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OneTyler2Many t1_iumpzy0 wrote

I watched a whole video explaining that add. I think it was whang who made the video. Pretty much the guys boss that ran the classified add told the guy that wrote it he needed to fill extra space with jokes and fake adds if he needed too so he made this up. The family that had the PO box number got prank calls frequently asking about the time travel and had to change their number.


B-Double t1_iumz0vq wrote

But there is no phone number listed in the ad. 🤷🏻‍♂️


OneTyler2Many t1_iumzcr2 wrote

A guy traced the PO box number which lead to a residence and a number. It pretty much doxed a family who had nothing to do with the add.


mobappbrowse t1_iunfgsc wrote

Did he straight-up stalk them? PO Boxes aren’t associated with an address other than the Post Office building. He would have had to watch the Post Office box or steal information from the Post Office.


OneTyler2Many t1_iungell wrote

I just know the guy was able to get the Info and made the number public. Watch the whang video, he explains it better than I could but he even plays all the funny voicemails that was left to the family. Guy got the number by knowing the PO box somehow.


darkoath t1_iuo7p3q wrote

The actual guy that actually wrote the actual ad copy in the actual magazine back in actual 1997 doesn't actually ever say that.

He does say that other people appropriated the ad and used their own contact information. So maybe that's what you're familiar with. Or the guy in that video is just making shit up.