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Runs_towards_fire t1_ivln7si wrote

Can’t go through the same hole the dirty dog went through.


pwnd32 t1_ivly06n wrote

honestly, the way some cats are that could be a valid reason for why it did this.


BaluePeach t1_ivp57m3 wrote

My cats won’t touch a door mat. They even leap like this out of the litter box to avoid the litter mat. I don’t know why. What makes it even weirder, is if I lay a mat in the middle of the room they bee line to go lay on it. Their brains have very odd wiring.


CurlSagan t1_ivkiwht wrote

I like how the cat first turned around to make sure that the owner was recording video.


Mr_Zaroc t1_ivnhspy wrote

As a cat owner that look was to check if he would open the net for the cat

"You gonna open this shit? No? Ok fuck you I am gonna do it myself"


rabbithasacat t1_ivlut1p wrote

Loved how it aimed precisely for the seam, no ungainly bursting through the middle of the fabric, with the risk of self-humiliation by snagging one's claws in the mesh. It's clear finesse was essential to the performance.


ThaneVim t1_ivn83vt wrote

Honestly, this makes a lot of sense as well. I mean, cats are super sensitive, and that thing wants to stay closed. It's potentially a sensory overload for the kitty to go through it any slower. So, it figured out how to handle the thing: yeet! And therefore minimize contact time.


x_LoneWolf_x t1_ivnpcmi wrote

This is simultaneously a very interesting take, and completely baseless.


thetarm t1_ivo14di wrote

I don't know, a lot of people are aware that a cat's whiskers are very sensitive and sometimes they won't even eat out of narrow cat bowls because of something called whisker fatigue.

Clearly you didn't know this and instead of researching, decided to call out that guy's plausible explanation for no good reason.


soda-jerk t1_ivp0nto wrote

Not at all baseless.

Cats and dogs have other sensor hairs and whiskers, beside the ones on their muzzles. They use them to gauge the space around them, particularly their heads. That mesh screen dragging across all those hairs probably doesn't feel good. Though we obviously can't ask the cat, we can try to imagine what it's like, by thinking of what a similar fabric would feel like, rubbing against a highly sensitive part of our bodies.

The dog is a dog, and might be enjoying the sensation, or is a little slower putting the two things together.


ThePrussianGrippe t1_ivo12yo wrote

Have you never seen a cat spend 2 minutes scooching under a closed door?


[deleted] t1_ivkimnf wrote

Why do things the boring way when you can do things the exciting way!

Please Note: Your significant other will not accept this as an excuse for anything going in wrong holes, strange places, etc., without permission or “by accident”.


TiddyTwoShoes t1_ivkjcd8 wrote

I think there's a word for that, but nothing jumps out at me


hunnathounmore t1_ivlyvgv wrote

If you look for the word in your comment, you will find it. Now hop to it!


hispazn23 t1_ivl2f5j wrote

What product is this curtain and where can I buy one? I need this for my own self yeeters


LonelyGamer1337 t1_ivn62ph wrote

Pro tip: When you see. ? In a url it's a search query and anything after can typically be removed and the link will still work fine for sharing.

For example your link can be shortened to


thephantom1492 t1_ivngun2 wrote

It can be shortened eveb more. The important part is the /dp/B07NPVQV34 so it can be shortened as

dp = display product


Superdunez t1_ivo7jyi wrote

And with reddit formatting it can be shortened even more!.

[Link Description] (Web Address)

Remove the space between them.


ThaneVim t1_ivn8die wrote

You can actually further shorten Amazon links. /ref is the starting point of its tracking data, and pointless for reaching the product page.


skyler_on_the_moon t1_ivnlsrx wrote

Also, you can leave out the legible product name - you only need the item code.


KernelTaint t1_ivnweyz wrote

It depends on the site.

The ? Just denotes the start of query parameters. They could be important, they could not be.


tandpastatester t1_ivobbal wrote

It’s basically a universal way to transport additional user info or data between different environments/platforms without storing it somewhere in cookies.

It’s most commonly used for marketing purposes. These parameters/tags can be recognized by analytics software to collect relevant data about their page visits. E.g. it will allow them to analyze how the visitors arrived on their website, which search engine or advertisement did they come from, by which keywords, etc.

Another common way they’re used is for usability aspects by the website itself. When a page loads it will read the tags for user preferences like search order, filter options, interface settings, etc.

It’s basically harmless, the data isn’t as personal as cookie info. There’s no harm removing it from the url to make it prettier, but leaving it there doesn’t hurt either.


KernelTaint t1_ivrj3hy wrote

Thanks, I know, I've been a software engineer for at least 30 years now.

> It’s most commonly used for marketing purposes.

That's a bold statement, it is used in plenty of places for things other than marketing and tracking.


tandpastatester t1_ivstloj wrote

Yeah you might be right. I work in online marketing so I’m probably biased in that regard. 90% of the time I’m focusing on parameters it’s for tracking or SEO.


haaaaiblommetjie t1_ivnizqc wrote

Lol the item description






prairiepog t1_ivnttoi wrote

I always make sure things I buy are easy-do-install and durbal.


hispazn23 t1_ivlfcr7 wrote

Thank you good sir


haterhurter1 t1_ivm1da6 wrote

no problem, they are great when it's nice outside, just let the pups and kitties in and out at their leisure


Jennrrrs t1_ivmihmu wrote

I have one. They're great, except when you close the door and then the pets scratch the shit out of it to get inside.


doom1701 t1_ivmyvyn wrote

We love ours, but live in a climate where we can leave the door open most of the day.


rogerj1 t1_ivo592q wrote

Notice the slack at the bottom? I installed too tight and the bottom doesn’t close up anymore.


AustinTanius t1_ivmb16k wrote

Jump. That's called a jump.


Let_Me_Get_Back_To_U t1_ivmr7nw wrote

WTH is a self-yeet?


WangoBango t1_ivnhk4s wrote

Did you even watch the gif? Seems pretty self explanatory.


FlashMcSuave t1_ivmnnzb wrote

Bro knows that mat has been peed on.

Because he peed on it.


montyleak t1_ivmyjpz wrote

That cat doesn’t know how it works. It just knows a way it works.


Absoniter t1_ivmvg77 wrote



scotheman t1_ivn5nai wrote

My cat does this sometimes, it’s hilarious.


nthexwn t1_ivnfkml wrote

What a cute kangaroo!


WD8X-BQ5P-FJ0P-ZA1M t1_ivnncqi wrote

What type of magnetic net is this?


DomUK89 t1_ivnrppj wrote

Just Google magnetic screen door net. Lots come up.

Edit. Downvoters:, I found the product type name. Provided the info. There's a 1000 of the same thing.


guyver_dio t1_ivnvlhg wrote

Holy crap the thickness of the grout.


Big_Mac22 t1_ivnxwn6 wrote

Cool to see them go paws first, ready to bounce straight off if it turned out to be glass after all.


EmperorGeek t1_ivrybji wrote

Apparently the neighborhood went to the “dogs”.


brianflstate t1_ivmai54 wrote



DigbyChickenZone t1_ivnw2pd wrote

What made you want to comment something so simple, which increases engagement on the post, rather than downvote


Tabris2k t1_ivm8ypw wrote

Alabussy pls


qpwoeiruty00 t1_ivnrmrn wrote

r/madeofstyrofoam users when this person makes this very totally good and not triggering in the slightest title: