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housevil t1_iultaeb wrote

The guy is still getting mail from it too.


todd10k t1_iumxpn3 wrote

Did anyone ever do a video on the guy behind this? I'd love to hear the real story.


housevil t1_iumyvei wrote

Reply All did an entire episode on the story.

There is also the 2012 movie, Safety Not Guaranteed.


nairebis t1_iunrsj5 wrote

tldr: Dude posted it as a joke to see what kind of responses he would get. He expected a couple dozen and ended up getting a flood of responses. A lot of them were really tragic and poignant, like parents wanting to prevent their kid's suicide.


gumby1004 t1_iunuszn wrote

I love the "time travel" WE take in this gif to see not only classified ads, but classified ads with ZERO Internet related contact methods.

I'm calling the one number about building my own concrete dome... 👍🏻