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Chabubu t1_ivq21uf wrote

I think the astronaut should also be naked with a glass bubble helmet


PragmaticKB t1_ivst9rt wrote

Dude, an artist has to promote. There's an elegancy to the approach that could be dialed in, but who cares if they're sharing work as much as they can on a free platform?


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Questwarrior t1_ivra0at wrote

Wait what’s your point here? That op didn’t paint these?

Or is it that you find the “last touches” video trope annoying/repetitive?

Because if it’s the latter then oh boy you better get used to it… it’s like the most popular way artists like to record painting vids


Jacko_Sakamoto t1_ivp7bw3 wrote

Weird, first time I see a post with upvotes, but no comments until mine


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Low_Well t1_ivrllk2 wrote

What about this isn’t OC? OP is clearly an artist who made this art. Why does Reddit care so much if it’s a business too.


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Low_Well t1_ivrn5v2 wrote

You typed all that but didn’t click on OP’s profile? He’s advertising himself, who cares? Guess we need to start banning anyone who self promotes.


[deleted] t1_ivqczlc wrote

So, OP....what media did you use to paint this?


LukeDangler OP t1_ivqh6yl wrote

I started with a layer of acrylic to rough out the shading and then painted over everything with oil paint. I find the acrylic underpainting allows me use a thinner layer of oil than I would be able to get away with otherwise ( which is nice ).


FabulouslyFrantic t1_ivssmch wrote

I have no idea why you're being downvoted to hell amd back. I enjoy this series of paintings and I don't care if you're constantly promoting yourself. You're an artist, of course you promote yourself.


patrickkingart t1_ivr70ze wrote

These astro kitty paintings are super fun.


mochacub22 t1_ivrpjs3 wrote

I’m disappointed it’s not ho oh and lugia


DKxDK t1_ivqhhob wrote

This series is so good


WarOk6264 t1_ivph2sb wrote

This is fucking fantastic. The expression on the cat's face is priceless


LukeDangler OP t1_ivpskwk wrote

Thanks! He's just realized that he's floating in the wrong direction.


weaselofdeath t1_ivphgoj wrote

When are you going to sell one of these?