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Amity83 t1_ium8ahp wrote

Wasn’t this in a movie with the deadpan chick from parks and Rec?

Found it.


Milkmandan1989 t1_iumamzh wrote

That’s the first thing I thought of. Great movie!


MaxHannibal t1_iumszxt wrote

It was alright.


FaagenDazs t1_iun1ahh wrote

91% on rotten tomatoes!


PokebannedGo t1_iuo8qr7 wrote

Star Wars the Last Jedi has a 91% on rotten tomatoes


jumpers4goaIposts t1_iuol717 wrote

Yeah but the movie “safety no guaranteed” is actually a great movie.

I do like quirky movies with weird story lines and this is one of those. It’s funny and well written and 100% worth watching.


cisco1972 t1_iuon1d0 wrote

Totally a sleeper. Have watched it a couple of times since it came out and it is really well done considering it's low budget. Not every movie needs to be blockbuster action. Human interest and fantasy made a good combo with this one.


Ignatius_J_Reilly t1_iuoray3 wrote

Mark Duplass is great too.


GirlNamedTex t1_iupgvkq wrote

The Duplass brothers do really good work. If you like Mark Duplass, check out Paddleton if you haven't seen it. Maybe the only time I've ever liked Ray Romano lol.


sixfourtykilo t1_iumet7d wrote

Love this movie. Even better with Nick from New Girl.

"Give me the lesbian and the Indian and you've got e story..."


thirsty_moore t1_iuohgon wrote

“It’s all just one long school year now, with no start and no finish.”


lonelycyborg t1_iun7uyr wrote

deadpan chick from parks and rec??? do you mean to disregard the absolute icon that is Aubrey Plaza?


Amity83 t1_iunb9rr wrote

I couldn’t remember her name and didn’t have time to look it up. I never watched parks and Rec. I got a little tired of the TV mokumentary format as the office started to fall of in the later seasons. I remember liking this movie a lot though.


ShoulderGoesPop t1_iunkjxq wrote

Parks and rec doesn't really follow the mockumentary format. They tried to do that in the first season cause the office was so popular but that season is by far their worst. Second season is much better and by halfway through they really hit their stride

I personally liked parks and rec way more than the office. If you have time you should give it another shot


kahurangi t1_iuo5xoc wrote

I like the way that the US Office took a season or so to differentiate islet from the UK version, then the same thing happened with P&R.


ihavenoidea12345678 t1_iumrk9b wrote

This movie is hilariously quotable! “You gotta be ready when the heat gets hot” “There’s no sense in nonsense” “Nobody’s ever seen my moves before”

A good movie, and a good date movie.

Check. It. Out.


Googoo123450 t1_iunfl1v wrote

"Listen to me. You come to that launch site at 5:00... You take my hand, and I'll show you who can't time travel."

The way that line was delivered has stuck with me to this day and I saw the movie once, years ago. Idk if it was how sincere he said it, or the way it conveyed hope in something fantastical, but damn, it stuck with me.


Jdfz99 t1_iumg94a wrote

The only Trevorrow film I was ever interested in.


housevil t1_iultaeb wrote

The guy is still getting mail from it too.


todd10k t1_iumxpn3 wrote

Did anyone ever do a video on the guy behind this? I'd love to hear the real story.


housevil t1_iumyvei wrote

Reply All did an entire episode on the story.

There is also the 2012 movie, Safety Not Guaranteed.


nairebis t1_iunrsj5 wrote

tldr: Dude posted it as a joke to see what kind of responses he would get. He expected a couple dozen and ended up getting a flood of responses. A lot of them were really tragic and poignant, like parents wanting to prevent their kid's suicide.


gumby1004 t1_iunuszn wrote

I love the "time travel" WE take in this gif to see not only classified ads, but classified ads with ZERO Internet related contact methods.

I'm calling the one number about building my own concrete dome... 👍🏻


Ogurac t1_ium41ss wrote

ytmnd vibes. Good times


noshowflow t1_iulxopa wrote

America’s peak, damn I miss 97.


milanistadoc t1_iumhsvq wrote

Isn't that like 3 or 4 years ago.


[deleted] t1_iumt06r wrote



murdering_time t1_iumxlvi wrote

Yeah that was around when Halo 3 came out, which was only like 4-5 years ago, right? Right?...


Chroderos t1_iunglis wrote

Seeing this meme everywhere. Where did it come from?


I_think_Im_hollow t1_iunnsfu wrote

Getting old is not a meme, it's a disease.


Chroderos t1_iunpi29 wrote

Unnecessary salt but ok


I_think_Im_hollow t1_iunq6q8 wrote

jk, the meme comes from people who think 2008 was "just 4 years ago" because 14 years would be way too much time and that would mean that we're old.


Cynyr t1_iumhgrd wrote

How has this not been linked‽


pondo13 t1_iumlpvx wrote

The best version.

How the hell is YTMND still live lol


MaxHannibal t1_iumt619 wrote

It was actually down for a little bit but was revived


inform880 t1_iumz0b3 wrote

Revived in 2020! One of my favorite sites lol.


Semanticss t1_iumqvbw wrote

I subscribed to this for a year. The first issue I received contained an "Editor's Note" filled with straight up misinformation about COVID. Like not their opinion on how it was being handled or whatever, but actual lies about the scientific facts.

