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johnson_united t1_iwgbhre wrote

Reply to comment by bill_gannon in How an engine works. by ooMEAToo

You’re right, I slowed it down. Exhaust is opening at BDC, usually it’s cycle is 100-5 degrees BTDC.


Aggrador t1_iwgil6q wrote

It is just a diagram after all, not a precision-built machine, so I don’t think we can expect much in terms of ultra-realism. There are other things wrong with it, too, like no valve overlap, and the firing order has a noticeable lag between cylinders 1 and 3, makes for a very unbalanced engine.


illBro t1_iwgqbup wrote

It would be easier to make it correct in a diagram vs real life.


Aggrador t1_iwgso6i wrote

It would be easier, but it’s not super critical either. This gives you a general idea of how a 4-cycle engine works. All I was trying to say is you could pick it apart and find everything wrong with it, but at the end of the day, it is just a diagram. But yeah, i agree, it would be easier to make in a diagram vs real life.