrsparkles7100 t1_iu7apn7 wrote

To help sway population opinion. Look at 2nd Iraq war, polling after the invasion still had swathes of the population believing Saddam was linked to 9/11. Government plus the media did that to help back the war.

Remember the incubator story from the first Gulf war. A key inflection point to move the American public and Congress toward supporting war in Iraq was the gruesome 1990 testimony of a Kuwaiti girl named Nayirah, who described how Iraqi troops killed 312 babies.


PM_ME_CHIPOTLE2 t1_iu7aac0 wrote

Yeah I remember my friends and I joking about it in 8th grade because it felt like everyone was hyping it up like the Super Bowl. Shock and awe, brought to you by Pepsi! Like we all tuned in at 8 pm or whatever to see a city get completely shelled. Just surreal.


D3Seeker t1_iu6s2ws wrote

I believe theres a point where until they started to dig in and come out with what was really going on, it all just washed over many folk.

I suppose also, depending on ones age back then, there was still a healthy dose of distant naivete if we weren't close to epicenter of things.

A case of "this stuff we learned about in history class is just that, history, when truthfully similar was unfolding right before our eyes (and arguable at a time when the media wasn't AS skewed as it is now, which in a way makes it a bit worse)


VintageJane t1_iu7nogh wrote

It’s not just that. The footage you got in the 2000s was from the major media corporations filtered through major news outlets. So much of what we see now are from local amateur journalists, civilians and local businesses. We no longer see just the high-value 5 second shot of an explosion from the street chosen for it’s excitement value to keep viewers watching that channel. We now see intimate security footage inside a normal looking cafe that is relatable and goes viral for that reason.

Oh and there’s a ton more high-def cameras so the amount of footage is radically higher.

And surely dress and race and architecture all play a part in that distance but don’t downplay how different this footage is despite being of a “bombing”


adsci t1_iu81dz2 wrote

doesnt make you a bad person, i believe this is normal, even though it's not "good". but since you realize it and think about it, you're many steps ahead of normal people who don't. me included.


GhenghisK t1_iu6gzbr wrote

Fuck Putin and fuck every republican trash even thinking of siding with him..


Nytelock1 t1_iu6u6k6 wrote

Boss be like "you still working your whole shift right?"


Blurred_immij t1_iu8adv8 wrote

Who is siding with him? My god both sides of the political spectrum are so irrationally hateful towards each other it is actually insane


ADDMcGee25 t1_iu8jo73 wrote

Well, at the very least, there is a considerable number of people claiming that the war is overblown/manufactured to get the US involved and the hate for Putin in particular is misplaced.

Getting harder for them to say stuff like that as the war goes on, and it wasn't even the strongest position at the start.


SeaworthinessLeft88 t1_iu8mha8 wrote

Well, Kevin McCarthy has already said that republicans plan to stop funding military aid to Ukraine if they win back the house. Others that take a considerably more favorable Russian stance include MTG, Matt Rosendale, JD Vance, a bunch of Trump administration officials, and of course Trump himself. Liz Cheney has referred to this faction as the “Putin wing” of the Republican Party.



Hoppany19 t1_iu5z4mp wrote

What a fucked up world we are living in, someone is invading your country and no one is stopping it.


Vercengetorex t1_iu61rl2 wrote

They are stopping it, and quite effectively.


Hoppany19 t1_iu62hks wrote

I hope you are right but doesn’t seem like it.


Hvarfa-Bragi t1_iu655wv wrote

... You've been living under a rock then.

Russia is retreating hard and running out of everything.

> Jesus Christ.

> I thought it was bad when they forgot to bring fuel for their tanks and just left a 20km line of equipment out in the middle of nowhere.

> I thought it was bad when the Moskva sunk because their radar was turned off.

> I thought it was bad when a thousand men died in a failed river crossing.

> I thought it was bad when Russian troops were unwrapping packages of TNT to find blocks of wood inside.

> I thought it was bad when Russian conscripts were being given bolt action Mosin rifles and rotted AK-47s.

