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darkoath t1_iulzpzy wrote

That movie was awful.


Nelsqnwithacue t1_ium15eh wrote

I thought it was fun. Afternoon well wasted.


GKnives t1_iumekyr wrote

Yeah it was worth watching for sure


darkoath t1_iunzuor wrote

It obviously has it's fans and my opinion is obviously an unpopular one. But I stand by it. To each their own.


Nelsqnwithacue t1_iuo062q wrote

Lol geez, you weren't kidding! I applaud you for standing your ground.


darkoath t1_iuowtol wrote

You know, reading yours and other comments here...I think I'm going to revisit it. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mental space to receive it when I did. Before the end of the year, I'm going to give it another chance. But if I still feel the same after a second viewing, I'm planting my metaphorical flag.