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dcp87 t1_iu8vvre wrote

Reminds me of the outside coastal areas in The Dig by Lucasarts, adored that game and yournpost has prompted me to listen to the soundtrack again!


v78 OP t1_iu8x5lj wrote

The Dig was a game changer in Point and Click adventure games graphics. I have to play this game every once in a while!


brettmgreene t1_iu9apil wrote

All you need now is the Statue of Liberty poking out from the ground and you're set.


Felaguin t1_iu952qu wrote

Looks like the end scene from the original “Planet of the Apes”.


v78 OP t1_iu8l01g wrote

Hi all! This pixel art animation is 320x200px with 40 hand drawn frames. I doubled the resolution for viewing purposes. I wish you all a great weekend <3

If you like this type of art and want to support me, please feel free to check my other works:

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onowahoo t1_iu9yf19 wrote

Reminds me of the Iceland beach where they filmed interstellar


Nakatomi2010 t1_iu8lp1e wrote

"Ashore", or "A little down the way from the beach toy start on in Deathloop, staring back and where yoy spawn in"?


okijhnub t1_iu9mmim wrote

The birds immediately reappearing after they dissapear is kind of immersion breaking, I'd add a small delay to make it seem like it's more than one bird doing the same path

Wonderful scene either way


dehrian t1_iu8s501 wrote

I can hear this gif


Dominoscraft t1_iu8pdy7 wrote

Is that inspired by the black sands beech in Iceland ?


v78 OP t1_iu8q3i7 wrote

It's fictional :)


redmaniacs t1_iu8y91x wrote

Getting Bionicle Mata Nui vibes


[deleted] t1_iu9n8yo wrote

I think it looks like the reflection is moving rather than the water 🤔


_Weyland_ t1_iua7707 wrote

It's Kaladan, isn't it?


Dude-from-the-80s t1_iubg9jw wrote

The beach where Sean Connery uses his umbrella to shooo the birds into the nazi fighter plane that was chasing them.


44smok t1_iucteam wrote

Now sell it as NFT


LeonDeSchal t1_iu91p2o wrote

Ah, sure you did.

Nice work.