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mkillham t1_iwewndf wrote

I still have no damn idea


TheRealASP t1_iwftvhu wrote

3 boom make car go. 3 more boom make car go more!


OrionHasMemes t1_iwf2sqi wrote

I agree it looks a little confusing.


Wayed96 t1_iwgccsk wrote

Doesn't look confusing at all. There's just no explanation attached so that might make it confusing


Koreanjesus4545 t1_iwhpa3u wrote

So you're saying for someone who isn't knowledgeable on the subject, it's confusing?


johnson_united t1_iwg5bhs wrote

Intake - piston travels down to pull in air/fuel mix; compression - piston travels up to compress mix; power - mixture ignites, forcing piston down; exhaust - piston travels up to force out exhaust; process starts over.

Exhaust cycle for the valve timing seems a little bit off, but it’s close.


bill_gannon t1_iwg6jix wrote

Lol it's way off.


johnson_united t1_iwgbhre wrote

You’re right, I slowed it down. Exhaust is opening at BDC, usually it’s cycle is 100-5 degrees BTDC.


Aggrador t1_iwgil6q wrote

It is just a diagram after all, not a precision-built machine, so I don’t think we can expect much in terms of ultra-realism. There are other things wrong with it, too, like no valve overlap, and the firing order has a noticeable lag between cylinders 1 and 3, makes for a very unbalanced engine.


illBro t1_iwgqbup wrote

It would be easier to make it correct in a diagram vs real life.


Aggrador t1_iwgso6i wrote

It would be easier, but it’s not super critical either. This gives you a general idea of how a 4-cycle engine works. All I was trying to say is you could pick it apart and find everything wrong with it, but at the end of the day, it is just a diagram. But yeah, i agree, it would be easier to make in a diagram vs real life.


zebrawithnostripes t1_iwg5co5 wrote

Blue valve opens, gas gets injected, piston is pushed back up, gas compresses, spark, boom. Red valve opens and smoke exists. Note how the piston does 4 up/downs in a cycle. Only 1 of those steps is powered by gas dirextly. The 3 other steps are powered by the movement of another piston.

The real beauty in there is the cam shaft IMO. The green things moving the valve. They have to be perfectly configured andnthe gear ration needs to be precise otherwise the valve wouldn't open at the right time.

This is not my expertise though ... I could be wrong


Wayed96 t1_iwgckmt wrote

>Blue valve opens, gas gets injected, piston is pushed back up, gas compresses, spark, boom

"Gas" is not injected. Air is sucked in because the piston moves down. Fuel could be injected either directly or just before the blue valve.


danivus t1_iwg835k wrote

Explosion makes piston thingy move, which turns other thingy and makes wheels turn.