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PokebannedGo t1_iuo8qr7 wrote

Star Wars the Last Jedi has a 91% on rotten tomatoes


jumpers4goaIposts t1_iuol717 wrote

Yeah but the movie “safety no guaranteed” is actually a great movie.

I do like quirky movies with weird story lines and this is one of those. It’s funny and well written and 100% worth watching.


cisco1972 t1_iuon1d0 wrote

Totally a sleeper. Have watched it a couple of times since it came out and it is really well done considering it's low budget. Not every movie needs to be blockbuster action. Human interest and fantasy made a good combo with this one.


Ignatius_J_Reilly t1_iuoray3 wrote

Mark Duplass is great too.


GirlNamedTex t1_iupgvkq wrote

The Duplass brothers do really good work. If you like Mark Duplass, check out Paddleton if you haven't seen it. Maybe the only time I've ever liked Ray Romano lol.