> I thought it was bad when Russian troop leaders were telling their men to go gather tampons and pads to plug their own bullet wounds.

> You know what? I think I'm just going to wait for the end of this to really judge how bad Russia did, no matter what grade I give them in this moment it will be way too high by the time I hit submit on the post.


StraightCashHomey13 t1_iu6c70i wrote

I always forget that there's people still going about with regular day activities. Wild visual


Drainbownick t1_iu6lhkl wrote

These people are literally not safe at work


ichkanns t1_iu6sdp4 wrote

It would suck so bad to wake up and go to work knowing that a bomb or missile could take you out today.


Its402am t1_iu89bmj wrote

These kinds of clips makes me feel so shitty. I can donate a little money to places and put a solidarity hashtag on my social media but what the fuck am I supposed to do about missiles and bullets and shit hitting people.


theghostofgotti t1_iu6f1jb wrote

Fuck sake. I'm so glad that when my girlfriend sends me off to work in the morning she doesn't have to throw in a ". . .and watch out for missile strikes."

We humans are doing it wrong.


Bearzmoke t1_iu71hgk wrote

Fuck Russian and anyone who supports them


braindeadbrian t1_iu5wamp wrote

"don't bomb me until i've had my coffee"


Cmsmks t1_iu6jws6 wrote

Solid electrical grid. Didn’t even flicker .


Absoniter t1_iu75prw wrote

And why is this going on... What the fuck is wrong with this world dude.


vrhotlaps t1_iu7i4i2 wrote

Now keep that fridge door closed! Don't make me tell you again!


deathstar008 t1_iu5i30z wrote

Seems like a missile hitting near a café would be not safe for work...


Awmfg t1_iu6ckw7 wrote

I was under the impression that everyone evacuated or something for some reason. Seeing “business as usual” is a surprise to say the least


VR_Bummser t1_iu6mtav wrote

In Kyiv most people still do their day to day. You just hope the Kamikaze drones don't hit you. Pretty much like London under V2 attacks in WWII.


RavenlLord t1_iu6hjik wrote

I actually think it's a fairly old video, I want to say that it was this spring, based on the clothing. I might be wrong though, this sht feels like a long ass week to me at this point. It's even more business-as-usual-like now, many actually returned from aboard, and many more intend to do so, according to a few polls. In fact, a lot of people even in the cities that are right near the frontline like Kharkov refused to leave, even though before the counter-offensive the city was bombed 30 out of 31 days of the month. And some took about a month of living under occupation to finally decide to leave.

Now that the energy infrastructure and centralized heating infrastructure are under attack, "business as usual" also includes different kinds of business continuity plans. People buy generators and batteries, make fuel supplies for the winter, insulate their houses, look for ways to maintain the internet and other connections during blackouts.

The point is, a lot of people choose to stay where their home is even when it's scary. And when the desire to stay home outweighs the fear, people have no other options but to adjust to their new reality.

And it's probably what amazes me the most about these people, how fear doesn't just force them to escape the danger, but motivates them to persevere and mitigate the risks, so that they and everyone around them can feel safe, even if they can't really be 100% safe. And it's not something you can easily learn, I know I didn't.


StillSundayDrunk t1_iu6h7do wrote

I don't think that missile was safe for that work


Flowinz t1_iu6hubj wrote

So considerate of that missile to close the fridge.


Deathstranger t1_iu6rdgu wrote

I'm surprised businesses are still running while the invasion is going on


enverest t1_iu7w25l wrote

Invasion is going on for about 6 months. People need to work to feed themselves and their family.


Paulcsgo t1_iu6sez9 wrote

Not so safe for her work though


surfmoss t1_iu6y8d5 wrote

not quite duck and roll


Krilesh t1_iu6yv8f wrote

this is just like that one movie with the famous one shot but in tbe beginning where a cafe gets bombed scary stuff


[deleted] t1_iu70h0u wrote

Videos like these are especially haunting to me for some reason. Just normal, innocent people going about their day while the Nazis does everything they can to hurt them. For what fucking reason?


iamgoodly t1_iu71ft8 wrote

Modern settings are relatable. Need more of this to really drive home the point of how fucked up this all is.


Let_Me_Get_Back_To_U t1_iu73xg7 wrote

That double mocha latte made with oat milk suddenly seems very pretentious.


PraiseChrist420 t1_iu7612i wrote

I can’t imagine just going to work when shit like this could happen


CertifiedBA t1_iu772c1 wrote

Did he prepay for the coffee? If so, he's out a pair of underwear and a coffee.


dandaditya t1_iu792ui wrote

Self fridge closing tech


GalickGunn t1_iu79b3o wrote

Correction.. that is not safe for work.


iwhbyd114 t1_iu7it8n wrote

Shaken not stirred


needmorecoffee92 t1_iu7j42w wrote

On the contrary, I don’t think that missile was safe for work.


Abs0lutZero t1_iu7r04v wrote

We’re the additional 5 seconds in the original video too long ? 😒


Usagi_x t1_iu7t4s0 wrote

Can someone repost it pls? Doesn't work for me.


Outofth3Blue t1_iu7xfre wrote

Before I read the title I thought it was going to be the kidnapping of Samantha Koenig.


AzemadaiusKaiser t1_iu85wwc wrote

I guess it’s Russia’s turn to be remembered as ”That one Country” like Germany.


Mercerskye t1_iu88hrr wrote

Well, I didn't expect my PTSD to be triggered to day... For what little it's worth, I hope they make it to peace soon


Potato-Boy1 t1_iu8exso wrote

I was expecting more chaos


Tinker_Witch444 t1_iu8rjvq wrote

I mean, that doesn’t seem very safe for her work


vic2288 t1_iu8ybq8 wrote

Slava ukraini


Tallproley t1_iu8yjfw wrote

And this, this is why putins war is doomed.

They're getting bombed, is their instinct to flee and cower? Fuck no. That customer leans closer to the falling ball of death to see just what Era of archaic weaponry putting is chucking.

When the bomb goes off, does the barrista duck and cover, afraid? Fuck no, out into the street they go with hustle. To render aid, to check the damage, to enlist in the Ukrainian Army because she spent all morning getting those cups stacked perfectly and that Moscow mother fucker ruined it for the last time.

That's resilience, that's strength, that's morbid curiosity, that is a purpose that will crush mountains.

"March 17th, 2023- Ukrainian barrista completes invasion of Russia, putin delivered to the Hague for warcrime trial."


Slyvix t1_iu90ea6 wrote

Even the fridge got scared and said fuck this and shut its own door.


Ramondireddit t1_iu95008 wrote

Me thinks the barista would disagree with your SFW tag.


baddest_mango t1_iu9wedk wrote

Those poor folks. My heart goes out to them


gtacontractor t1_iuaxp7q wrote

Interesting that we lock down for covid, but not for a literal war. Somehow this seems more dangerous. That is all.


LisaGlendayY t1_iuhe7fl wrote

Please save people and save the world for a living.


TexasOkieInSeattle t1_iu799wo wrote

Unless your work is in that Cafe then it's not safe at all


TheSpoobs t1_iu7adwq wrote

At what point does a rocket become a missile? Because people keep saying “missile” when clearly these are not making huge explosions like a missile should be making


Wolf_with_laces t1_iu8d6z5 wrote

isn't it dependant on the fuel and the way it's delivered? like you shoot a rocket to space and you have a rocket launcher. What's the distinction?


fazelove t1_iu7ep5x wrote

Ukrainians and Palestinians can bond over the horrors of missiles in their normal lives.


BorisTarkovskyy t1_iu8jsfa wrote

People who Pro Russians: Look! The Russians closed the refrigerator for you, how good!


JesseB342 t1_iu8i56e wrote

Well this just further proves that all Russians are crazy. I can’t imagine going to work and just casually doing your job while bombs are going off around you. That’s some next level dedication.