At least it's printed on the kind of paper that works well as a fire starter. So still useful on my backwoods home.


The-fish t1_iuojbau wrote

That is so sad, I had a subscription before covid and really liked this Mag.


purduephotog t1_iuoqte3 wrote

>At least it's printed on the kind of paper that works well as a fire starter. So still useful on my backwoods home.

Sadly, it does not work as TP. Too glossy and scratchy.

You'd have to ball it up and rework it multiple times to get it down to an acceptable level of softness.


darkoath t1_iuoybs2 wrote

IIRC that mag was started by people that defected from The Mother News when TMEN "sold out and went corporate and lost it's way".

NGL, I prefer TMEN first 10 years to all the years that followed, too. But I prefer the first 2 years of Backwoods to all the years that followed there as well.

Seems like they split on "political" lines. You'll prefer Mother if you identify as a DEM and Backwoods if you identify as a REP. And if you can actually think for yourself you'll find 20-30% value in each.


VarkYuPayMe t1_iuot6np wrote

This was so unexpected it had me laughing. What the hell 😂


baronvonpoopy t1_ium730r wrote

So, he travelled to Mississippi? Stepping foot in that state is like going back to the 1950s. Anyone CAN do it. Nobody wants to.


FellowConspirator t1_iumcogc wrote

Seems like it was just yesterday... Well, for me, anyway.


OneTyler2Many t1_iumpzy0 wrote

I watched a whole video explaining that add. I think it was whang who made the video. Pretty much the guys boss that ran the classified add told the guy that wrote it he needed to fill extra space with jokes and fake adds if he needed too so he made this up. The family that had the PO box number got prank calls frequently asking about the time travel and had to change their number.


B-Double t1_iumz0vq wrote

But there is no phone number listed in the ad. 🤷🏻‍♂️


OneTyler2Many t1_iumzcr2 wrote

A guy traced the PO box number which lead to a residence and a number. It pretty much doxed a family who had nothing to do with the add.


mobappbrowse t1_iunfgsc wrote

Did he straight-up stalk them? PO Boxes aren’t associated with an address other than the Post Office building. He would have had to watch the Post Office box or steal information from the Post Office.


OneTyler2Many t1_iungell wrote

I just know the guy was able to get the Info and made the number public. Watch the whang video, he explains it better than I could but he even plays all the funny voicemails that was left to the family. Guy got the number by knowing the PO box somehow.


darkoath t1_iuo7p3q wrote

The actual guy that actually wrote the actual ad copy in the actual magazine back in actual 1997 doesn't actually ever say that.

He does say that other people appropriated the ad and used their own contact information. So maybe that's what you're familiar with. Or the guy in that video is just making shit up.


DulceEtBanana t1_iumpb44 wrote

If I'd been the copy editor for that issue, I'd have dropped another ad under it

"Well, it worked - call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx on July 1st, 2034 and ask me about it."


Dendarian t1_iun0ywc wrote



ProfessionalCrooter t1_iuny34g wrote

Anyone notice the scams surrounding it? Send money for job information... smh.


raine_bo_brite t1_iuph9q7 wrote

never knew it was real, pretty cool to see, thanks for sharing!

ps the movie is great!


Jadty t1_iumnmo4 wrote

Is that the John Titor ad?


B-Double t1_iun0ipr wrote

Oh man, talk about unfortunate.


rtyuik7 t1_iund6m8 wrote

did it REALLY turn 25 years old though? for all we know, it could Actually be anywhere from 15 to 45, considering what the ad is FOR.....


Weirdingyeoman t1_iuo0egv wrote

Oakview? I didn't know this was near where I live. I regret not responding .


Dizzlean t1_iuok6m8 wrote

I miss 1997. People used to time travel a lot more back then.


xemilymarieex t1_iuo10ez wrote

I found this very random since I lived in Oak View.. But at the same time not very random since I know the people that live up there and its right up their alley haha.


rdy4me t1_iuobzdf wrote

I started uni in the early 2000s and this exact same classified was posted in the Uni Newsletter in my first week. Thought it was hilarious


sum_dude44 t1_iuovpth wrote

Renewable power & doghouse?!


Code_Fred t1_iuoyeci wrote

The legends were true


sgtedrock t1_iupcwbo wrote

We own one of the Monolithic Domes whose ad you can see in the middle column, inherited from our dad. Perfect survival structure, unless you count the leaking of every skylight. 🤦🏻‍♂️


CPAlcoholic t1_iuq4g54 wrote

Exchange rate is almost back to 25 years ago!


J40E t1_iuo5tyx wrote

26 years old*


darkoath t1_iulzpzy wrote

That movie was awful.


Nelsqnwithacue t1_ium15eh wrote

I thought it was fun. Afternoon well wasted.


GKnives t1_iumekyr wrote

Yeah it was worth watching for sure


darkoath t1_iunzuor wrote

It obviously has it's fans and my opinion is obviously an unpopular one. But I stand by it. To each their own.


Nelsqnwithacue t1_iuo062q wrote

Lol geez, you weren't kidding! I applaud you for standing your ground.


darkoath t1_iuowtol wrote

You know, reading yours and other comments here...I think I'm going to revisit it. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mental space to receive it when I did. Before the end of the year, I'm going to give it another chance. But if I still feel the same after a second viewing, I'm planting my metaphorical flag.