Victorcwb t1_iu5y7m8 wrote

this is terrible for them, because even though Russia doesn't fully conquer Ukraine, Putin manages to keep the war going on in someone else's country for years, as they have done many times in the past, so after a while the country ends up becoming a barren land and hostile, where most of the good citizens preferred to try for life elsewhere, leaving only militias that will fight for power in an eternal civil war.


Maitre-de-la-Folie t1_iu6fd6v wrote

Ever thought about that Russia could fail and crumble?


Victorcwb t1_iu6hhzi wrote

do you really believe this? while some countries are imposing sanctions, others in asia and the middle east are sponsored the war.


samk002001 t1_iu71r0c wrote

When you have a corrupted government and another corrupted government funneling money like crazy, this is what you get! Sorry Ukrainians, I wish you peace!


aknabi t1_iu65299 wrote

We need to give Ukraine the tools to make this common in Moscow. Then the subhuman Russians will turn into whining bitches for peace. There’s no other way for those animals to get the point. Yeah they deserve this tone and language.


ThatsNotEnoughCheese t1_iu6b427 wrote

Yeah, no. Maybe don’t call people sum human for what their government is doing. Propaganda is a hell of a thing


Technic235 t1_iu6f9cu wrote

Agreed. Regardless of ethnicity or location there are always good and bad people. Generalizing/grouping people on one trait only is devolved thinking.


Oblivion_Unsteady t1_iu6m7jx wrote

Not op, but it's Russian lives that should be lost fighting the Russian government, not Ukrainian lives. Every free living Russian is responsible for every Ukrainian death because they were too much of a coward to put their own lives on the line. They make a choice to put themselves (the ones responsible for their government) above innocent people.

Russians are complicit. Propaganda or not, they crafted this situation every day of their lives and they are responsible for the results. Fuck your "hate the government not the people" bullshit. The people are the government and if they truly wanted this to stop, it would have stopped or they'd be dead.


SurturOfMuspelheim t1_iu6s60v wrote

So you supported the American actions that killed millions in the middle east, South America, and continue to harm people today? The millions in weapons support to cause more deaths (And push American foreign policy!) but the sheer lack of humanitarian aid?

I mean, why didn't you just attack the US Government? Oh, because you care about your life, friends and family? Or is it just propaganda?

Stupid fucking argument. The Governments of Russia and Ukraine are responsible for this shit, not the people.


_Administrator_ t1_iu7gb5z wrote

I thank the USA for getting rid of monsters like Saddam, Osama and Gadhafi. Most people in the middle east died because of terrorists and not because of NATO forces.

You compare the USA to Putin? You blame the government of Ukraine for this? Disgusting...


SurturOfMuspelheim t1_iu7so7d wrote

LMAO are you serious right now?

Saddam was bad but what the US did there caused untold destruction, death, and misery.

Gaddafi was LIKED by his people and you can speak to any Libyan and they will say they missed him. He was a unifying force in Africa and wasn't pro-US Imperialism and that's why he was murdered.

The US is leagues worse than Putin. If you don't think there isn't blame on both Russia and Ukraine then maybe fucking pay attention to something other than Reddit.

Fucking disgusting. You enable this sick disgusting shit our government does.


aknabi t1_iuem369 wrote

I am the OP and indeed basically my point... as much as it pains me I believe the right wing fascists (USA or elsewhere) will continue to grow in power simply because so many get their underwear in a bunch over "finding and correcting the right vocabulary in order to have a dialog about a inclusive conservation to discuss equity across stakeholders" or some other navel gazing bullsh*t to avoid having to fight the fight. In the meantime those fascists douchebags are taking away rights, territory and country... yeah buddy, we're in a war and propaganda is a serious part of it... and yeah if Russians don't want to make the sacrifice to get rid of Putin, F them... same thing in the US... if the country (this includes independents and liberals) doesn't want to step up to stop this white nationalist fascism (which just means getting up early, standing in line for day and jumping through whatever hoops are being used to stop the vote)... then F them as well.

I find I odd that a few folks downvoted you... guess they miss Saddam, Osama and Gadhafi... and seeing by up votes can tell either the trolls are here or some serious dumbfuqs.